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Tiki Thatch - The Fun Way to Decorate and Enhance

Most people associate tiki thatch with the shaggy yellow or tan fronds that adorn the roofs of tiki huts, tropical bars, and island-themed rooms or businesses. Tiki thatch can be constructed from different materials to create different looks, however. For example, Mexican Thatch or Tahitian thatch most closely resembles the typical bushy thatching many people are familiar with. Made from expertly dried palm leaves, these thatches are eco-friendly and durable, explaining why they are used as roofing material even in non-tropical climates. However, you can find African thatch for sale, a different variety that is actually made from reeds rather than leaves. This type offers a more manicured look, laying flat and with even edges rather than the irregular border on other types of thatch. African thatch has superior insulation qualities which, along with its more uniform look, makes it a terrific choice for commercial installation.

Tiki Thatch

In addition to natural products, tiki thatch can be made from artificial materials, and you won't have to give up going green when you opt for fake thatch. The best faux thatch products are just as eco-friendly as their natural counterparts, being made from 100 percent recyclable and environmentally safe materials that look amazingly realistic. Not only will artificial thatch last longer than traditional varieties, but it's also practically maintenance-free, won't rot, mold, decay or shed, and destructive pests aren't attracted to it.

Thatching Material - Make a "Tropical Statement with Tiki Thatch

Thatching material is the ultimate way to make a tropical statement with decor, whether you use it indoors or outside. Plus, quality thatch is appropriate for use in private homes as well as on commercial buildings in a business environment. It is perfect for bringing a touch of the tropics to a sales floor, tropical bar, backyard, or family room. Thatch can be installed on roofs, umbrellas, awnings, and more.

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