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Tiki Thatching

Your tropical tiki hut or tiki bar needs a roof!

There are different varieties of palm leaves to choose from so consider your weather conditions, personal design tastes, and the look you are hoping to achieve. Palm thatch comes in a variety of sizes. You can purchase palm thatch in square sections: either, 3' x 4' or 4' x 4'. There are also rolls of palm thatch available: 30" x 22' or 30" x 57'.

Calculate the square footage of your roof first, to be aware of how much thatching is required. Purchase an additional 10%, just in case. If your roof is a unique size, you may want to get a bit extra to avoid having to use small pieces of palm thatch. You can even purchase treated palm thatch you can that is fire retardant if that is a concern for you.

When it comes to thatching your roof, you have options, keeping your roof dimensions in mind. If you are using a plywood base, you can easily staple the thatch directly to the roof. There are other methods that might make it easy to attach and remove the thatch.

For example: the use of wood lathing, 2" wide x 1/4" thick x 8' long. Lay the thatching on the roof and then place the lathing over the palm thatch every foot. Screw the lathing down using rubber gasket screws into the joists. You can also use chicken wire over the palm thatch and attach the chicken wire at the outside edges of the roof.

If you are not using a plywood roof and have an open roof between joists, you need support under the thatch, at least ever 4 inches or therebouts.

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