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Tiki Wall Decor

So you want to give your home or business a taste of the tropics, and have heard that tiki wall decor is one way to do that--but finding items that fit that category can be confusing. Can something be considered "tiki" just because it sports palm leaves or is wrapped in rope? Not necessarily. While those features can instill an island feel and are definitely compatible with tiki decorations, there are specific elements to look for when shopping for articles that are particularly tiki.

Making Your Room Beautiful with Tiki Wall Decor

Technically, tiki refers to the stone and wood carvings of ancient Polynesians, but it has come to describe the island culture as a whole. According to the Tiki Lounge, pretty much anything that bears the uniquely familiar image of the carvings can be considered tiki, though they should not be made of plastic. Additionally, contemporary tiki decor encompasses items beyond wall hangings and can include ceramic or glass mugs and glasses, bamboo furniture, and lauhala mats. As for the carved images, tiki masks are still at the top of the list for tropical decorations, and it has now extended to signs, captains' wheels, and life preservers fashioned from wood and hand painted. Plus, colorful hanging birds and bamboo wind chimes are other tiki ornaments you might find are perfect for sprucing up areas in your business or home.

Tiki Wall Decor

Forever Bamboo is the place to shop when you are looking for tiki wall decor. We carry an extensive and delightful selection of the signs, masks, chimes, and tropical birds you need to transform a room, patio, or deck into an island paradise. Forever Bamboo has done the initial legwork for you, bringing together a collection of quality tropical decorations. All you have to do is pick your favorites. You can't go wrong--just mix and match ones that fit your taste to create your own little slice of tropical heaven. Our tiki decor is affordable and many items ship for free from Forever Bamboo.



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