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Top Six Amazing Bamboo Buildings

Bamboo has long been used as a building material throughout the world. However, this doesn't mean its use has been limited to simple structures and decoration. The strength and longevity of bamboo makes it ideal for fantastic and sustainable architecture. Its flexibility and versatility enable it to be used in unique ways, resulting in some rather fantastic (and, indeed, fantastical) structures, such as:

1. The Sharma Springs

This massive home, built almost entirely out of bamboo, was intended to show how a luxury family home can be not just an escape to the jungle, but part of the forest itself. The use of bamboo poles in almost the entire structure not only gives it a unique appearance, but enables it to complement the forest rather than standing out.

2. The Bali Green Village

In the 21st century, the island of Bali has increasingly moved to Eco-tourism as a sustainable means of growing their economy. This includes Eco-friendly luxury hotels using locally-grown bamboo. The Green Village shows Bali's commitment to providing luxury accommodations to tourists without compromising their precious forests.

3. The Water and Wind Cafe

Vietnam is a fast developing economy in Asia looking to make good use of local resources. To that end, clever local architects are adapting and improving upon traditional Vietnamese bamboo building techniques. The Water and Wind Cafe is one of their finest successes, with its massive dome containing not a single nail.

4. The Benjamin Garcia Saxe Bamboo House

Benjamin Garcia Saxe always wanted to build his mother a beautiful house in Costa Rica without compromising comfort or using unnatural materials. The result is a brilliantly engineered house which uses angled bamboo poles to let in light while keeping out water, as well as cone-shaped roofs which let in the moon and stars at night.

5. The Bali Green School

Bali's surge in bamboo-based architecture largely stems from its "Green School," a new school of architecture founded with the goal of producing buildings with local materials, primarily bamboo poles. The first success is the school itself, built entirely from bamboo and bamboo-derived materials.

6. The Bambu Indah

Located in Ubud, the Bamu Indah was conceived as the center for a large, sustainability and environmentally friendly retreat and resort. Complemented by its own organic farms and gardens, the airy and open design is possible thanks to the structural strength of bamboo. The large windows and open interiors enable guests to enjoy natural light and jungle views throughout the structure.

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