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Tropical Interiors - Never Go Out of Style

In the world of design, the popularity of tropical interiors may ebb and flow, but they never go out of style. Plus, tropical themes are so versatile you can choose to use island inspiration in one room of your home or business or throughout the entire place. Additionally, you can control how much or how little tropical decor to use, scattering a few pieces around a room or outfitting it entirely from floor to ceiling in island furnishings. However far you intend to go, you'll want quality pieces and supplies to ensure you get a quality look in the results.

Tropical Interiors

According to Realtor.com1, tropical decor is trending, making this the perfect time to incorporate an island-feel wherever you want. Although the professional advice is to embrace bold prints, tropical design goes beyond palm fronds and banana leaves. Materials such as bamboo, reed panels, and tropical matting offer a subdued foundation for floors and walls upon which you can build your tropical theme. Then, naturally, you can dress it up from there using the right island accessories such as tiki masks, tropical signs, colorful hanging birds, and soothing bamboo chimes. Want to try the idea out in just a corner of a room to see how much island decor can transform the space?

Start here: create a wainscot by attaching reed fencing panels to two abutting walls place a few lengths of bamboo in a pot filled with pebbles for decoration and to use as a room divider nail a tropical sign or two to the walls hang a set of bamboo chimes near a window where they can catch the breeze place a colorful bistro table in the corner suspend a hanging bird or two nearby.

Bring a taste of the tropics home with help from Forever Bamboo

With the supplies on hand, your island oasis can be finished in a matter of hours. We have everything you're looking for in tropical interiors, and at terrific prices.

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