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Tropical Matting – Island Themed Décor

In the quest for all things island, tropical matting is yet another way to enhance island themed decor in your business, home, or yard. Woven from natural fibers such as Hala, banana bark, and palm, matting is a durable and versatile material that can be used in a variety of ways including decorating, construction, and more. It is the expert curing process that makes this type of matting so durable, a method that closely follows traditional techniques but with the benefit of modern technology to create a high-quality product that is long-lasting and looks great.

Lauhala Weaving

Lauhala matting was originally used as bedding, laid out on floors and used as sleeping mats. While you may not choose to utilize Lauhala mats in that way, there are numerous other ways to use them. Some people find Lauhala valuable for creating a base for thatched roofs. Others construct awnings with it. You can also cover a ceiling with it, separating the large area into panels using half round bamboo poles to turn any room into a tropical hut.

Lampac matting is softer than Lauhala, and it was also traditionally used as bedding as well as floor covering because of the soft, flexible texture. Lampac may not be as effective as an underlayment for roofing as Lauhala, but its attractive woven grain is a lovely way to provide an extra dose of the islands to any room when used over the surface of a ceiling or to cover walls. Secure it from floor to ceiling for complete coverage, or only go half-way up for a delightful tropical wainscot.

Bac Bac matting is soft, too, but a bit more sturdy than Lampac or Lauhala. Woven from strips of bark from banana trees, it provides a resilient underlayment for thatched roofing, and is attractive enough to stand on its own as lining for bars and counters or as an awning or valance.

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