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Tropical Matting - Natural and Elegant Matting at Forever Bamboo

Details make the decor when you have a specific theme in mind and, for an island-inspired theme, tropical matting is versatile essential. It's true that palm thatch and bamboo wall panels are materials that make a big statement when it comes to tropical decor, but you'll be surprised at how much Lauhala or Lampac matting adds to the ambiance of a backyard tiki hut or indoor tropical lounge. It's the natural look of the woven fibers that fits right in with bamboo and palm, and matting is often the missing element when an area needs a little extra "something."

Tropical Matting - Natural and Elegant Matting

tropical matting

Matting has long been used as a furnishing in traditional tropical homes, as floor coverings and even bedding. While you don't have to refurnish your guest room, replacing the queen-sized guest bed with Bac Bac matting, it does add a nice touch when used as an area rug or runner. The fact that tropical matting is lightweight makes it ideal for covering walls in place of wallpaper or even bamboo paneling. A charming wainscot can be created, for example, by applying matting to the bottom third of a wall, then finishing it off with lengths of bamboo edging.

Bring some authenticity to the island oasis in your home, backyard, or business by using matting to bring the ambiance up a notch. Forever Bamboo has all the matting you need including Lampac, Bac Bac, and Lauhala matting. Because they are natural products, they come in a pleasant honey-tan shade that does vary slightly from product to product. However, our ViroSurface synthetic matting comes in a selection of colors including charcoal, moss, camel, and many more. As a synthetic product, this type of matting lasts longer than natural products and they withstand the sun's UV rays better, too. Of course it's non-toxic and eco-friendly, like all products from Forever Bamboo.

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