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Tropical Matting - Organic and Eco Friendly Matting


Tropical matting woven from palm leaves, hala, or banana bark is a cost-effective way to enhance indoor and outdoor decor, and it is easy to install, too. Whichever style of matting you choose, the attractive weave and soft, naturally neutral colors create a peaceful atmosphere characteristic of a tropical island. Woven matting is so inexpensive and versatile that businesses use it, too, when the goal is to invoke a calm, tranquil environment. Another benefit is that, as an organic material, the matting is eco-friendly so it won't be harmful to the environment when it's discarded.

Tropical Matting - Organic and Eco Friendly Matting

tropical matting

If you have the time, installing tropical matting is easy to do yourself rather than hiring the job out. You'll want to purchase enough rolls of matting to cover the surface you have in mind, whether it's a wall, part of a wall, a floor, or ceiling. Unroll the matting and measure out how much you'll need, marking the top and the bottom of the roll at the precise length. You can always use a straight edge to draw a line on the matting to use as a guideline for cutting, but you can also place a piece of clear packing tape or gaffer tape down the length of the matting between the scores to create a guideline that won't leave marks. The tape will also help hold the large weave together until you can get it secured to the surface.

Scissors or a utility knife work great for cutting the matting, and a staple gun is one of the best ways to affix it in place. Glue or nails are effective, too, so what you use depends on the materials you have on hand or what your preferences are. If you install tropical woven matting outdoors, you may want to seal it with a professional product to waterproof it and help preserve it against the weather and fluctuating temperatures.

Whatever tropical materials you're looking for, from bamboo to thatch to matting, you'll find them all at Forever Bamboo.       

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