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Tropical Wall Art Décor – Island Inspiration for the Home

When you are going for a tropical theme, whether it is in a business or at home, there is no such thing as "too much" when it comes to tropical wall art decor. A few well-placed pieces of carved Polynesian artwork will enhance the mood of any tiki bar, family room, kitchen, or patio but, unlike with other decorating styles, less is not always more when it comes to adding a touch of the islands to a room or outdoor area. If several pieces of wall art catch your eye, don't feel compelled to choose just one. Take them all to make a strong statement through decorating style.

Tropical Signs and Decor

Palm trees, island blossoms, surf boards, canoe paddles, life preservers and tiki masks are subjects traditionally the focus of tropical wall art decor. Looking for pieces that have been carved out of wood and hand painted for an authentic island feel? You can find tropical signs that welcome visitors, direct them to the beach, the bar, or paradise. Opt for a simple captain’s wheel from a ship, or mix and match a selection of both. Of course, when it comes to mixing and matching, no island themed decorating scheme is complete without incorporating some wooden tiki masks along with whimsical signage.

The hand carved tiki masks that depict various Polynesian deities are the most common, and they are often used to not only create an island atmosphere but to also influence the mood of a room. They are not the only types of masks available, though, and when you are blending an assortment of wall art pieces you might want to consider using cute and quirky smiley face masks along with traditional tiki masks.

Whatever type of tropical wall art you are looking for, you're sure to find it at Forever Bamboo. We're known for our high quality bamboo products, but we're proud to also carry a selection of other tropical decor items to create the island oasis you've always wanted.


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