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Tropical Wall Art That Makes Any Room Shine

Nothing is as relaxing as being on island time, and adding some tropical wall art to any home or business is a sure way to set the stage. Spas and tiki bars are natural places for tropical wall decor such as tiki masks or bamboo signs, but just about any area can benefit from the island enhancement tropical decor brings. Just one or two well-chosen pieces are enough for a bit of a tropical accent, but you could just as easily go all out and decorate an entire room with Polynesian art.

Tropical Wall Art

Tiki masks are the typical tiki wall decor. They are modeled after Polynesian deities, usually the four main ones recognized throughout the South Pacific. However, a variety of different masks can be found to enhance different rooms, depending on the mood you want to set. That means you can choose a theme for your decor to inspire happiness, love, or even fun and set the tone using tropical wall art masks.

Hand-carved and painted signs are a terrific addition to tiki masks for completing your collection and giving your decor an authentic look. From quaint bar signs sporting tropical flowers and palm trees to "Aloha" or other messages painted on wooden paddles, the uniqueness of the handcrafted tropical wall art helps slow everything down and synchronize it to island time.

If you are looking for the perfect piece of tropical wall art to complete your island decor, you'll find it at Forever Bamboo. Our tiki masks, bamboo signs and other tropical decorations enhance any setting, indoors or out. Choose from painted surfboards and paddles to etched signs and hand carved traditional masks, or opt for them all. All the wall art from Forever Bamboo is made from top-quality Albesia wood for a great authentic look that will last. Whether you’re going for a subtle suggestion of the tropics or want to make a statement, do it with tropical wall art from Forever Bamboo.

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