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How to use Thatch for Tropical Parties

When someone mentions a tropical party, the first images that come to mind are tropical drinks, the beach, and THATCH! Thatch is traditionally used to roof buildings, umbrellas, and other structures but it can be used for parties as well. Use it to line your tables as a table skirt or use it as wall cover ups!

tropical beach thatch umbrella

Types of Thatch

There are quite of number of thatch styles and shapes you can choose from. The Mexican palm thatch is a warm yellow/tan color thatch with a plush look. It is the most popular type of thatch used by resorts, homes, and businesses. African reed thatch is another popular choice with its beautiful blend of greens, browns, and yellows. It has a "cleaner" and more structured look. The Tahitian style thatch is a gorgeous style with muted grays and beiges. This style is commonly seen in the South Pacific tropical beaches. If you want a longer lasting style, there are artificial thatches that come in many styles as well. Any style is a great choice, but if you're looking for a more traditional tropical look, we recommend the Mexican, Tahitian, or artificial.

Where to use Thatch

For use as a table skirt, we recommend runner rolls since they already come in a long roll. This makes it perfect for lining longer tables and bars and it can be easily layered for a more plush look. For a thicker look, you could use the thatch panels as well. Also add these runner rolls or panels to fencing for an instant wow factor. Covering your walls or fencing will make your guests instantly feel like they're in a tropical environment. If you're ambitious, use our thatch to create a beautiful tiki bar.

Finish off your tropical thatch decorations with tropical decor! Add tiki masks to your bars, tables, or hang them on your walls. Or welcome guests with a hibiscus aloha sign that will be sure to please. To add a tropical sounds, hang bamboo windchimes for a relaxing vibe.

thatch tropical beach

For a limited time only, we are offering FREE 20" tiki masks if you purchase $100 or more on our Mexican thatch! Contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff if you need any help on your projects.

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