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Using Bamboo for Halloween Decorations

Bamboo Halloween DecorationsNobody can deny the fact that bamboo has tons of applications. From construction to decoration, bamboo can be used for any number of things. But how exactly can bamboo be used for the scariest day of the year? Well, here are a few tips and tricks for when all the neighborhood kids start coming by your home for tricks or treats.

Resourceful Decorating

Trying to set up your walk way with spooky curtains and cobwebs? You are going to need to hold up all your decorations somehow. Lucky for you, bamboo is strong and lightweight, which makes it a perfect material for holding up some black, billowing curtains to set up a creepy vibe as people approach your door.

Scarecrow Stand

That scarecrow is not going to hold itself up on your lawn… unless it has come alive—in which case, you certainly have bigger problems on your hands. Prop that bad boy up anywhere on your lawn with some bamboo and you are set!

Invite a Murder… of Crows

Nothing says Halloween like a bunch of crows hanging out on your lawn. Obviously, you probably don’t have time to gather a few live birds and train them to sit all Halloween night. Why not buy some fake crows and set them atop bamboo bird perches.

Tropical Zombie

If you really want to get into Halloween with matching costume and decor, first: decorate your walkway with a tropical theme. Line the walls with some bamboo, set up some palm trees or palm fronds, and light those tiki torches. Second: dress in a Hawaiian shirt, flip flops, sunglasses, and a margarita with a little umbrella. Paint your face like a zombie and call it good.

However you choose to decorate this Halloween, remember to get resourceful with bamboo.

Decorating is a great way to have fun and spread the cheer. It is a reflection of your creativity, so get into it! What ideas do you have for decorating with bamboo this Halloween? Let us know, and remember to have a safe and happy Halloween!

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