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Using Bamboo Rugs to Accent a Tropical Theme

Tropical home décor themes are among the most popular types of themes nowadays. Many people enjoy making certain rooms in their homes look and feel like tropical get-aways. You don’t have to live in or near a tropical area to create a tropical ambiance in your home. There are certain materials that people commonly use to help portray a tropical theme, such as wicker furniture. However, another popular alternative to wicker is bamboo. There are various ways that you can incorporate bamboo into your home décor theme, such as by placing down bamboo rugs.

Rugs are great accents for homes, and using bamboo rugs is a way to instantly make your home feel a bit more tropical. Use a bamboo rug in a completely tropically-themed room, or simply place it in any room to add a slight hint of the tropics to the room. Bamboo rugs are beautiful and natural-looking. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any size room, and they come in a variety of finishes as well. For instance, select a bamboo rug in natural, dark natural, tortoise or dark chocolate shades. Get one that is 2 feet by 3 feet and place it in a doorway, or get one that spans 6 feet by 8 feet and make it the focal point of a room upon which you can place a coffee table. Like other types of rugs, you can get a bamboo rug in various shapes as well, from rectangular ones to circular ones.

Bamboo rugs are highly durable. They are crafted with precision and kiln dried to prevent them from cracking or warping. Made from high quality bamboo, they are designed to last for a while. Unlike many other types of rugs, such as cotton, wool or synthetic materials, bamboo rugs will not fray and unravel. Additionally, they have a versatile style. For instance, they can be used to create a quaint, homey look as well as a modernistic look. Use them in your home or office space, a bathroom or a kitchen. A high-quality bamboo rug can instantly enhance a space with an elegant touch that adds a bit of the tropics to the space as well.

Rugs made of bamboo are perfect to place underneath pots filled with bamboo plants. For a distinctly tropical theme, use wicker and bamboo together. For instance, place a rug made of bamboo underneath a wicker coffee table, and then decorate the table with a basket filled with seashells for an instantly tropical look. Alternatively, place wicker furniture, such as a couch and chaise lounge atop a large area size bamboo rug. The various ways that you can incorporate rugs made of bamboo into your home are endless. Perhaps you don’t have the budget to completely redesign your home’s décor theme, but you want a bit more of a tropical flair. Simply purchase a few rugs made of bamboo and get a few either real or faux tropical plants, and you can instantly add a laidback, tropical flair to your space.

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