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Using Tiki Thatch for Halloween Scarecrows

Tiki thatch is a versatile product that can be used for multiple projects, including Halloween DIYs. Homemade Halloween decorations are a great way to get the family together to have fun during the October season. This year give your home an eco-friendly touch by making scarecrows with thatching material, guaranteed to bring smiles to the neighborhood kids. Since a scarecrow needs to be held up with a solid material, bamboo poles will serve as the perfect stand. Even better, this will keep the crows away from inconveniently visiting your front yard!

How to Build a Thatch Scarecrow

In just a few easy steps you can build your very own Halloween scarecrow out of lush, eco-friendly tiki thatch. To get started you will need some old clothing, thatch, bamboo, a hammer, nails, twine, staples, and scissors.

  1. Start by pre-drilling one 8 foot and one 5 foot bamboo pole in the center to create the stand and shoulders of the scarecrow. Reinforce with twine and a thick nail or screw once placed into the ground.
  2. Dress your scarecrow with a long sleeve shirt using the horizontal bamboo pole as the outline for the arms. Tie the end of the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt with twine to ensure the stuffing will not fall out.
  3. Cut thatch into small sections and stuff from the top section of the shirt where the head will be. Be generous when stuffing, thatch is a lush material that will get the job done.
  4. Cut a hole in the seat of the pants or overalls so the vertical bamboo pole can pass through. Tie up loose ends with twine and begin to stuff the pants.
  5. For hands and feet, use old gloves or rain boots and secure with twine or staples. Stuff accordingly.
  6. For the head, use a burlap bag or pillow case and decorate the eyes, nose, and mouth. Once decorated, stuff the head and tie with twine to the vertical bamboo pole.
  7. Add the finishing touches by accessorizing your scarecrow to look funny, scary, or kid friendly.

This Halloween designate a family day to build a one of a kind tiki thatch scarecrow that will get everyone in your neighborhood excited for October.



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