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What is a Bamboo Pole?

The bamboo timber pole is called a culm.  Maybe the most noticeable characteristic of bamboo is the segmentation of the culm into distinct nodes or joints with intermediate smooth sectors called internodes. The external surface is polished and extremely hard being coated with a protective screen of wax and silica. Peripheral culm tissue is a dense matrix of elongated cellulose plant fibers cemented together by a substance called lignin (adds strength and flexibility). Poles have multitudes of uses but must be left in the grove or stand for at least 3 years before they are harvested for the timber. When harvested it is preferable to store them vertically in the shade to dry.

Thank you Environmental Bamboo Foundation for some of the facts used in this article.

3 thoughts on “What is a Bamboo Pole?”

  • Sarah Setzer

    Can these be used ouy doors to build a pergula?

  • Terry Schulz

    I have some bamboo poles used for railings in my garden path. They have lost their shiny luster and I'm wondering
    if you can help with ideas on restoration of these culms?
    Perhaps there is a product that restores them?
    Thank you for your help.

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