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Willow Fence Roll - Top Quality Materials You Need

Willow fence roll is useful inside the house as well as outside. Outdoors, it is commonly used to transform the look of ordinary chain link or wooden fences into quaint but beautiful willow fences.  It can also be used to build attractive privacy screens or awnings for the patio or deck. Indoors, willow fencing can be attached to walls, bar bases, and kitchen islands to bring the same charm and appeal to any room in the home. Plus, it's a versatile product you can use to breathe new life into old furniture.

Willow Fence Roll - Top Quality Materials You Need

willow fence roll

One example is to attach willow fence panels to the exterior of an old dresser. You'll need to take the measurements of the back and sides of the piece, as well as the measurements of the fronts of the drawers. Before putting the fencing on the dresser, remove the drawer pulls and paint or stain the front and top of the dresser. Then, lay out the willow fence roll and measure the pieces you need. The length can be easily cut with sharp shears, such as pruners, but a miter saw should be used to cut the height. Attach each piece of fencing to the dresser and drawers, using a staple gun to secure them in place. Re-affix the hardware on the drawers, and replace them in the dresser.

Whether you're looking for rolls of willow fence to complete unique DIY projects around the house or to use in the traditional way in the yard, you'll find the top quality materials you need at Forever Bamboo. We're known for our tropical building materials such as bamboo paneling, bamboo fencing materials and fencing, tropical matting, and thatch products, but we also carry reed and willow materials, too. They are an affordable alternative that provide a less tropical look, but willow and reed fence rolls are just as appealing and they're easy to work with, too. For all of your willow, reed, or bamboo needs, come to Forever Bamboo.   

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