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Willow Fence

If you have considered replacing a dull, unattractive chain link fence around your yard and are thinking a willow fence would look better, you're right. Chain link fencing serves a basic purpose, but it does not do much for aesthetics. A fence covered with willow or reed fencing rolls, however, not only looks better, which makes for a more pleasant atmosphere, but it also adds an element of privacy to your property that is absent with a chain link fence. When a material can serve multiple roles, you know you are getting more than your money's worth.

The best news about turning your chain link eyesore into a beautiful willow fence is how easy it is to accomplish. Forget about tearing down your old fence and constructing a new one. All you have to do is install willow fencing right over the chain link, securing it with wire or zip ties. Presto! Within an hour or two, your backyard will be transformed and you will have a stunning new fence. Another nifty idea that carries the theme throughout the yard is to use the fencing to create a privacy wall on one or more sides of your patio or deck. Additionally, you could even attach matching fencing to two sides and/or the top of a shed for protection from the weather as well as to enhance the atmosphere in the yard.

Forever Bamboo is known for carrying only the highest quality thatch products, bamboo products, and tropical decor. As natural materials, our willing fencing is eco-friendly and affordable. All of our reed and willow products ship for free.

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