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Willow Fencing Rolls

Willow fencing rolls are ideal for transforming any indoor or outdoor setting. Willow is strong but flexible, making it easy to use in hard-to-fit spaces or even for building creatively shaped fences and other types of barriers. It is a great alternative to commonly used fence materials such as chain link, cedar, redwood, or even bamboo fence roll. Willow offers a different, distinctive look and, subsequently, affects the ambiance of any yard it is installed in to create a comfortable, inviting atmosphere. For example, while bamboo and thatch are the go-to materials for creating a tropical oasis, willow and reed fencing rolls are the ideal choice for giving an English garden influence to your yard.

willow fencing rolls

Willow Fencing Rolls

One of the best features of willow fencing is that it can be used anywhere, both inside the home as well as outdoors. It is lightweight and affordable, so it can be utilized to makeover any room to bring a quaint and cozy element to your decor. Carry the English garden theme inside, for instance, by using willow or reed in a family room or child's bedroom. Apply it to the walls, just one wall, or half-way up to create a wainscot. Use willow fencing to redo a dresser, nightstand, or coffee table. Willow can even be used on a canopy to give a bed a fairytale cottage feel.

Willow is a natural product and though it's sturdy and long-lasting, you need to find a high quality product and care for it properly if you want it to last beyond a few years. You'll find just what you need at Forever Bamboo. We are known for our quality bamboo products, but we carry top-of-the-line willow and reed products, too. Shipping on many items is free within the contiguous United States, so you always get your money's worth from Forever Bamboo.  

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