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Willow Fencing Offers a Variety of Options for Any Interior or Exterior Design

If you need a way to refresh the look of your home, willow fencing offers a variety of options for updating, revitalizing, and tweaking any interior or exterior design statement. Willow presents a different look from bamboo but, as a natural wood willow fence, you'll still benefit from the aesthetic effects decorating with wood offers. Willow fencing rolls are light weight, so they're a terrific way to restore an existing wood fence or to totally transform the stark, utilitarian look of a chain link or wire fence. They're easy to install, too. Just unroll, cut the panels to the lengths you need, and attach them to the existing fence using wire, zip ties, or a staple gun.

Willow Fencing

Though it's a natural product, willow fencing is long-lasting. Willow is a durable wood, and can last for as long as a decade--even outdoors--if you take care of it properly. The best care is applying clear coat sealant routinely to help the willow weather gracefully. Panels from a willow fence roll can be used outdoors for more than fences, though. You can cover lattice to build a privacy wall around your patio or deck, install it over a wire frame to create an arch over the entrance to your yard or garden, or use it to give your garden a distinctive English look. That's easily done by putting railroad ties together to form gardening plots, then covering the exteriors of the ties with fencing.

The interior of your home will benefit just as much from willow fencing, and keeping it out of the weather will help it last longer. Give a bedroom a garden theme by covering a headboard, the nightstand, and even the dresser with willow. Create a unique wainscot in any room by attaching fencing to the walls. Your imagination is the only limit to how willow fencing can be used.

Though we're known for our bamboo, we also carry gorgeous, quality fencing made from willow twigs. Plus, your fencing order ships for free from Forever Bamboo.

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