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Wooden Tiki Mask - High Quality and Detailed Masks

Though popularity of the wooden tiki mask ebbs and flows like tide on the Hawaiian islands, it is a cultural trend that endures. In contemporary interior design, Polynesian wall art lends a fun, kitschy twist to casual decor. It relaxes the atmosphere, bringing a less formal air to indoor or outdoor areas. Plus, being carved from wood, it incorporates a natural, calming feel as only wood can. Whether or not tiki is "in," anyone can use masks and other tropical decor to decorate a patio, family room, living room, kitchen, or any other room in the home. What's more, wooden masks are tailor-made for many businesses including bars and restaurants, surf and skateboarding shops, and travel agencies, to name a few.

Tiki statues and masks were traditionally used in religious ceremonies, and many people today associate them with Hawaiian deities. What some don't know is that for a wooden tiki mask to be used in that manner, it had to have been carved by a prominent tribesman, someone who was high-ranking and considered powerful. Often that might be royalty, a priest, or doctor, but less distinguished members of the tribe weren't banned from carving their own masks and statues. Anyone could exercise their creative skills if they wished, only their carvings weren't considered powerful and would only be used to decorate their own homes.

Wooden Tiki Mask - High Quality and Detailed Masks

wooden tiki mask

Those who are skilled at carving can always take a chisel or a utility knife to a chunk of wood to see what they can come up with. If you haven't ever carved anything before, however, you might want to start out simple and work your way up to a tiki mask. The inexperienced often end up with cuts on their palms and fingers and a mangled piece of wood to show for their efforts.

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