Tiki Torches

Commercial Project?

We, at Forever Bamboo, have a beautiful selection of tiki torches for your tropical destination. Rest assured you’ve come to the right place for all your island themed decorations, embellishments, bamboo products, thatch products, and more!

The best way to light up dark spaces in your garden, or pool area, is with our authentic looking, and feeling, tiki torches. We have 18 different styles of tiki torches from which you can choose - all of which will create a warm, welcoming glow wherever they’re placed. We have: die cast pole torches, tabletop tiki torches, sconces, solar tiki torches, solar lanterns, Vienna tiki torches, and more! Our tiki lights offer an artistic, ornamental appeal and are easy to display, or attach.

Tiki torches have their origin in Tiki culture. Tiki culture is a 20 th century theme you’ll often find in restaurants, hotels and nightclubs. Over the years tiki torches have grown in popularity and are used widely at: resorts, red carpet events, as garden lighting, at luaus, and more. It’s never been easier to create your own private Polynesian-ish paradise!

In addition to our natural tiki lighting we have a wide selection of: tiki masks and tiki signs that will transform any space, or place, into an exotic tropical destination! And, you can be sure that your private island getaway, or very public tropical themed business setting, will keep you happy through the years! Most of our tiki signs, tiki masks, and tiki torches, are made from a combination of natural, biodegradable sustainable, and renewable materials that are good for you, and the planet.

Whether you’re seeking an everyday paradise, or want to create an unforgettable event, our tiki masks, tiki signs, and tiki torches, are sure to rise to the challenge! You can use our flaming tiki torches for all sorts of things including but not limited to: decorating your tiki bar, adding a splash of island flair to your garden, lighting up your pool and cabana, and more.

Our tiki lights can be inserted into the ground, placed on tables, suspended above your tiki bar, or from ceiling beams at various levels to create layered, magical lighting effects. Use our glowing tabletop tiki torches on your: yacht, sailboat, or outside your motor home to light up the surrounding campground and create a tropical ambiance. You can strategically place our tiki lights to cast light in dark corners, to highlight landscaping features, to light up dark walkways, or around your outdoor dining table to create a warm and inviting, tropical atmosphere. Your family, friends, guests, and customers will enjoy basking and relaxing in the warm glow of our tiki lanterns.

Our tiki lanterns will set the mood for all your special events like: luaus, barbeques, wedding celebrations, birthday parties, graduations, or for no reason at all! Originally used in mid- 20 th century Polynesian art, our tiki lanterns make the perfect addition to your tropical destination. Enjoy browsing our Tropical Décor pages and select your favorite authentic-looking tiki torches, tiki masks, and tiki signs!

Tiki Torch Tip: In the event you ever spill oil from your tropical tiki torch, no worries, here’s what to do. Soak up the spill with some kitty litter. If you don’t have a cat, now is a good time to get one – since you’ll be buying some kitty litter! Just kidding. Then, wash the area with an earth-friendly cleaner. Fresh air and sunshine (if the spill is outside) will do the rest.

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