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Bamboo Products

Forever Bamboo™, by Xcel Distribution, offers the highest quality and the widest selection of bamboo products available. Bamboo plants are considered very eco-friendly and a sustainable resource compared to traditional woods. Bamboo can replace the use of other woods for nearly every application. It is a beautiful yet functional material that will enhance any outdoor or indoor space. We provide Free Shipping and Handling for select bamboo products.

At Forever Bamboo™, we offer a wide range of bamboo products. Our most popular product is bamboo fencing with many options for sizing and color. Bamboo fencing provides privacy and creates an eye-catching surrounding for your surroundings. Our fencing is made of the highest quality Tonkin bamboo and gone through many quality control testing methods. Each fence panel is connected by a series of galvanized steel wires and capped on top for finished look. Easy to install and long-lasting, our bamboo fencing is a wonderful addition to your home.

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Bamboo Poles
Bamboo Poles are another great way to decorate your environment. They are durable, strong, eco-friendly and striking with a huge variety of uses. Our bamboo poles are selected based on a thorough inspection to maintain consistent high quality. They can be used to create attractive borders, or individually as a foundation for signs, thatch-covered structures and tropical artistic creations. Our Bamboo Poles come in a variety of sizes and colors to choose from.

Bamboo Borders
Bamboo Borders are another option to line gardens, walk-ways, and gardens or to create any landscaping divide. Our bamboo borders are made up of 1 inch superior quality bamboo poles. The bamboo borders are connected with heavy galvanized wires and the tops are capped for lasting durability and longevity. Our bamboo borders come in three colors: natural, black, and retro. There are many options of length to choose from that will work with any project you had in mind.

Bamboo Paneling and Slats
Bamboo Paneling and Bamboo Slats are two great way to decorate your surroundings, especially walls and ceilings. Easy to install and durable, our bamboo paneling comes in six different shades that will suit your project’s needs. Our bamboo paneling is flexible and easy to cut to any desired length. Our bamboo slats are a wonderful material to enhance and match any décor while being eco-friendly and natural. The bamboo slats come in different sizes and colors with easy installation.

Bamboo Rugs
Bamboo Rugs complement any modern lifestyle. With its clean lines and sleek finish, bamboo rugs are an amazing addition to your living space. Extremely durable, our bamboo rugs will last for years to come. These bamboo rugs are stained in a variety of shades and come in many different sizes. They are made from 100% Anji Mountain Bamboo.

Faux Bamboo
Faux Bamboo is an alternative to the real bamboo products we sell on this website. The faux bamboo poles are made from Schedule 40 PVC poles that are painted into bamboo colors. Our faux bamboo also comes as interlocking panels with a variety of colors and sizes as well.

Reed Products
Reed Products such as fencing and blinds is another great option if bamboo isn’t for you. Thinner and smaller than bamboo, reed fencing adds privacy to your outdoor or indoor space. Although not as hardy as bamboo, reed fencing will last for a good amount of years. Reed blinds used in interior settings are a beautiful addition and gives texture to any room. Reed blinds will last for a long time if treated properly.

Bamboo Blinds
At Forever Bamboo™, we off the largest selection of Bamboo Blinds that come in a variety of high quality colors and sizes. Bamboo blinds are great way to keep the sun’s harmful rays from enter into the room. They are also a beautiful accent décor piece to any room. Use our bamboo blinds for indoor spaces or outdoor spaces to control the amount of sun that passes through the room. Our blinds are made from 100% bamboo which is a sustainable and environmentally friendly resource.

Bamboo Wedding Arches
Say I do to Bamboo Wedding Arches from Forever Bamboo™! These beautiful arches are hand-crafted with high quality bamboo poles that will definitely add glamour and romance to your wedding. Use breezy fabrics to create a gorgeous arch of your dreams. Hang bountiful flowers or beaded crystals to accentuate the arch and the theme of your wedding. The possibilities of decorating this bamboo wedding arch are endless.

When it comes to bamboo products, nothing can beat Forever Bamboo™ vast selection and high quality. If you have any questions about our products or need help deciding on a color or size, please call our informative and friendly staff.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the nature of bamboo, the size, shape, and color of bamboo poles may vary.