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  • The Benefits of Bamboo Fencing

    Posted on April 18, 2014 by admin

    bamboo fencing

    If you've been contemplating installing a privacy fence, but aren't sure that you want to put the money into wooden fencing and a contractor to install it, bamboo fencing may be a good option for you. This attractive fencing is less expensive, environmentally friendly, and easy to install. You can select the fencing that's easiest for you to install, then choose the height and style that best suits your landscaping goals.

    Installing a bamboo fence has the following benefits:

    Bamboo is Inexpensive

    Unlike hardwood privacy fencing, bamboo fencing is quite inexpensive. The fence poles or rolls are affordable, and because they're easily installed, putting up a bamboo fence can be a do-it-yourself project. The total cost of your project will depend on how much fencing you'll need, the color and style of bamboo you choose, and the height of the fence you opt to install.

    Bamboo is Environmentally Friendly

    Hardwoods are typically unsustainable building materials, as it takes many years to grow a tree for each one that is harvested. Bamboo, however, is a grass, not wood, and grows quite quickly. This makes it an environmentally friendly building product, as it's very easy to replace what is used in each building project. Bamboo grows quickly and is a sustainable choice for home improvement projects. When you purchase environmentally friendly bamboo fencing, you're making the choice to help the planet while you beautify your property. You can install an attractive privacy fence and feel good about your purchase at the same time – it doesn't get much better than that.

    Bamboo is Easy to Install

    When you decide to install bamboo fencing, you're choosing an easy to install product. Homeowners with limited skills can install the fencing, which comes in either individual poles or rolls of fencing. The fencing doesn't require a post hole digger, numerous helpers, or a skilled contractor in fact, most homeowners can install the fencing themselves over a weekend.

    Bamboo is Available in a Wide variety of Colors and Styles

    Bamboo fencing is also available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and heights. Whether you're looking for a short fence to edge your garden beds, or a taller fence to provide you with privacy around your pool or lawn, you can't go wrong with bamboo. Choose from a deep black color or a rich honey color, or opt for natural bamboo. You can also decide whether you'd prefer to have whole bamboo poles or split bamboo, allowing you to customize your look even further.

    Bamboo Provides you with Privacy

    Bamboo fencing is an easy way to ensure privacy around your back yard, pool, or hot tub. The fencing is attractive and easy to install, and costs a fraction of the cost of hardwood privacy fencing. Tall bamboo poles are spaced closely together, blocking the view of neighbors or anyone passing by on the sidewalk. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how well a bamboo privacy fence blocks off areas of your landscaping that you'd like to keep private.

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  • Thatch Paradise- Create Your Luxurious and Lush Eden

    Posted on April 11, 2014 by admin

    thatch palapa

    Thatch umbrellas and structures evoke picturesque images of a tropical paradise and a lush and languid life-style. The people of the tropics definitely got it right when they designed their homes with this amazing resource. Not only is it a beautiful material with many functions, thatch is an incredibly green product to use as well.

    What is thatch?

    In general, thatch is a form of dried grasses or other plants. The dried material is often tied together with string or rope to create a thatch panel that is used for creating umbrellas, roofing for structures, or palapas. The types of thatch varies on the type of plant used to make it. Mexican Palm Thatch tends to have a very plush and fluffy appearance that's great for the relaxed beach look. This is made from the dried Mexican palm leaf and is the most popular thatch with its warm hues of yellow and sandy beige and is in use by many homes, resorts, and businesses. The next popular style is the Tahitian palm thatch. This does not look as "messy" as the Mexican but is another popular island beach style material to use. The Tahitian is more grey-ish in hue and is very luxurious and sophisticated. This type of thatch is seen frequently on island resorts such as Bora Bora. Like the Mexican, the Tahitian is made from dried palm leaves unique to its area (hence the different colors) and is lashed together with nylon string to create streamlined panels that are ready to install.


    If you'd like a truly unique look, the African reed thatch is a gorgeous material to use. It is the most structured looking out of all the thatches with its special blend of golds, browns, and greens. Companies have also started coming out with synthetic versions of thatch which lasts up to 20 years.

    Why use thatch?

    Thatch is a wonderfully versatile material. The traditional method is to use it for any overhead structures but it can also double up as a beautiful party material. Dress up tables, tiki bars, and tiki huts using thatch as skirts to add tropical or island flair to your festivities. This material is also a great insulating material. During the warm months, thatch keeps your cool from its shade and the space of air pockets between the grasses keeps the heat from penetrating the building. During the colder months, these same pockets of air keeps the inside  warmer. Thatch is also environmentally friendly with a low carbon foot-print and is 100% recyclable. Creating umbrellas and palapas do not require heavy machinery and the construction of thatch panels is green as well.

    Custom Thatch Umbrella Over 8 foot Bar

    Stop by our store for a huge variety of styles, sizes and colors and get started on your tropical paradise! If you have any questions regarding the length, style, or amount needed for your projects, give us a call or chat online with our friendly and knowledgeable staff!

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  • How to use Thatch for Tropical Parties

    Posted on March 24, 2014 by admin

    tropical beach thatch umbrella

    When someone mentions a tropical party, the first images that come to mind are tropical drinks, the beach, and THATCH! Thatch is traditionally used to roof buildings, umbrellas, and other structures but it can be used for parties as well. Use it to line your tables as a table skirt or use it as wall coverups!

    Types of Thatch

    There are quite of number of thatch styles and shapes you can choose from. The Mexican palm thatch is a warm yellow/tan color thatch with a plush look. It is the most popular type of thatch used by resorts, homes, and businesses. African reed thatch is another popular choice with its beautiful blend of greens, browns, and yellows. It has a "cleaner" and more structured look. The Tahitian style thatch is a gorgeous style with muted grays and beiges. This style is commonly seen in the South Pacific tropical beaches. If you want a longer lasting style, there are artificial thatches that come in many styles as well. Any style is a great choice, but if you're looking for a more traditional tropical look, we recommend the Mexican, Tahitian, or artificial.

    Where to use Thatch

    For use as a table skirt, we recommend runner rolls since they already come in a long roll. This makes it perfect for lining longer tables and bars and it can be easily layered for a more plush look. For a thicker look, you could use the thatch panels as well. Also add these runner rolls or panels to fencing for an instant wow factor. Covering your walls or fencing will make your guests instantly feel like they're in a tropical environment. If you're ambitious, use our thatch to create a beautiful tiki bar.

    Finish off your tropical thatch decorations with tropical decor! Add tiki masks to your bars, tables, or hang them on your walls. Or welcome guests with a hibiscus aloha sign that will be sure to please. To add a tropical sounds, hang bamboo windchimes for a relaxing vibe.

    thatch tropical beach

    For a limited time only, we are offering FREE 20" tiki masks if you purchase $100 or more on our Mexican thatch! Contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff if you need any help on your projects.

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  • Decorating with Bamboo Blinds

    Posted on March 14, 2014 by admin

    bamboo blinds home decor

    Versatile Bamboo Blinds

    Bamboo blinds are a cost effective yet beautiful way to decorate your rooms. Bamboo has traditionally been associated with Eastern or tropical decor but it has an extremely versatile look. Blinds instantly lifts and accentuates the room while tying the whole look together. Bamboo blinds come in many different patterns and styles. These different types of bamboo blinds can fit in contemporary, shabby chic, american colonial, classic, and many other design schemes. With it's warm colors yet neutral hues, bamboo blinds are the perfect decor piece for any space.

    Creating our Bamboo Blinds

    Our bamboo blinds are made from commercial grade bamboo. Each slat is carefully tested and treated for even grain and texture. These slats are also tested so it doesn't warp or crack. Depending on the style, each bamboo piece is carefully stained into either a rich deep mahogany, rustic tortoise, or a dark natural color. The bamboo slats are brought together with the finest rope. Depending on the blinds, some ropes will come in intricate patterns or clean and simple lines. Bamboo is a naturally durable material. It is known for its strength and beauty throughout the world. Bamboo is even durable enough to be used as scaffolding for high-rise buildings!

    Environmentally Friendly

    Bamboo is a sustainable and green material source. Unlike traditional lumber, bamboo is cut at the base and it grows 2 feet per day! It is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. This means bamboo grows extremely fast and does not need to be replanted like regular forests. With bamboo plants constantly growing, it aids the environment by creating oxygen. With these benefits, bamboo does not negatively impact the environment as traditional lumber.

    Bamboo blinds are a wonderful choice when it comes to decorating your room- not only are they gorgeous to look at but it is earth-friendly as well!

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  • Designing with Artificial Thatch

    Posted on March 6, 2014 by admin

    Art Thatch's artificial thatch Art Thatch's artificial thatch

    Artificial thatch is an emerging choice of material for designers and contractors. They are used in parks (such as Disneyland), resorts, and even residential backyards! Why? Artificial thatch is long lasting yet realistic looking as well. Because of this, it comes with a longer warranty. As a green and eco-friendly company, we made sure the thatch we carry is 100% recyclable and non-toxic.

    Artificial Thatch is Versatile

    Like natural thatch, artificial thatch can be used in any application. Create plush and luxurious palapa structures or umbrellas. Use our thatch to create tiki huts or tiki bars. They also make great table skirts! There are different types of thatches to choose from. The innovative Art Thatch products are a great choice when it comes to picking your thatch. You can choose from two styles: Baja Palm and Zulu Reed. Baja Palm mimics the Mexican thatch style seen in many resorts. It comes in colors of tans, beiges, and yellows that give a lush look to any structure. Zulu Reed is similar to the African Reed style thatches. This thatch has a distinct and cleaner look with a beautiful blend of unique colors- green, gold, and brown.

    Eco-Friendly and Long Lasting

    Art Thatch's artificial thatch is made from polypropylene unlike other brands. Out-dated artificial thatch is made from PVC which is harmful to the environment. It is known to have toxic run-off, so as it gets older, it has a good chance of contaminating the water or the earth. If you live close to the beach or are a builder, it is important to keep the beach environment safe for all living things! Artificial thatch lasts a long time and naturally repels contamination and pests. Since it lasts a long time, artificial thatch is a great investment for the long run.

    Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you with your projects! They can estimate how much thatch you will need and what parts of the thatch you will need. We are open Monday through Friday 8:00am-4:30pm. Call us at (877)912-2244 or shoot us an email at

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  • Early Spring Sale-Save on Bamboo and Thatch!

    Posted on February 21, 2014 by admin

    Save 15% on commercial grade bamboo, thatch, tropical decor, tiki huts, and umbrellas! Save 15% on commercial grade bamboo, thatch, tropical decor, tiki huts, and umbrellas!


    This is the last weekend to save an additional 15% off ALL our products including our high quality bamboo and thatch. Usher in Spring prepared and ready to go! Shake away your winter blues with the warm shades of bamboo and thatch.

    Imagine sipping a chilled drink underneath a breezy thatch umbrella or palapa. Complete the backyard of your dreams before the warm weather hits. This gives you time to enjoy the summer sun for many years to come. Our thatch comes in natural gorgeous hues of warm beige/tans (palm thatch) or browns/greens (reed thatch). You have option of choosing between natural thatch or artificial thatch. Artificial thatch lasts a long time and is 100% recyclable like our Art Thatch products.

    Update your interior or exterior with beautiful bamboo. Choose between five different types of bamboo fencing. Check out alternative fencing that will suit your designs such as reed fencing and willow fencing. Prepare your gardens by lining them up neatly with our bamboo borders or poles. Add a touch of whimsy or finishing touches to your tiki bar with our tropical decor.

    You have until Monday to save an additional 15% all our products! Save on our bamboo, thatch, tiki huts, and tropical decor! Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


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  • 5 Ways Bamboo Borders Enhance Your Property

    Posted on February 3, 2014 by admin

    bamboo borders

    When choosing options for your home and gardens, nothing beats natural, renewable and sustainable bamboo. Bamboo borders are ideal for gardens, walkways and other property improvement projects in many different ways. Learning more about the benefits of opting for a bamboo border will help you decide whether this eco-friendly option is right for you.

    Increased Aesthetic Appeal

    One of the main reasons for any home improvement project is to make your home more functional and appealing. Bamboo borders naturally blend into the environment thanks to their neutral wood color and are ideal for sectioning off areas, such as flower beds or vegetable gardens, from the rest of the property. Since bamboo is relatively lightweight you can install borders yourself using a basic frame that can be built in minutes.

    Improved Strength and Durability

    Bamboo is a strong, durable material that can have many uses in the garden. When spaced properly, bamboo borders can double as a support for vines, creating a stunning display using all-natural products. Bamboo is also very durable when cared for on a regular basis. After the growing season you can consider applying an eco-friendly sealant that reduces moisture absorption, which will allow your bamboo border to last for many years.

    Added Privacy

    Opting for taller bamboo borders can provide you with the privacy you need to enjoy your home when you have neighbors nearby. Bamboo is sold in a wide range of lengths, sizes and styles. You can easily install a privacy wall made from half-poles of bamboo, or simply build a moveable wall that can be placed anywhere on your property. A privacy screen is the ideal bamboo border for your pool or hot tub area.

    Simplify Lawn Care

    If you like to make things as simple as possible, a bamboo border is the perfect addition to your gardens. A clear border can prevent you from accidently cutting down smaller trees or freshly planted flowers while mowing, in addition to helping guide the eye to your landscape design features. Bamboo borders also enhance safety when used around water features or areas where pets and small children should avoid.

    Easy Themes

    A bamboo border is the perfect addition if you want to create a cohesive theme for your property. Bamboo has a topical feel but can work well with a wide range of landscaping features. The neutral color of the wood is a wonderful addition around ponds and other water features, but can also be stained if you want to create a bolder theme on your property.

    Bamboo is one of the best options to choose if you want to create an eco-friendly space. Not only is bamboo customizable and easy to work with, using bamboo also promotes financial stability in regions where it is grown. You can build a safety border, separate your gardens from other areas or even create a border for its beauty while benefiting the environment when you purchase bamboo instead of other options.

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  • Tips on Building a Bamboo Fence

    Posted on January 18, 2014 by admin

    bamboo fence

    Bamboo fencing is a durable option that can last many years when the fencing is installed and maintained properly. Like other types of natural wood, bamboo is a great choice when you want to enhance your lawns and make your property more visually appealing. Bamboo is also sustainable, making it one of the most eco-friendly options available today.

    Prepare Bamboo First

    If you are staining your bamboo fence, make sure to finish this step first, especially if you are using whole bamboo sticks since it will be difficult to stain the area where the bamboo curves and touches the pole next to it. Bamboo is a natural wood, which allows you to paint or stain it any color you like. You should also varnish your bamboo to ensure it withstands the weather well over time. Varnish locks in the natural color of the wood and helps reduce the effects of moisture over the years.

    Preparing the Area

    The next step to install a bamboo fence is to ensure the property where you are installing the fence is ready. You will want to install poles that extend into the ground to provide support for the fence. For the poles, you may want to opt for a treated wood that is designed to withstand moisture. Set the poles about eight feet apart and make sure that each pole extends into the ground about twenty-four inches to ensure the durability of your fence. You can frame your fence with two-by-four boards to keep the bamboo sturdy, or you can frame the fence with bamboo sticks if you want a more uniform look and you live in an area with a mild climate.

    Installing Fencing

    One of the most important things that you can do if you want your fence to last for a long time is to make sure that the bamboo is off the ground slightly. Bamboo that touches the ground may absorb moisture and experience discoloration more quickly than fencing that is raised off the ground by three-quarters of an inch or so. The bamboo fence will need to be screwed into place to avoid cracking the wood, which can happen if you use nails. You will need to choose screws that are long enough to reach through the bamboo into the frame that you have already built.

    Maintenance and Upkeep

    After installing your bamboo fence you will want to follow some basic maintenance to ensure the wood keeps its natural color and can withstand the elements. Along with an annual coating of varnish, you can also wash your fencing with plain water or mild soap. Some experts recommend using a chlorine bleach solution to clean fencing, but there are eco-friendly cleaners on the market that work just as well.

    Make sure to clean the area under the bamboo frequently, particularly in areas where there is a lot of shade. Removing debris that may be touching the bamboo helps it to last longer and look better over time. With some minimal maintenance and upkeep, your fencing will look great for many years to come.

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  • Tips On Using Bamboo Panels to Transform Your Living Space

    Posted on January 1, 2014 by admin

    bamboo panels

    As bamboo becomes a more and more popular material around the world, people are developing many exciting ways to use it in their homes. Over the past few years, one of the more popular ways people have been incorporating this material into their homes is through the use of bamboo panels on walls and floors. Bamboo panels are an attractive and cost effective way to add character to any living space. The affordability of bamboo over other products is a major factor in its popularity. However, this shouldn't take away from the sheer beauty of the material itself. Bamboo is also an extremely attractive material that can compliment almost any design aesthetic.

    If you are considering using this material in your home, it's smart to think of some creative ways to implement it with your current design scheme. Bamboo is very versatile in that it can blend seamlessly with any decor or stand out and draw a lot of attention to itself. It really does depend on how you place it and how you integrate it into your overall decor. This is why you should put a little thought into how you plan on placing this material in your home.

    The first thing you should consider is where you want to place your bamboo panels. These panels come in many shapes and sizes, so you should first decide on whether you're using the bamboo on your walls or your floor. There are many people who use bamboo as a flooring material since it resembles hardwood flooring in many ways. However, other people use bamboo as a trim around the baseboards of their walls. Yet other people use them as accentuating panels that are interspersed with traditional painted walls. The point is that this material doesn't need to be used in a two-dimensional way. It can be used to great effect in many unique and creative ways.

    Next, you should consider the type of bamboo you want to use in your living space. There are at least seven different types of bamboo that are used commercially. These bamboo species will have different physical characteristics, colors and will be different from each other in many other ways. Knowing what bamboo you want to use can help you to determine what stains you'll want to buy. It will also help you figure out if you want to get any stain in the first place. The point is that having as much information as possible before making a purchase can't be a bad thing.

    When using bamboo panels in your living space, you have an enormous range of options available to you. The versatility of bamboo is perhaps the most commonly-cited reason for why people choose to use it so often. There are many versatile materials to use for paneling in your home. However, none of them really match the strength, attractiveness and affordability of bamboo. Thanks to all of this, you're really only limited by your imagination when you are using bamboo materials.

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  • 5 Home Decor Ideas Using Bamboo Sticks

    Posted on December 16, 2013 by admin

    bamboo sticks

    If you are redecorating your home, bamboo sticks are a beautiful, natural and totally sustainable accessory that can bring a warm, tropical feel to any room. Bamboo stick is very easy to work with, allowing you to create pieces that transform the look of your home without a lot of work.

    DIY Crafts

    Bamboo sticks can be customized to create a wide range of DIY crafts that range from planters to photo frames. Just cut the bamboo sticks to the desired length and secure the sticks using natural twine, glue or your choice of fasteners to create a design that is unique to your home. For those that aren't crafty or just don't have time to create their own designs, bamboo sticks can also be used as is to create unique home displays.

    Creative Room Dividers

    Bamboo sticks are an amazing, all natural way to separate spaces in your home. You can begin by ordering bamboo in the size that is right for your space, then either hang the sticks individually from the ceiling or create a wall using the sticks by fastening the sticks together in the length that fits your room. This project does take a little time but is ideal for rooms where you want to emphasize a natural, tropical atmosphere. Bamboo works in a wide variety of themes because it is a natural wood that is a neutral color.

    Stunning Vase Décor

    A large vase filled with bamboo is a simple option for the minimalist home décor theme. Bamboo stick is a simple addition that can brighten a room with deeper colors, or enhance a room filled with lemon yellows, lime greens or basic pastels. The vase can be any color or style that fits your theme best. Some good options are open, cast iron frames to hold the bamboo stick in place or extra large dark colored vases that make the natural color of the bamboo pop. This idea is perfect when you want to fill a large open space in your home without adding a lot of clutter or when you want to keep décor more streamlined and neutral.

    Canopy Frames

    Creating a canopy frame for your bed takes just moments when you use natural bamboo. All you need to do is place each pre-measured stick at intervals above the bed, with the length of the bamboo horizontally above the bed. You can use a hook and chain method to hang the bamboo or utilize your own method to hang the materials. Leave one to two inches between the bamboo and the ceiling, then place the materials you are using for your canopy between the bamboo and ceiling for a fast and easy canopy that is also very affordable.

    Bamboo Displays

    If you have pieces of bamboo stick left from creating a canopy or DIY craft, you can use them to create a display. A backlight turns a deep frame filled with bamboo stick into a eye-catching conversation piece. You can also secure smaller pieces of bamboo to create a vase to accent a larger bamboo theme in your home. There are endless ways that you can take something as simple as a piece of bamboo and turn it into a creative centerpiece for your home.

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