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  • 14 Reasons You Need Bamboo Blinds Right Now

    Posted on July 2, 2014 by admin

    bamboo blinds for your home interior design

    Bamboo Blinds For All Spaces

    1. -Naturally gorgeous in color. Natural Bamboo blinds come in light tan hue or a rich medium brown shade.
    2. -Great for any tropical theme room.
    3. -Easy to customize. Cut bamboo blinds into your preferred width.
    4. -If you're into patterns, bamboo blinds also come in a chic woven tortoise pattern. These tortoise pattern blinds come in light, dark, or rustic shades.
    5. -Looking for a contemporary color? Try Mahogany!
    6. -Instantly gives a "face-lift" to any tired windows.
    7. -Adds interest and texture to the room. A room without blinds is like a face with no eyebrows! Add some personality into your room!
    8. -Perfect for feminine or rustic chic bedrooms, bathroom, kitchens, and living rooms.
    9. -The neutral colors of bamboo complements many curtain blind colors and textures.
    10. -Bamboo may be tropical but have you ever though about using them in a classic modern house? Check out The Inspired Room's elegant use of bamboo blinds!
    11. -Adds dimension and much needed privacy to your room.
    12. -Keeps the harsh sunlight out in an attractive way.
    13. -Made from bamboo! One of the most eco-friendly and highly sustainable resources in the world!
    14. -Naturally durable. Bamboo is known to have the tensile strength of steel! Despite it's strength, it is a flexible material!

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  • Get the Tropical Party Started with Thatch!

    Posted on June 25, 2014 by admin

    tropical party with thatch panels and thatch umbrella

    Keep it Cool with a Tropical Party this Summer

    A party is always a great time that will create plenty of fond memories. A tropical party is a great theme for birthdays, retirements, pool-side parties, reunions, and many other special occasions! A great way to show that your party is tropical themed is to use thatch skirts and thatch umbrellas. Nothing screams tropical like the golden tones of thatch adorning tables, chairs, and umbrellas. This breezy material is easy to decorate with while adding decor to your party.

    One of the best ways to use thatch panels is to use it as table skirting. This instantly updates your tables for a tropical party. The colors of thatch is also a great complementary shade since it is neutral. This makes it the perfect backdrop for any color scheme you choose for your tropical party! Popular colors range from magenta, bright pink, yellow, turquoise and orange. With a color in mind, start thinking about other types of decor to use such as flowers, leis, tiki masks, tropical signs, and other tropical decor!

    Thatch umbrellas are another way to decorate your tropical party! These beautiful umbrellas provide shade to your guests during under the warm summer sun. The umbrellas also add height and texture to any space. A Mexican thatch umbrella will instantly upgrade your party with its plush and luxe look.

    So tell us, what kind of party would you use thatch for?

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  • How To Instantly Improve your Backyard with Reed Fencing

    Posted on June 18, 2014 by admin

    reed fencing patio condo aparment

    Why Use Reed Fencing?

    Reed fencing is a beautiful and natural way to enhance your living space. It is the lesser known cousin to bamboo fencing and we're here to change that! Reed fencing is constructed from dried water reed that comes in varying shades from tan to dusky brown. It is inexpensive compared to other fencing materials with an equally gorgeous impact! Another benefit to reed fencing is that it can easily fit into any space. It is very flexible so it can cover many different types of spaces.

    Hide unsightly views or add more privacy by adding fencing. Apartments or condos with open patios or balconies, can benefit from added privacy. Since reed fencing is flexible, it can be installed easily to fit the shape of many different types of outdoor small spaces. This fencing also makes a great room divider. Another idea is to use reed fencing as a roofing or shade cover. If you're thinking about using reed fencing for interior designs, this is the perfect material. Use the fencing as a beautiful bed headboard or use it as a wall cover.

    reed fencing backyard

    Reed fencing comes in two very popular shades. The Natural color is a warm blend of yellows and tans for an elegant look. Another shade commonly used is the Coffee color. This medium brown hue is a chic and contemporary color. These two shades work well with many different design schemes. These fencing panels will serve as beautiful backdrops for most of your projects.

    Another bonus for using reed fencing is that its an eco-friendly product that can be recycled! Enjoy your reed fencing knowing that this amazing resource is not harmful to the environment!

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  • How To Enhance Your Bamboo Fencing with Cabot Stain

    Posted on June 11, 2014 by admin


    Cabot Stain for Your Bamboo Fencing

    Bamboo fencing is a great addition to any home or business! Bring out the best your bamboo fencing has to offer by staining it with a rich oil-based stain. This brings out the color of your bamboo fencing intensely while increasing the lifespan of your bamboo fencing.  We recommend using Cabot's Australian Timber Oil to stain your bamboo fencing. Cabot stain comes in a variety of colors. It accentuates the natural bamboo patina and color. It's triple oil-based system penetrates the wood for deep protection.

    Choose the Right Stain Color

    For natural colored bamboo fencing, Honey Teak is a good option. Honey Teak is mellow yellow/tan oil that enhances natural bamboo colors. Burnt bamboo fencing can definitely benefit from Honey Teak Cabot stain. For natural black bamboo fencing, Jarrah Brown is the perfect oil stain for it. This is a deeper brown color that enhances darker wood fencing. Jarrah Brown brings out a more intense sheen seen on natural black bamboo fencing.

    How To Apply Cabot Stain

    Make sure the bamboo fencing is dry and has not accumulated too much moisture. Dry fencing allows for proper absorption of the oil stain. If it's possible, keep the fencing upright. Using a stain brush or sponge, carefully apply the stain in an up and down motion. Wipe off excess stain with a rag or an old sock. Alternatively you could hand-stain your fencing using rags or an old sock. Make sure to wear old clothing and keep the stain away from other closeby fabrics. Let the stain air-dry for several days. You may re-apply your Cabot stain up to at least three coats. Make sure that the fencing is completely dry between each coat. Enjoy your new and stained beautiful bamboo fencing!

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  • How Tropical Decor Accessories will Change Your Summer

    Posted on June 4, 2014 by admin

    tropical accessories tiki bar

    Bring in Summer with Tropical Decor Accessories!

    You've updated your yard or bar for the summer but there's still that nagging feeling something is missing. Everything is in the details and what you're missing might be something simple like accessories! Tropical decor accessories are the best finishing touches for any summer or tropical events and designs!

    These handicrafts are the perfect addition for any summer garden, tiki bar, patios, pool parties, tropical themed events, or even interior design! Tropical decor accessories come in many shapes and forms. Popular choices are tiki masks, tropical signs, hanging birds, and bamboo windchimes. Tiki masks are extremely popular for its unique designs. This fierce guardian will protect your garden and home. They are commonly hung on bar walls, home walls, or nestled in a garden next to tiki torches. Tropical signs are also a friendly addition to any area. They come with various phrases that either designate areas such as "Tiki Lounge" or a simple phrase welcoming family and friends with "Aloha" or "Welcome to Paradise". Tropical signs come in many designs such as plumeria or hibiscus designs. A paddle sign is perfect for beach homes or for the surfer girl!

    Hanging birds are beautifully crafted brightly colored birds. These tropical decor accessories will instantly brighten and cheer up any space. Hang these birds on top of your tiki bar or patio for a festive look. Bamboo windchimes adds double the impact in terms of decor. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but the tinkling of the bamboo creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Hang your bamboo windchimes in your patio or hang it on your bar.

    Tropical decor accessories instantly adds a fun and festive air to any space. This could be last polishing touch to any bar or home that will make guests, families, and friends feel like it's finally summer!

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  • How to Decorate a Canopy using Bamboo Poles

    Posted on May 28, 2014 by admin

    bamboo poles pergola by the beach

    Bamboo Poles are Perfect for Creating DIY Canopies!

    Bamboo poles are versatile building blocks that can be used for many projects. Today we will focus on how to create your own canopy using bamboo poles! Canopies are perfect for everyday backyard use, for throwing dinner parties, or creating a romantic date.

    Choosing the Right Bamboo Poles

    Pick the appropriate bamboo pole for your canopy. Think of the bamboo poles as the base or the foundation to creating a beautiful canopy. The natural color bamboo pole is a warm and versatile color that will go with any style. The natural black color bamboo poles are subdued in its hues but no less richer in color. Both the natural and the black are great choices when it comes to choosing your canopy. Bamboo poles come in different thickness as well. The general rule is that the wider the pole is, the sturdier it is. This allows for a heavy duty type of canopy that can hold more accessories and other customizable details.

    Dress Up Your Canopy

    Depending on the fabric and accessories used, this can vastly change the style of your canopy. Canvas fabrics are great for everyday use while draping gauzy and delicate fabrics are perfect for parties or a romantic dinner. The color of the fabric can also change the mood and atmosphere of your space. Hang lights or lanterns to illuminate your canopy and to create a warm glow. Tie crystals or tassels to the bamboo poles for an extra decor kick. Another fun yet chic decor style is to hang terrariums with succulents in them.

    Canopies are perfect for the upcoming summer months. Using bamboo poles, they are the perfect and sturdy building blocks for creating a gorgeous and lush canopy. Entertain friends and family under the stars this summer!

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  • The Best Ways to Utilize Thatch Umbrellas

    Posted on May 21, 2014 by admin

    thatch umbrella and palapa forever bamboo

    Thatch umbrellas are a sure-fire way to spruce up boring looking homes or businesses. See how to use thatch umbrellas in your own backyard. Thatch umbrellas are also great for certain restaurants or for creating a wonderful lunch area outside the office building.

    Best Areas to Add Your Thatch Umbrellas

    If own a home with any amount of backyard space, you can easily turn it into a tropical escape! Add a lush and breezy thatch umbrella for the island experience. For smaller yards, the thatch umbrella could be a focal point in your yard to entertain guests. Or it can be a place to read or sip a refreshing drink underneath. Add a couple of comfortable lounge chairs under your thatch umbrella for even a more relaxing effect. For homes with larger backyards, add your thatch umbrella to the left or right side of the yard especially if there is a pool in the middle. For businesses, create a break or lunch are outside with thatch umbrellas. This oasis will create a calm environment that will benefit both employers and employees alike. Beach-side restaurants would benefit very highly by adding thatch umbrellas to their patio or any outside dining area. This will keep customers cool and out of the sun.

    Types of Thatch Umbrellas

    Thatch umbrellas come pre-made or it can be built from scratch. Thatch umbrellas come in a kit and generally are easy to install. Down side to pre-made umbrellas are you can't choose how thick or thin your want your umbrella to be. Custom made umbrellas made from individual pieces of thatch look are luxurious and plush but require the skill of a contractor to assemble.

    Styles of Thatch

    The style of thatch you choose can change the look for your space. Popular choices are the Mexican Palm Thatch and the African Reed thatch. Mexican palm thatch is a warm yellow thatch popularly used by tropical resorts. And for good reason! This plush looking thatch evokes a relaxed and luxurious feel. African Reed thatch is neater style thatch that looks elegant with it's mixed hues of yellow, green, and tan. No matter the style, placing a thatch umbrella into your home or business is a great addition!

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  • Why Bamboo Fencing is Great for Small Spaces

    Posted on May 14, 2014 by admin

    Designing for small spaces can be tricky. Too many decor pieces makes the space look smaller and cluttered. On the other hand, too little decor makes the space look sparse and does not make it seem any more spacious. Bamboo fencing is a great design piece that barely takes up any space yet adds a huge impact to any area. The fencing can be used outdoors for small backyards or balconies. We'll also show you how to use it inside as well! Bamboo fencing comes in many different heights and colors which makes it very versatile for any styles. This beautiful resource is also eco-friendly as well if you're looking into environmentally conscious designs.

    Versatile Bamboo Fencing Heights

    Bamboo fencing comes in many different lengths. This makes it perfect for any type of balcony, patio, or small backyards. Fencing comes in heights of 3 feet, 4 feet, 6 feet, and 8 feet. This size makes it very easy to customize how much you want your space covered. For apartments or condos with balconies, if you want partial coverage, 3 or 4 feet fencing is your best choice. This height allows for some privacy while allowing light and air through. For increased privacy 6 feet bamboo fencing is a popular choices. If you live on the ground floor of an apartment or condo complex with open patio space, then the 6 feet fencing is perfect for privacy. If you have a small backyard, we suggest using 6 or 8 feet fencing. The pole sizes for bamboo fencing comes in widths of 3/4 inch or 1 inch.

    Chic Bamboo Fencing Colors And Sizes

    Small space designs are picking up in trend these days. Depending on the size of the pole and color, this can really change the look of your area. A smaller pole diameter size of 3/4 inch works very well for modern styles. The thinner poles is a more subtle design which makes a wonderful backdrop. The 1 inch diameter pole is a great all-around style. Bamboo fencing comes in various shades like any traditional style wood. Natural color bamboo has the most versatile look with its warm shades of tan and yellow. This color complements many design schemes. For a modern look, black bamboo and mahogany bamboo fencing are top choices. Black bamboo is a naturally occurring color with a blend of black, green, and browns. Mahogany is a richly stained bamboo fencing that will look great with modern planters or with furniture.

    Use Bamboo Fencing Indoors

    Bamboo fencing can be use indoors as well! Use them as beautiful headboards for your bed. The texture and color of bamboo will give a nice pop of decor to your room. Setting it up is extremely easy. Either hang it on the wall with nails or hooks or just place it behind your bed. Let the bed hold up the bamboo fencing. Also use bamboo fencing to divide your rooms. Just like outdoor use, bamboo fencing turns into a screen for added privacy.

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  • How to Design with Bamboo Paneling

    Posted on May 1, 2014 by admin

    bamboo paneling on bathroom wall
    Bamboo paneling definitely belongs best of both worlds: it's a 3D hybrid between a wallpaper yet substantial enough to be used as covers for tables, counters, wainscotings, and ceilings! Bamboo paneling is one of the easiest materials to install and comes in many beautiful colors and patterns. Not only is a great choice of decor and designing material, but it is eco-friendly as well.

    Types of Bamboo Paneling

    Bamboo paneling is made from strips of bamboo with a sheer backing for an easy install. They are 4 feet tall and 8 feet wide. The paneling comes in 8 different styles and patterns. These include Natural Raw, Natural, Natural Burnt, Raw Green, Burnt Raw Green, Carbonized, Tortoise, and the popular Dark Chocolate. Each style and color are versatile enough to fit in any design scheme. Like any type of wood, bamboo can be stained to any custom color choice. The paneling can be easily cut to fit many spaces. Add bamboo paneling to enhance a modern style, a shabby chic style, tropical style, and many other designs.

    Easy DIYS for the Home

    Add bamboo paneling to your home with some easy yet stunning projects. Add bamboo paneling as a table cover for a pop of decor. Cut your bamboo paneling into the shape of your table and add a glass top over it. Or add a sealer if glass top is not an option. Add flow and dimension to your room by installing it on your walls or as wainscoting. Cover the sides of kitchen islands with bamboo paneling for a decor and interest.

    Warms up the Business

    Bamboo is naturally warm in color. Add paneling to cold and bland office spaces for a gorgeous and organic look. Decorate reception desks or walls with well trimmed bamboo panels for a sleek and inviting look. The paneling is flexible enough to be used on posts or any rounded office space. They can be cut in any way- diagonal, vertical, or horizontal.

    Perfect for Restaurants and Resorts

    Bamboo paneling is popularly used by many restaurants and resorts. And for good reason! Bamboo paneling adds depth and beauty yet it is extremely cost-effective. Many restaurants and resorts use bamboo paneling for its sleek yet engaging vibe. Use bamboo paneling as table covers or use it to cover bar fronts. Add it behind bars to showcase bottles. Use darker colors such as Dark Chocolate to add mystery and sophistication. Lighter colors such as Natural are perfect for cozy cafes or brunch spots! Carbonized gives off a modern and relaxed feel that is perfect for any modern design setting.

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  • The Benefits of Bamboo Fencing

    Posted on April 18, 2014 by admin

    bamboo fencing

    If you've been contemplating installing a privacy fence, but aren't sure that you want to put the money into wooden fencing and a contractor to install it, bamboo fencing may be a good option for you. This attractive fencing is less expensive, environmentally friendly, and easy to install. You can select the fencing that's easiest for you to install, then choose the height and style that best suits your landscaping goals.

    Installing a bamboo fence has the following benefits:

    Bamboo is Inexpensive

    Unlike hardwood privacy fencing, bamboo fencing is quite inexpensive. The fence poles or rolls are affordable, and because they're easily installed, putting up a bamboo fence can be a do-it-yourself project. The total cost of your project will depend on how much fencing you'll need, the color and style of bamboo you choose, and the height of the fence you opt to install.

    Bamboo is Environmentally Friendly

    Hardwoods are typically unsustainable building materials, as it takes many years to grow a tree for each one that is harvested. Bamboo, however, is a grass, not wood, and grows quite quickly. This makes it an environmentally friendly building product, as it's very easy to replace what is used in each building project. Bamboo grows quickly and is a sustainable choice for home improvement projects. When you purchase environmentally friendly bamboo fencing, you're making the choice to help the planet while you beautify your property. You can install an attractive privacy fence and feel good about your purchase at the same time – it doesn't get much better than that.

    Bamboo is Easy to Install

    When you decide to install bamboo fencing, you're choosing an easy to install product. Homeowners with limited skills can install the fencing, which comes in either individual poles or rolls of fencing. The fencing doesn't require a post hole digger, numerous helpers, or a skilled contractor in fact, most homeowners can install the fencing themselves over a weekend.

    Bamboo is Available in a Wide variety of Colors and Styles

    Bamboo fencing is also available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and heights. Whether you're looking for a short fence to edge your garden beds, or a taller fence to provide you with privacy around your pool or lawn, you can't go wrong with bamboo. Choose from a deep black color or a rich honey color, or opt for natural bamboo. You can also decide whether you'd prefer to have whole bamboo poles or split bamboo, allowing you to customize your look even further.

    Bamboo Provides you with Privacy

    Bamboo fencing is an easy way to ensure privacy around your back yard, pool, or hot tub. The fencing is attractive and easy to install, and costs a fraction of the cost of hardwood privacy fencing. Tall bamboo poles are spaced closely together, blocking the view of neighbors or anyone passing by on the sidewalk. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how well a bamboo privacy fence blocks off areas of your landscaping that you'd like to keep private.

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