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Forever Bamboo specializes in eco-friendly living products made out of bamboo and other sustainable materials. Our bamboo comes in a wide variety of configurations and colors to suit every project and taste. Browse our bamboo stain and sealant products below, or keep reading to learn why you should consider sealing your bamboo structures. See the benefits of bamboo decorations yourself by requesting a quote today!

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What Are Bamboo Stains and Sealers?

Bamboo sealants and stains protect and add color to bamboo structures like fences, poles, slats and borders. It can contain oils and pigments, depending on the individual product's purpose. When you use a stain or sealant, you apply it to bamboo like you would paint. This application results in a more vibrant, glossy and durable structure.

Benefits of Sealing and Staining Bamboo

Sealants and stains add life to your bamboo and give it a personal touch. These products let you get the most out of your structures by:

  • Increasing the lifespan of your bamboo structures
  • Allowing you to customize the color of your bamboo or accent its natural color
  • Waterproofing your bamboo and protecting it from damage
  • Wowing your guests and customers by adding a polished finish
  • Reducing your environmental footprint by reducing the need for replacement

Using Bamboo Sealant to Take Care of Your Bamboo

As part of your bamboo care routine, you should regularly apply a sealer. While bamboo is already a robust and sturdy material, a little extra effort can enhance its inherent durability. UV rays and the elements can deteriorate bamboo's outer layer, but sealants lower the impact of weathering. If you have bamboo that's a little older, you can apply a stain or sealant to restore color and shine.

Bamboo Stain and Sealant Applications

These bamboo protectants especially suit exterior structures like fences and poles because of their weatherproofing properties. However, that doesn't mean you can't also use them on interior decorations and furniture. Change the appearance of your tiki bar or another piece of interior tropical furniture with a colored stain. Artisans can color and finish their natural bamboo crafts with a stain or sealant.

When you choose the color of your protectant, you can aim to complement or change the bamboo's original color. For example, imagine you have natural-colored bamboo that comes in a neutral beige. A yellow or tan-tinted sealer makes the beige appear more vibrant and glossy. Meanwhile, a deeper brown color can make your natural-colored bamboo look more like black bamboo.

Sealants and Stains for Commercial Use

When you buy bamboo for your resort, restaurant, park or other commercial space, adding some stain or sealant to your order provides benefits like:

  • A lower decoration budget due to longer-lasting bamboo
  • The ability to match your bamboo to the surrounding structures' colors
  • No change in exterior decoration color from UV rays

You can get further value out of your bamboo and sealant by buying it wholesale. When you shop with Forever Bamboo, we can arrange convenient wholesale shipping and services.

Your Source for Quality Bamboo Stain and Sealer

Lage corporations and budding entrepreneurs alike can appreciate the advantages of buying from Forever Bamboo, including:

  • Extensive product options
  • Fast, international shipping
  • Comprehensive customer service Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM PST

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Contact the nation's #1 provider of tropical decor today via our contact form or by calling 877-912-2244. You can also request a wholesale quote online. Our highly trained, enthusiastic support staff can help you find the right products to fit your commercial decorating needs.

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