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  • How to Install a Bamboo Fence

    How to Install Bamboo Fence

    Are you hoping for a way to personalize your yard with aesthetic or useful boundaries that provide a practical architectural use while also conveying a refreshing style? If you're thinking about putting in a fence for your space, you probably have at least one idea of how it can better the grounds of your commercial property or residence, but fence installation will provide you with numerous benefits around your exterior, especially when it comes to building a bamboo fence.

    From bamboo basics to step-by-step instructions on installation, we'll tell you everything you need to know about how to install a bamboo fence.

    Fence Creates Visual Interest

    How Can a Fence Contribute to Your Property?

    Whether you own a commercial or residential property, installing a fence in your yard offers you a multitude of features to improve your space. Here are a few benefits a fence can provide:

    • Aesthetics: Fences certainly provide practical uses, but they also add an important element of aesthetic appeal. The type of fence you choose will determine the visual interest of your entire exterior, and its appearance can help contribute to a specific aesthetic — like a tropical theme. Plus, a fence can help make your property more attractive by differentiating it from the possibly unattractive elements of other properties or areas around it, blocking them from your view and ensuring your exterior looks fresh and well-kept in comparison.
    • Some privacy: Fences aren't necessarily designed to block out the world around your property — especially if you choose a natural material like bamboo — but they can provide you with a little more privacy than a completely open yard, giving your exterior space the slightly more personal, enclosed element you desire.
    • Safety: Adding a fence provides you with the necessary and comforting safety of ensuring people and pets won't wander off the property or encounter any dangerous elements — like traffic or natural hazards — as a result of doing so. In addition, you can rest assured wild animals and pests won't be able to enter your environment and interfere with the plants in your yard or pose a threat to your customers or guests.
    • Security & Boundaries: If you have any issues concerning property lines when it comes to your neighbors — or you find yourself with accidental trespassers because outsiders aren't aware where your space begins and ends — a fence will give you a literal boundary to alert others where they should respect your property lines.

    What Kind of Fence Should You Choose?

    So you know you want a natural, attractive fence for your home or commercial space, but what kind should you choose, and how should you install it? When you're looking for flexible, affordable and attractive options for enhancing and protecting the exterior of your residence or commercial space, remember that installing a bamboo fence is an ideal way to mark your property's boundaries, keep animals in or out, provide some privacy, discourage trespassing and add an all-natural, tropical design element to your landscape.

    Not sure how to build a bamboo fence on your own? No worries. From helping you gather the appropriate materials before beginning to guiding you through tips and tricks during installation, Forever Bamboo is here to help you through your bamboo fence installation — every step of the way.

    Getting Started

    Before you begin installing your bamboo fencing, you should know a little about the background, benefits and details of the material you're working with to create your ideal fence.

    From natural fencing to black and burnt bamboo fencing, bamboo fences come in a variety of styles and finishes. Not only are they natural, attractive and perfect for adding to a tropical exterior decor theme, but they are also durable, weather-resistant and affordable.

    Variety of Sizes and Finishes

    The most common fence option is constructed of one-inch diameter bamboo poles or 3/4-inch diameter bamboo canes. The sections of bamboo are positioned vertically, side by side and held together with heavy-duty galvanized wire.

    Other popular options include split half round bamboo (made of 1/2 thick slats tied together with wire) and reed fencing.

    Split half round bamboo fences can last up to 10 years. Many bamboo fences constructed of bamboo poles or canes have a lifespan of up to 20 years, depending on climate and conditions.

    Bamboo fencing can be purchased as rolled bamboo fence panels. Our rolled bamboo fence panels are generally eight feet long, but they will vary by manufacturer. Fence heights also vary — ours are typically three, four, six or eight feet high.

    Benefits of Choosing Bamboo Fencing

    Bamboo fences are valuable choices because of their sleek, modern appearance, a variety of material options and unique versatility. As a material used for various building and fencing applications for thousands of years, bamboo offers even more benefits today when you choose it to enclose your exterior. Here are the ideal attributes that you gain access to from installing a bamboo fence.


    If you're concerned with sustainability and making sure the materials you use don't damage the environment through their processes or the products used for production, bamboo is the perfect choice for your fencing needs. In comparison to most other fencing and building materials — which either use artificial ingredients, require harsh chemicals or damage the environment through their extraction and production — bamboo is grown and harvested in a completely natural, organic manner without chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides.

    Bamboo is Grown Organically

    In addition, bamboo is entirely renewable because the material can be harvested without killing the plant, which will regrow at a rate of up to 24 inches daily. Installing a bamboo fence also prevents soil erosion and minimizes your carbon footprint. Just think — bamboo contributes to the work of trees by adding 35 percent more oxygen into the atmosphere.


    As a fence material, bamboo is moderately easy to install, work with and customize to your needs and vision depending on the difficulty of your project. Forever Bamboo makes it even easier to install bamboo fencing by selling our material in convenient paneling rolls designed for workability in your personalized plan.


    Unlike wood fences that will wear, mold and break down over time, becoming even more susceptible to damage, bamboo is incredibly strong and hardy. Not only is bamboo water-resistant, but it's also sturdier than many other natural fence materials.

    Did you know that bamboo has a greater strength-to-weight ratio and tensile strength than steel? Combined with its resistance to wear and tear, bamboo's remarkable strength and resistance make it a highly desirable fence material. Forever Bamboo's sealant finish will help protect and preserve your bamboo fence even more.

    Bamboo Sealant


    Bamboo fencing sports a look that is light, natural, attractive and agreeable, enhancing your exterior's aesthetic while providing an organic element of moderate privacy. And unlike other fence materials, bamboo won't close off your yard to space and light or create an isolated environment. Instead, it incorporates itself naturally into the landscape and adds an earthy, tropical flair to your setting.


    Its potential to be easily grown and renewed naturally and availability for shipping make bamboo one of the most affordable fencing products on the market today. Plus, bamboo's propensity for longevity makes it incredibly cost-effective, meaning you barely break into your budget to equip your exterior with a practical, attractive addition and a unique, tropical theme!

    What Can Bamboo Do for You?

    Now that you know a more about why bamboo makes such a fantastic fencing material, we'll tell you all the different ways you can use it to enhance your exterior and add a tropical element to your residential or commercial location. Bamboo is incredibly versatile, and Forever Bamboo's variety of products ensures you have a multitude of options for installing the bamboo structures of your visions.

    Bamboo Installation Options

    Whether you're building a fence to encompass your entire property, sectioning off a certain area or adding a creative element to another structure, there's almost no limit to the ways bamboo can spruce up your space. Here are some typical and unique usage ideas for bamboo fence inspiration:

    • Cover the works: If your exterior contains any elements that are necessary to the functioning of your commercial or residential area but not very appealing to have in plain sight — like air conditioning and heating units, trash receptacle and dumpster areas, pool and maintenance equipment or electrical boxes — bamboo fencing is a simple and attractive way to cover them up. Instead of sharing your property exterior with unsightly elements, you'll be decorating it with the light, natural look of a bamboo fence addition.
    • Enhance presentations: If you're hosting a business event, conference, showing or party on your property, bamboo fencing can add aesthetic appeal, natural decor and an enhanced element of organization to your exterior, boosting your image and bettering your presentation with tropical allure.
    • Add to existing structures: Bamboo is the perfect material to update already existing structures and modernize the look of your exterior while making it both more natural and more durable. It's moderately easy to attach bamboo to materials like wooden fences, chain link fences, concrete, cement blocks, gates, wood walls and drywall. You won't even have to remove your other structures to replace them with a fresh bamboo alternative, and you're sure to love your new look.
    • Create new structures: The best way to implement bamboo in your exterior is to use it in your creation of new structures. Whether you're building a cordoned-off area for a pet kennel or play area, encompassing your entire yard or enclosing and adding to an area like a Tiki bar or tree house, installing our bamboo fencing will transform your property for the better.

    Transform Your Property

    What You'll Need

    Before you begin your bamboo fence installation, you'll need to equip yourself with the right materials and make sure you have the proper tools for the process. Ready to start on your inspired bamboo project? Here are a few tools you may want to have on hand:

    • Spade or shovel
    • Hammer
    • Three-inch wood screws or nails
    • 2.5-inch wood screws
    • Tape measurer
    • Four-by-four-inch wooden fence posts
    • Scrap lumber
    • Concrete ready-mix
    • Bucket
    • Level
    • Trowel
    • Eight-inch long two-by-four-inch lumber
    • Drill
    • Power screwdriver
    • Working gloves
    • Bamboo fence panels

    All of these tools may not be necessary depending on what works most easily for you! Ultimately, where you are installing the fence - over chainlink, a brick wall or a different setting - will determine what tools are needed for the job.

    While you're gathering your tools and materials, it's important to consider what kind of bamboo you envision for your fence so that you can choose the option that suits you best. Before picking your rolled bamboo fence panels, think about your space. Measure the area in which you intend to install your fencing, thinking about the height you're hoping to make your fence and taking into account the clearance gap between the ground and panels. Here at Forever Bamboo, we offer various bamboo materials in multiple colors and configurations. Choose from our:

    • Natural bamboo fencing in earthy shades, blended beiges, yellows and tans with varying heights and dimensions to fit your needs, including 3/4 to one-inch poles and three-by-eight-feet, four-by-eight-feet, six-by-eight-feet and eight-by-eight-feet panels.
    • Organic, earthy, natural black bamboo fencing in beautiful, cocoa-brown shades free of stains or dyes and perfect for both contemporary and rustic styles. Choose from our 3/4-inch or 1-inch diameter poles in three, four, six and eight-feet fence heights.
    • Natural burnt bamboo fencing in color blends of beiges, yellows and tans burnt at the nodes for an additional aesthetic element. With a one-inch diameter, these panels come in three-by-eight feet, four-by-eight feet, six-by-eight feet and eight-by-eight feet for your specific project convenience.

    Burnt Bamboo Fencing

    Steps for Building a Bamboo Fence

    With all your materials together, it's time to start building. Here's how to install bamboo fencing:

    Determine your setting. Where you are putting your bamboo fencing makes all the difference in how it will be installed. Determine which type of setting you're using to install your bamboo fencing from the following:

    • Brick or stone wall
    • Existing wooden fencing
    • Chainlink fencing
    • Freestanding

    After you've determined your setting, follow the correct set of directions for your needs:

    Installing Bamboo Fencing on a Brick or Stone Wall


    1. Attach your two-by-four wall mounts. Begin by attaching two two-by-four pieces of wood to your stone wall using masonry screws. This wood will be used as a mount to which you will attach your bamboo fencing. Use your drill and the masonry screws to attach your two-by-fours to the existing wall towards the top and the bottom of the fence. You'll want to attach these two-by-fours to the wall along the entire length where the fencing will be attached.
    2. Unroll your bamboo fencing. After your two-by-fours are attached, roll out your bamboo fencing and stand it up along the wall where it will be attached. Be sure to place the fencing right side up. The ends are covered on one side of the fencing to make sure no water or other debris gets inside of the fencing.
    3. Pre-drill your holes in the bamboo fencing. Once your bamboo fencing is unrolled, you'll want to drill a hole in the fencing about every 12 inches on both the top and bottom two-by-four mounts. Pre-drilling these holes will prevent any cracking and breaking of your fencing. Spacing these holes out every 12 inches will ensure there's enough stability to keep your fencing sturdily in place.
    4. Drill in your mounting screws. It's now time to take the final step installing your bamboo fence. Use the pre-drilled holes to attach your mounting screws to the wooden mounts. Using regular exterior deck screws will work just fine for attaching your fencing. You can also choose a more decorative or colored screw for this step depending on your aesthetic preference. What's most important about this step is ensuring your screws are long enough to pass through the bamboo fencing and securely into your wooden mount. Be sure to make a note of the diameter of your bamboo fencing so you can make sure your screws are long enough to hold your fence securely in place.

    And that's it - your bamboo fencing is installed safely and securely!

    Installing Bamboo Fencing on an Existing Wooden Fence

    Adding a bamboo fence to a wooden fence is even easier! Because the wood from the existing fence serves as a mount for your fencing, you won't need to attach any two-by-four mounts.

    To complete installation of your bamboo fencing on an existing wooden fence, simply follow steps 2 through 4 above, under "Installing Bamboo Fencing on a Brick or Stone Wall."

    Installing Bamboo Fencing on an Existing Chainlink Fence

    If you thought installing bamboo fencing on a wooden fence sounded easy, you'll love the ease of installing on an existing chainlink fence!

    All you need to complete this process is zip ties and a tool to trim off the excess zip tie once attached. Once you have your materials, follow the steps below:

    1. Roll out your bamboo fencing. To get started, unroll your bamboo fencing and stand it up against the chainlink fence. Be sure to place your fencing with the covered sides facing up so no water or debris can get inside of your fence.
    2. Attach your bamboo fence to the chainlink using zip ties. It's as simple as looping your zip tie around the fencing and around the chainlink and tightening the zip tie to secure.
      • Pro tip to make your zip ties even more subtle: Rather than attaching the zip ties to the fence poles, attach them to the wire that connects the poles together. You can see these wires by looking closely at the spaces between the fence poles. These wires are found at a variety of heights within your fencing. Choose the height that works best for your chainlink fence and simply attach the wire to the chainlink by looping the zip ties around and tightening.
    3. Trim the excess from your zip ties. Once the zip ties are attached, you'll simply need to cut off the excess for a secure, yet subtle look.

    Congratulations! You've just installed your bamboo fencing to an existing chainlink fence!

    Installing a Freestanding Bamboo Fence

    Installing your freestanding bamboo fencing will be a bit more involved than the above methods, but our convenient bamboo fencing rolls make the process as simple as possible.

    1. Construct your fencing frame. The most important step in this process will be creating the frame for your fence. How you construct your fence frame will depend on local building codes, the size of your bamboo fence and your desired look and feel. The goal of the frame is to provide a mount for your bamboo fencing roll that can securely stand up on its own. Often times this will consist of a two-by-four structure that provides vertical and horizontal stability for your fence roll. Before constructing your fence frame, be sure to review your local codes for building structures to ensure your frame is safe and in line with the requirements.
    2. Pre-drill holes in your bamboo fencing. Once your frame is constructed, you'll be ready to attach the fencing. Pre-drilling holes in the fencing will prevent breaking or cracking when the final mounting screws are attached to hold your fence in place. These pre-drilled holes should be about every 12 inches to ensure your bamboo fence roll is stable.
    3. Attach your fencing to the frame using mounting screws. Use your preferred type of deck screws to attach the fence to your fence frame via the pre-drilled holes.

    And voilà - you have a freestanding bamboo fence!

    Tips For Installing Your Bamboo Fence

    While you're working on your bamboo fence installation, it's important to keep a few things in mind:

    • If you already have a chain link fence on your property, you don't need to tear it down to make room for your new bamboo fence installation. Just attach the bamboo on top. Installing a roll of bamboo fence over an existing chain link fence might be easier than using panels.
    • If you are attaching your bamboo fence to chainlink, a subtle aesthetic touch can be added by attaching your fence with zip ties using the wire connecting the fence poles together, rather than looping the zip ties around the bamboo fence poles.
    • When installing a bamboo fence, always leave a small space of clearance under the fence to prevent contact with moisture in the ground, which can cause the bamboo to decompose and rot. To cut rolls to a specific length, use sharp wire cutters to cut the wires holding the bamboo fence together.
    • It always helps to have an assistant with you while you install your bamboo fence. Two pairs of hands and eyes will ensure your fence posts and bamboo panels are level and uniform while making tasks like drilling much more doable.

    Tips for Installing a Bamboo Fence

    Install a Beautiful Bamboo Fence with Forever Bamboo

    Whether you're looking to spruce up your yard with a fresh, organic addition or enhance the exterior of your business and set boundaries with a fence of the best quality, bamboo fencing is an exotic, eco-friendly, cost-effective and durable option for adding a practical exterior structure with a tropical touch.

    With a wide selection of specially sourced, sustainable bamboo fencing in a variety of colors, types and configurations, Forever Bamboo is your best source for top-quality fencing material at an affordable price. Based in San Diego, we take pride in providing our extensive inventory to customers everywhere. Wondering where to start with your bamboo selection? You can contact our friendly, enthusiastic staff Monday through Friday with any questions about our fantastic fencing products. We'll help you get your project off to the perfect start! Request a quote or explore our extensive selection of bamboo fencing products today.

    We're always happy to assist you with the process of installing your bamboo fencing. Contact us online or by phone at 877-912-2244 to talk with one of our experience bamboo fencing specialists today!

  • Thatch Roofs

    The outside of your home is where people often see the most, but many times it is the most neglected parts of your property. When the weather is nice there is nothing more fun than throwing pool parties and barbeques in your yard. It isn’t as fun when you don’t want to invite people over because your yard isn’t nice or you don’t have anything to catch the eye or any extras.

    Thatch Roofs

    Things like patios and pools and outdoor tiki huts and thatch roofs make it easy to enhance you yard and make it look great for grilling season. Having a nice yard will want to make you have more parties and more fun. It can be hard to make your yard look better without adding a lot more maintenance and yard work. Backyard huts are an excellent choice to add on to your yard without adding all that extra yard work. An excellent way to make your hut look good and party ready is by adding bamboo thatching.

    We Have The Supplies to Affordably Make Thatch Roofs

    Tiki roof material comes in a lot of different types of styles and quality. It is important that you choose one that will not only look the best, but will be good quality so you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing it. There are many different kinds of thatch that you can choose from that will add style to your yard and your parties. Artificial thatch is one of the more popular style of thatch that people choose to use. Our artificial thatch is very realistic and long lasting. It is cost effective and a good alternative to natural thatch. There are many different uses for this type of thatch and it can be used both indoor and outdoor. Our natural thatch is also an excellent choice for sprucing up your yard. Natural thatch gives your hut a very real feel and look. We have several different types of natural thatch to fit your needs and your style. It is ecofriendly, sturdy, and has great insulation qualities.

    Forever Bamboo provides several types of thatching products to help make your yard look summer ready. They can help make your parties more fun and better looking. We have many different options for whatever your needs, and that for your yard, may be.


  • Bamboo Wall Decor

    Your home is a place that you can make your own. You can add what you like, and make it feel homey. Many people have different types of style, and your home is the pace where you can show what you like and make your home look good. There are many different ways to add your own style to your home. You can pick the furniture, the paint colors, and the appliances that you put into your home. However one of the most important things that you can add to your home are the decorations. Decorations are where you can truly show your style, and what you want your house to be about. Bamboo is becoming a popular decoration piece that is for sure going to make your home look good and give it a good feel. Bamboo wall décor for your home can be used both inside and out.

    Bamboo Wall Decor

    Bamboo wall art can be used in a variety of different ways. There are many different styles and types of wall art that you can find to best fit your needs and your style of decorations. Whether you are looking to improve the outside look of your home, add something to your patio, or add some stylish decorations for the inside. Bamboo paneling is another excellent way to make your home look and feel better. Bamboo is an easy material to deal with and can be easily adapted to fit the needs and measurements of your home. Bamboo décor makes great additions to pool areas, patios, sheds, and throughout the inside of your home. Bamboo is an excellent way to make your home unique to you and your style. Another advantage of bamboo is how strong and durable it is. Bamboo is not only adaptable but it will not break easily and requires very little maintenance.

    Forever Bamboo is a provider of quality bamboo products. We have a variety of décor and walling materials all made from bamboo. No matter where you want to add on to we have products that will make your house feel homier. Bamboo is an excellent material to add to your home and make it look better and give it that feel that you want it to have. If you are looking for unique décor and adding a little extra to the inside or outside of your home, bamboo is the perfect product for you.


  • Tiki Wall Decor

    So you want to give your home or business a taste of the tropics, and have heard that tiki wall decor is one way to do that--but finding items that fit that category can be confusing. Can something be considered "tiki" just because it sports palm leaves or is wrapped in rope? Not necessarily. While those features can instill an island feel, and are definitely compatible with tiki decorations, there are specific elements to look for when shopping for articles that are particularly tiki.

    Making Your Room Beautiful with Tiki Wall Decor

    Technically, tiki refers to the stone and wood carvings of ancient Polynesians, but it has come to describe the island culture as a whole. According to the Tiki Lounge, pretty much anything that bears the uniquely familiar image of the carvings can be considered tiki, though they should not be made of plastic. Additionally, contemporary tiki decor encompasses items beyond wall hangings and can include ceramic or glass mugs and glasses, bamboo furniture, and lauhala mats. As for the carved images, tiki masks are still at the top of the list for tropical decorations, and it has now extended to signs, captains' wheels, and life preservers fashioned from wood and hand painted. Plus, colorful hanging birds and bamboo wind chimes are other tiki ornaments you might find are perfect for sprucing up areas in your business or home.

    Tiki Wall Decor

    Forever Bamboo is the place to shop when you are looking for tiki wall decor. We carry an extensive and delightful selection of the signs, masks, chimes, and tropical birds you need to transform a room, patio, or deck into an island paradise. Forever Bamboo has done the initial legwork for you, bringing together a collection of quality tropical decorations. All you have to do is pick your favorites. You can't go wrong--just mix and match ones that fit your taste to create your own little slice of tropical heaven. Our tiki decor is affordable and many items ship for free from Forever Bamboo.



  • Tiki Thatch Roof

    Ages ago, Islanders used materials that nature provided in abundant supply to build the necessities of life. Because palm trees grow like weeds in the tropics, that meant installing a tiki thatch roof instead of roofing homes or other structures with shingles made of tar, tile, or stone. The native builders weren't necessarily trying to go for a unique look or outdo their neighbors. They were simply using supplies that were readily available and that also happened to be durable and effective for withstanding the hot tropical sun as well as the punishing rainstorms that hit the islands seasonally.

    A Tiki Thatch Roof Adds to Any Outdoor Structure

    Interestingly enough, the distinctive look a tiki thatch roof displays is one that modern homeowners and business owners alike frequently want to duplicate to bring an island feel to a backyard or building exterior. There is no denying that a tropical theme certainly does the job of inspiring a light hearted, relaxing mood like few other building and decorating techniques can. Plus, you don't necessarily have to turn an entire building into a tiki hut. Just installing thatch on an awning or oversized umbrella is as effective for adding a dash of the tropics to any area you want to make more warm and inviting.

    Tiki Thatch Roof

    The good news is that you don't have to live on an island or even in an area where palms are plentiful. Forever Bamboo has all the thatch you need for any size of tropical building or remodeling project. We carry everything from Mexican thatch and Tahitian palm thatch to African reed thatch and even have artificial choices if you prefer to go faux. Don't let the variety of our selection or your inexperience with installing thatch overwhelm you. Our friendly staff is available to help you pick the best product for your purposes, and they can even help you determine how much thatch you'll need. Whatever you are looking for in tropical building materials, shop with the experts at Forever Bamboo.



  • Willow Fence Panels - Enhance Your Yard

    Willow fence panels are an attractive addition to any yard or garden, lending a quaint and inviting air reminiscent of the English countryside. Natural materials aren't completely maintenance free, however. Performing a few annual upkeep activities will extend the life of your real-wood willow fence to make your yard continue to look as enchanting as the day you install the panels.

    Willow Fence Panels

    Unbraiding is one problem that can arise with low-quality willow fencing, especially if you live in an area that sees extreme weather conditions. Too much heat and sun can be just as detrimental as excessive cold and moisture to woven fencing such as willow. If you purchase top quality willow fence panels like the ones we carry at Forever Bamboo, you should have little to no problem with them pulling apart. Our fencing is constructed by joining top quality willow branches together with durable galvanized wire to prevent rusting and help your panels last for the long haul. A quick inspection once a year will show you how well your willow fence in weathering and if there are any small areas that might need attention for re-securing.

    Willow Fence Panels - The Highest Quality at Forever Bamboo

    Although you're not likely to see your panels from Forever Bamboo unbraiding, it is possible that some may be sagging or coming lose from the framework they're attached to, depending on what you used to secure the panels in place. Staples and some types of wire, for instance, can rust, but zip ties tend to be a durable and long-lasting choice for installing fence panels. After the first year you'll have a better idea of which sections of your fence need a little extra support, and you can place extra metal or wooden stakes in those locations to provide reinforcement.

    Finally, a coat of timber oil each year will seal and protect your Forever Bamboo willow fence from the punishment weather conditions dish out. You'll be amazed at how a new layer of protect-ant instantly revitalizes and restores the look and feel. Shop online today at Forever Bamboo for all your Reed and Willow building supplies.

  • Bamboo Wainscoting - Adding Warmth

    Want to bring the beauty and warmth of wood to one or more rooms in your home or office? Bamboo wainscoting is ideal for doing just that. Although bamboo is technically a type of grass, it is strong and sturdy like a hard wood, and its natural colors are the same as many of the most commonly used wood products. That means you will find bamboo in a range of earthy tones from warm honey tans to deep chocolatey browns, and even a unique raw greed shade. Whatever your color scheme or finished look you are going for, there is certain to be a bamboo paneling product to fit the bill.

    Bamboo Wainscoting

    Another terrific thing about bamboo materials is the variety of options you have for creating a wainscot. Bamboo paneling, for example, typically comes in rolls that are 4 feet high by 8 feet long. You can use it as-is, or cut the height down to the exact size you want your bamboo wainscoting to be. Or, make one by piecing together bamboo slats or even attaching bamboo fencing to your walls. Each product delivers a different look, making it easy to create exactly the atmosphere you want in any room.

    When you put in the work to make over a room, it only makes sense to use the best supplies you can find. At Forever Bamboo, we carry a wide selection of bamboo products for use indoors and out. From fencing to paneling to slats and poles, we have the quality materials you need to ensure a beautiful finished product. Our assortment of bamboo comes in a choice of attractive natural shades and we also sell the maintenance products to keep your bamboo looking gorgeous year after year. You can always count on getting the best bamboo materials for your money when you shop with us. Our prices are hard to beat and many of our stunning bamboo products ship for free from Forever Bamboo.

  • Tahitian Face Mask, Tiki Masks, and Tropical Decor

    Usually tiki decor tends to bring the Hawaiian Islands to mind, but archeological finds of items such as the traditional Tahitian face mask along with other paintings and carvings have linked Tahiti with other islands in the Pacific Ocean through what the Art Encyclopedia calls "Oceanic Art." Of course, to the ancient Tahitians, the masks and totems they carved and painted were not so much pieces of artistic expression as they were religious items intended to honor ancestors, and were used in worship ceremonies in homes as well as in public gathering places.

    Tahitian Face Mask

    Tahitian face mask relics and statues have been found in a variety of sizes from smaller pieces that could be worn or carried easily to larger specimens that were likely hung on the walls of homes and ones even bigger still that possibly guarded buildings and even entire villages. While many people assume that it was the men of the community, such as priests and medicine men, who mastered the art of carving totems and masks and passed the skill down from generation to generation, Tahiti Tourisme reveals that the women--matriarchs and "mamas" from the villages--were just as involved and skilled in creating the essential religious carvings that symbolize Island Art today.

    You don't have to be of island descent to appreciate Oceanic Art. It is a perpetually popular decorating theme no matter where you live or where your ancestors hail from. Tropical decor inspires a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere in any indoor or outdoor space, including businesses as well as homes. Give it a try and you'll see how much a carved mask, wooden sign, or colorful hanging bird can influence the feel of your deck, patio, family room, or office. At Forever Bamboo, we carry a wide selection of just the tropical decorating items you're looking for. Choose one or two pieces, or stock up--our island decor is reasonably priced and many items ship for free from Forever Bamboo.


  • Bamboo Roll Fence - All Your Fencing and Sealant Needs

    Whatever the occasion, a bamboo roll fence is the quickest, easiest, and most inexpensive way to give the atmosphere in your yard a boost. Impromptu barbecues with friends, family reunions, birthday parties, or even a holiday weekend all become extra-special occasions with the right ambiance, but maybe you're starting from square-one with a drab, non-descript back yard. Even if your event is scheduled tomorrow, you can put up a bamboo fence and be ready to party within hours. Naturally, the exact time it takes to complete a yard makeover project will depend on how much fencing needs to be installed, but you might be surprised how quickly even a long fence goes up .

    Bamboo Roll Fence - All Your Fencing and Sealant Needs

    bamboo roll fence

    The element that allows uncomplicated, fast installation of a bamboo roll fence is that it's pre-constructed. Skilled professionals have already selected the bamboo, cut it to uniform length, secured it all together using wire made from quality galvanized steel, and rolled it up for easy shipping. All you have to do is unroll the fencing, measure the length you need and cut it using wire snips. Then, secure the bamboo fencing to your existing fence. If the current fence is chain link, you can use wire or zip ties to attach the fencing. A staple gun or nails are effective for fastening fencing to a wooden fence. Continue unrolling and attaching until you have an entirely new, beautiful fence.

    Those simple steps are all it takes to transform your yard, but treating the bamboo with a quality sealant will extend the life of your new fence. Certain sealants are formulated especially for dense, hard materials such as bamboo, and will help it weather exceptionally so you can enjoy a gorgeous fence for years to come.

    Come to Forever Bamboo for all your fencing and sealant needs. We specialize in bamboo products that can be used indoors and out, and we carry the treatment solutions that allow you to get the most out of our quality thatch and bamboo products.

  • Reed Fencing Ideas to Beautify Your Front or Backyard

    Fencing materials are surprisingly versatile and, with a little imagination, you can come up with unique reed fencing ideas that don't involve building a fence. For example, you can frame a length of fencing to use as a privacy screen on a patio or deck; cover the outside of a shed or dog house to remake it into an enchanting English cottage; or cut sections of reed fencing in half height-wise and use them to fence off garden areas, keeping them safe from foraging pests.

    Reed Fencing Ideas

    If you enjoy truly distinct reed fencing ideas, use it to build a canopy, creating kind of a cross between a privacy screen and a gazebo. A terrific element to this yard-improvement project is that you only need a few materials to build an attractive shelter that not only offers privacy, but also an area for outdoor dining, entertaining, or any kind of family enjoyment. You'll need some utility welded wire fencing, the large mesh type with 5 to 6-inch squares, a supply of ground staples, a small-diameter bamboo pole, some reed fencing, and wire or zip ties. Secure the ends of the wire fencing to the ground with the ground staples, placing the ends about 10 feet apart to create an arch with the fencing. Unroll the reed fencing and lay it over the outside of the wire arch, attaching it with the zip ties or bits of wire. Cut the bamboo pole into 18 inch lengths and pound them into the ground at the base of the inside and outsides of your canopy walls to help stabilize the structure.

    You can make your reed canopy however big you want, and with a project as easy as this one, you can start it Saturday morning and have it done in time to enjoy throughout the weekend. Need a source for quality reed fencing? Just place your order with Forever Bamboo today and we'll deliver it right to your front door!

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