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  • How to Build a Tiki Hut

    We all love hanging out in our backyards, but on a rainy afternoon or an extremely bright day, you need some shelter. A tiki hut can be an excellent way to add a little character to your backyard while keeping you out of the sun, but getting a premade one can be expensive. Thankfully, it’s relatively easy to make a completely free standing tiki hut yourself!

    Follow this 10-step guide to help make your tiki hut construction a little bit easier.

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  • How To Enhance Your Bamboo Fencing with Stain

    How to Stain Bamboo Fencing | Forever Bamboo

    When it comes to your property's exterior, interior or outdoor decor, do you enjoy a natural, earthy feel? Are you drawn to the unique look of natural materials and how they can make your home or business stand out? Whether you're aiming for an island aesthetic, tiki-themed or unique, stylish fencing option with a natural feel, bamboo is a material that can add a tropical flair or earthy touch when incorporated into property or interior design.

    Whether you're installing interior bamboo fencing to your building’s walls, yard, around your patio or garden, around your outdoor restaurant or bar area or any other setting, bamboo will add a refreshing, all-natural, attractive vibe and sustainable element to your property.

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  • Bamboo Sticks

    Buy Bamboo Poles

    Wondering where to buy high-quality bamboo sticks? Look no further. Bamboo sticks work as great indoor or outdoor decor for your business. Keep reading to learn more about our decorative bamboo sticks for sale.

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  • Tiki Mask Meanings

    Tiki Mask Meanings

    Are you interested in the mythical, mysterious and exotic? Do you love the idea of decorating your backyard, outdoor event, resort, hotel, park or other venue with the authenticity, majesty and tropical allure of symbolic decor that evokes the ancient mystery of the Hawaiian and Polynesian Islands?

    If exotic and tropical is the type of aesthetic you're looking for to make your property stand out, Tiki masks might be the perfect decor choice for you. Natural, wooden and hand-carved with unique personalities and faces brimming with symbolism, Tiki masks don't just add whimsical elements to your tropical theme — they add meaning, history and authenticity reminiscent of rich island culture.

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  • How to Install a Bamboo Fence

    How to Install Bamboo Fence

    Are you hoping for a way to personalize your yard with aesthetic or useful boundaries that provide a practical architectural use while also conveying a refreshing style? If you're thinking about putting in a fence for your space, you probably have at least one idea of how it can better the grounds of your commercial property or residence, but fence installation will provide you with numerous benefits around your exterior, especially when it comes to building a bamboo fence.

    From bamboo basics to step-by-step instructions on installation, we'll tell you everything you need to know about how to install a bamboo fence.

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  • Thatch Roofs

    The outside of your home is where people often see the most, but many times it is the most neglected parts of your property. When the weather is nice there is nothing more fun than throwing pool parties and barbeques in your yard. It isn’t as fun when you don’t want to invite people over because your yard isn’t nice or you don’t have anything to catch the eye or any extras.

    Thatch Roofs

    Things like patios and pools and outdoor tiki huts and thatch roofs make it easy to enhance you yard and make it look great for grilling season. Having a nice yard will want to make you have more parties and more fun. It can be hard to make your yard look better without adding a lot more maintenance and yard work. Backyard huts are an excellent choice to add on to your yard without adding all that extra yard work. An excellent way to make your hut look good and party ready is by adding bamboo thatching.

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  • Bamboo Wall Decor

    Your home is a place that you can make your own. You can add what you like, and make it feel homey. Many people have different types of style, and your home is the pace where you can show what you like and make your home look good. There are many different ways to add your own style to your home. You can pick the furniture, the paint colors, and the appliances that you put into your home. However one of the most important things that you can add to your home are the decorations. Decorations are where you can truly show your style, and what you want your house to be about. Bamboo is becoming a popular decoration piece that is for sure going to make your home look good and give it a good feel. Bamboo wall décor for your home can be used both inside and out.

    Bamboo Wall Decor

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  • Tiki Wall Decor

    So you want to give your home or business a taste of the tropics, and have heard that tiki wall decor is one way to do that--but finding items that fit that category can be confusing. Can something be considered "tiki" just because it sports palm leaves or is wrapped in rope? Not necessarily. While those features can instill an island feel and are definitely compatible with tiki decorations, there are specific elements to look for when shopping for articles that are particularly tiki.

    Making Your Room Beautiful with Tiki Wall Decor

    Technically, tiki refers to the stone and wood carvings of ancient Polynesians, but it has come to describe the island culture as a whole. According to the Tiki Lounge, pretty much anything that bears the uniquely familiar image of the carvings can be considered tiki, though they should not be made of plastic. Additionally, contemporary tiki decor encompasses items beyond wall hangings and can include ceramic or glass mugs and glasses, bamboo furniture, and lauhala mats. As for the carved images, tiki masks are still at the top of the list for tropical decorations, and it has now extended to signs, captains' wheels, and life preservers fashioned from wood and hand painted. Plus, colorful hanging birds and bamboo wind chimes are other tiki ornaments you might find are perfect for sprucing up areas in your business or home.

    Tiki Wall Decor

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  • Tiki Thatch Roof

    Ages ago, Islanders used materials that nature provided in abundant supply to build the necessities of life. Because palm trees grow like weeds in the tropics, that meant installing a tiki thatch roof instead of roofing homes or other structures with shingles made of tar, tile, or stone. The native builders weren't necessarily trying to go for a unique look or outdo their neighbors. They were simply using supplies that were readily available and that also happened to be durable and effective for withstanding the hot tropical sun as well as the punishing rainstorms that hit the islands seasonally.

    A Tiki Thatch Roof Adds to Any Outdoor Structure

    Interestingly enough, the distinctive look a tiki thatch roof displays is one that modern homeowners and business owners alike frequently want to duplicate to bring an island feel to a backyard or building exterior. There is no denying that a tropical theme certainly does the job of inspiring a light-hearted, relaxing mood like few other building and decorating techniques can. Plus, you don't necessarily have to turn an entire building into a tiki hut. Just installing thatch on an awning or oversized umbrella is as effective for adding a dash of the tropics to any area you want to make warmer and more inviting.

    Tiki Thatch Roof

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  • Willow Fence Panels - Enhance Your Yard

    Willow fence panels are an attractive addition to any yard or garden, lending a quaint and inviting air reminiscent of the English countryside. Natural materials aren't completely maintenance free, however. Performing a few annual upkeep activities will extend the life of your real-wood willow fence to make your yard continue to look as enchanting as the day you install the panels.

    Willow Fence Panels

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