Abaca Cloth

Abaca Cloth by Forever Bamboo is a multifunctional traditional matting product that is sturdy and capable of lasting for years. You can make tropical handicrafts, home goods, wall coverings, rugs, and more with Abaca Cloth. This burlap-styled fabric is sold by the roll and measures 2 feet in width and 33 feet in length, making a total of 11 yards. Abaca is 100% eco-friendly and recyclable while also being safe to use in any indoor or outdoor setting.

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About Abaca

Abaca is a burlap-styled textile made of sturdy banana tree fibers that are milled from Abaca plants (Musa Textilis). In the Philippines, Abaca is also referred to as “Manila Hemp”, a long-lasting fabric with many different uses. This traditional textile can be cut or dyed to accommodate any design project or décor piece. The natural blend of honey-tan colors helps create a tropical ambience in your living space.

We offer special wholesale pricing to retailers, drop shippers, and contractors. Our hand-woven Abaca Cloth goes through numerous quality tests before shipment. For commercial applications and re-sale of Forever Bamboo products, contact us for more information.


Abaca cloth can be used for indoor or outdoor applications and is versatile enough to accommodate landscaping and design projects. Use Abaca Cloth as cabana matting, wall coverings, wainscoting, and landscaping design pieces. For an additional tropical touch, wrap rusted patio beams or plant pots in your backyard.

The banana fiber used to make Abaca Cloth rolls is a very strong material that is also used to make rope and string. If you’re looking to use Abaca for crafting purposes, this material acts as a great gift wrap, table skirting, and wedding decoration. Twist or bend Abaca around vases or flower bouquets for added texture and style.

Easy Installation

Forever Bamboo’s Abaca Cloth does not require any special equipment or labor. Like our other matting products, Abaca can be glued, stapled, nailed, sewn, or tied. If the size needs to be adjusted, simply cut the cloth with a sharp scissor or blade for accuracy. Fold, tie, twist, roll, or cut Abaca Cloth to fit your project’s needs.


Banana bark is a natural building material that is grown organically, free of chemicals and harmful pesticides. All of our Abaca Cloth rolls are considered eco-friendly and can be recycled once disposed. Banana bark is also a renewable resource that is found throughout the Philippines and grows at a rapid pace.

Quality Control

All of our matting and cloth products go through a series of quality tests before being shipped to our valued customers. Abaca Cloth is sourced from our trusted suppliers who also test and maintain our high quality standards when crafting our products. We will not ship damaged or defected products to our customers, wholesalers, and dropshippers.

DISCLAIMER: Abaca Cloth is unique in color, appearance, and character. This is a natural product that will differ from roll to roll. We inspect and check each roll thoroughly before packaging and shipping.

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