Artificial Rocks

Decorative artificial rocks, rock covers, backflow boxes, and rock accessories create unique enclosures for unsightly backyard eyesores. Our faux rock enclosures offer a unique solution to the difficult realities of landscaping. Add an artificial rock to your backyard for an affordable accent that will hide, cover or enclose just about anything.

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Commercial Project?

Our Artificial Rock Products

Think all artificial rocks are the same? Think again. We maintain an extensive selection of products for every home. Check out our current selection of:

  • Decorative artificial rocks: Our decorative artificial rocks look like the real thing but are lightweight and easier to work with. They're also incredibly durable and can be counted on for years of use, even in extreme weather conditions. Use our fiberglass rocks as a decorative accent in your yard. We sell a variety of shapes and styles, whether you're looking for something small for your garden or a large boulder that will attract immediate attention. Check out our full selection of products or contact a representative for assistance.
  • Decorative rock covers: Decorative rock covers differ from our artificial rocks in that they have a large inner cavity for disguising unsightly features. Use our products to cover wells, pumps and septic systems, or holes and other potential safety hazards. We sell fiberglass DekoRRa products in multiples sizes, including extra-tall and extra-wide options. Attractive colors such as fieldstone, sandstone and English castle give you the flexibility to select a cover that blends in with your lawn and garden.
  • Backflow boxes: Our backflow boxes cover pumps, utility meters and other common backyard fixtures. They feature a simple two-piece design that facilitates access when necessary, but blends into the background when not in use. Insulated models are suitable for covering pipes that could potentially freeze over in the winter, leading to expensive damage in your home. A small investment in a backflow box prevents accidents and improves the overall safety of your yard by keeping these tripping and electrical hazards out of reach of children and pets.
  • Rock accessories: To complement our selection of artificial rocks, we also carry a variety of useful accessories that expand the functionality of our products. These include insulation pouches for turning any rock cover or backflow box into a temperature-resistant compartment. We also sell vents to promote airflow. Looking for something not listed on this page? We can attempt to source it from one of our suppliers. Call Forever Bamboo to speak with a representative directly.

All rocks and related products ship from one of our two U.S.-based warehouse locations. As a result, we can fulfill your order faster and keep delivery costs to a minimum.

Potential Artificial Rock Landscaping Applications

Artificial landscaping rocks are ideal for residential and commercial use. For homes, they are a fast and convenient way to add beauty to your lawn and cover up unsightly fixtures. For businesses, they help you avoid potential liability issues by making your property safer without compromising its look. Use our products in golf courses, resorts, amusement parks and other exterior spaces.

We, at Forever Bamboo, have a large selection of artificial rocks for your indoor and outdoor nature spaces. Our fake rocks for sale are perfect for concealing and beautifying those necessary, but unattractive objects, like: centrifugal pumps, small pump systems, backflow assemblies, utility pedestals, satellite dishes, pumping systems, high profile septic/holding tank lids, pressure tanks, well assemblies, electrical transformers, pool filters and pump equipment, curb stops, outdoor electrical outlets, vent pipes, septic cleanouts, curb stops, well pipes, pressure vacuum breakers, septic risers, manhole lids, valve box lids, pond filters, aeration devices, cable boxes, and more!

We have a variety of authentic looking artificial rocks in several styles, sizes, and colors from which you can choose. Our decorative, artificial, large fake rocks are durable and realistic. They mimic the natural colors, shape and texture Mother Earth created.

Commercial and Wholesale Sales

If you need to place a bulk order of artificial boulders for your business, we can help. We offer fast delivery and discounted pricing on certain large orders. Visit our Commercial/Wholesale page for details or to request a quote.

Why Add an Artificial Rock to Your Property?

Landscaping with real rocks, stone and boulders is difficult. They’re heavy; expensive and awkward to move. Our decorative landscape boulders for the garden are so much easier to move, easy to install, and cost-effective. And, they’re so realistic you’ll never notice that they’re hiding anything because they seamlessly blend into your landscape.

Our fake landscape boulders offer a unique, practical, aesthetically pleasing solution to the challenging aspects of landscaping. It’s easy to simply add one of our artificial rocks to your home, backyard, garden, pool area or commercial business. Our faux landscaping rocks instantly improving the appearance of your property.

If you have a vacation rental or are selling a home, our fiberglass boulders are an easy solution to all your property improvement goals. Our landscape rocks are a clever, creative way to finish off the unfinished, eradicate the eyesores, and beautify the unbeautiful!

Based on all the positive feedback from our customers, no one will ever know your faux boulders aren’t real – unless you tell them. Your family, friends, guests and business associates will only notice how great your property looks! What size, shape and color artificial boulder will solve your landscaping dilemma? Browse our selection of realistic-looking faux rocks - and pick your favorites! Order your faux rocks today and solve all those – what you previously considered - unsolvable problems. Improve, and complete, your landscaping with our perfectly sized, perfectly shaped, and perfectly colored, artificial landscape rocks. After a while, even you'll forget they’re not real! Home- improvement has ever been easier than with us at, Forever Bamboo – the nation’s #1 tropical theme supplier!

Why Shop Forever Bamboo?

Forever Bamboo offers the best of both worlds — the selection and pricing of a big-box store with the expertise of a specialty retailer. Place an order online and see for yourself why we're the best place to buy artificial rocks for landscaping. Alternately, contact us online or give us a call at (877) 912-2244 for assistance any day of the week.

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