Backflow Boxes

Commercial Project?

We, at Forever Bamboo, have a great selection of backflow boxes that are perfect for concealing and protecting unsightly utility devices within your commercial and residential landscape. Our backflow enclosures will effectively hide things like: pumps, pressure vacuum breakers, aerators, water supply pumps, and more. Our insulated models will protect your system from frost, vandalism and other possible damage while improving the look and feel of your property. We call them backflow boxes but they’re also referred to as: backflow enclosures, utility covers, water pump covers, aerator covers, hotbox valve enclosures, utility enclosures, backflow boxes, and more.

Our backflow enclosures feature a 2-piece design that makes installation quick, effortless, and allows for easy lift-off opening and closing of the box. It has never been easier, or more cost-effective, to hide potentially hazardous and unsightly utility devices on your property. Our backflow boxes and pump enclosures are available in: green turf and brown granite – two colors that seamlessly blend with your natural terrain and landscaping. Now you can easily and inexpensively protect, cover, and camouflage, potentially dangerous and unattractive water supply systems with ease.

Depending on where you live, and how cold it gets there, you’ll want to choose either our insulated, or non-insulated, backflow box. Our un-insulated backflow boxes are designed to fit over almost any backflow assembly or pressure vacuum breaker and are ideal in environments where freezing temperatures are not an issue. Our cage view, uninsulated, backflow box allows you to easily view and inspect your backflow system. Our insulated, backflow utility cover will protect your system from frost and our commercial grade construction stands up to the elements.

We also have pump enclosures that allow for the mounting of a pump. The base unit can be mounted to an existing concrete base, or set into the ground.

Our durable, class III, backflow boxes are ideal for your outdoor nature areas and will instantly improve the aesthetic appeal of your property while protecting your utility devices. There’s no assembly required and our backflow boxes and pump enclosures are lightweight and easy to incorporate in, or on, your: landscaping, deck, patio, pool area, backyard, café, restaurant, vacation rental, commercial venue, or wherever your unattractive water supply system is located.

Improving the appearance of your property is what we, at Forever Bamboo, do best! With over 10 models of backflow boxes, and enclosures, in natural earth tones that blend with your landscaping - it has never been easier to give your nature areas a makeover! Our backflow boxes and enclosures offer a simple, practical, aesthetically pleasing, everyday solution to beautifying your property.

You can rest assured that our backflow boxes are the most effective and affordable solution for hiding your utility pumps and pressure breakers - instantly transforming the look and feel of your tropical themed property.

Our sturdy backflow boxes and enclosures are popular with: contractors, vacation rental owners, property owners, real estate agents, designers, architects, interior decorators, theme parks, restaurants, resorts, water parks, and more!

Why wait? Improve the aesthetic appeal of your property and protect your water supply pumps, aerators and pressure vacuums today! Browse our backflow boxes and place your order now. Home- improvement has never been easier, or more fun, than with us, at Forever Bamboo – the nation’s #1 tropical theme supplier!

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