Caramel Brown Bamboo Fencing

Caramel brown bamboo fences bring an air of sophistication wherever you install them. In addition to adding a tropical touch, they make a space feel more contemporary. Nature and refinement combine to offer you an entirely new way to decorate. This bamboo fencing in caramel brown resembles our natural black bamboo fencing, but it involves a different production process. Browse our caramel brown fence panels below, or get in touch online for more information.

Commercial Project?

Specially Colored for Natural Results

This bamboo fencing's caramel brown color comes from a dipped-dyed process that gives bamboo a deep, rich tone. Thanks to this process, you can purchase a fence that looks like natural black bamboo at an affordable price. Our crafting technique also gives the bamboo a delightful scent that reminds you of sandalwood. While we can't reveal our trade secret, we can tell you that the beauty and value of this fence won't disappoint!

Reasons to Choose Caramel Brown Bamboo Fencing

Our caramel brown bamboo fencing rolls combine many of the benefits of our most popular products. They provide the warm sophistication of natural black bamboo fencing at an affordable price.

Most importantly, they reduce our impact on the environment like the rest of our bamboo product line. Since bamboo grows back faster than timber, choosing this more sustainable resource is a great way to fight deforestation. As a result, we have more oxygen and less carbon dioxide in the air. When you buy caramel brown bamboo fencing, you bring us closer to saving the environment.

Where to Install Dark-Colored Bamboo Fences

Caramel brown bamboo fencing serves the same uses as other kinds of bamboo fences. They primarily attach to existing fences and bamboo fence bases. Depending on your skill level, you can build an entirely new fence or add the bamboo roll to one you already have. Creative minds also use bamboo fencing rolls to:

  • Hide unsightly outdoor areas or equipment
  • Divide interior and exterior spaces
  • Decorate walls with various panel heights
  • Add accents to furniture

Our caramel brown fence rolls come in heights of 3 feet, 4 feet, 6 feet and 8 feet to fit every customer's needs.

Caramel Brown Bamboo Fences for Personal and Business Use

When you think of a caramel brown bamboo fence as a creative tool, you can use it in more places than you thought possible. Both homeowners and professionals can benefit from this fencing's natural charm. If you want to use Forever Bamboo products for commercial purposes, we welcome you to contact us. You'll learn what we can do for businesses when you submit a commercial inquiry or ask for a wholesale quote.

Discover the Forever Bamboo Difference

Make an order today to find out why we call ourselves the nation's top supplier of tropical building materials. Our trained customer support team can help you plan your project and choose materials. Call us at 877-912-2244 Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM PST for direct assistance on the phone. You can also send us an online message at any time by submitting a contact form.

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