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Bamboo Furniture

Finding high-quality, attractive furniture for your home can be difficult, but with the bamboo furniture for sale at Backyard X-Scapes, your furniture and decor search can be over. We have a wide selection of durable and beautiful bamboo furniture specially designed to give your interior or exterior space a casual, warm and inviting appeal.

Commercial Project?

All our bamboo furniture and decor is specially crafted from the finest natural materials to ensure lasting finishes and dependability for any daily use. Every piece of furniture is then intricately carved and designed to have a smooth and modern aesthetic, making it the perfect complement for any room in your home.

In our expansive bamboo furniture catalog, you can find gorgeous, organic furnishings for your bedroom, living room, dining area and outdoor living and entertaining space. After browsing our variety of bamboo furniture, we guarantee you’ll be just as spellbound by these gorgeous, natural materials as we are.

Bamboo Materials Are Eco-Friendly

Selecting bamboo furniture over other materials, like wood, is a great way to demonstrate your support for our environment while also being able to enjoy a unique and versatile piece of furniture you’ll use every day. Sourcing bamboo is environmentally friendly because it grows faster than any other woody plants.

Bamboo can grow up to 12 inches in a single day — it literally grows like a weed! It’s a renewable and recyclable building material that won’t contribute to deforestation. Every part of the bamboo plant is considered useful. Rather than throwing out excess materials, unused bamboo can be processed as bamboo charcoal or used as fertilizer.

Not only is harvesting bamboo an environmentally friendly source for building materials, but it also looks and feels amazing. With bamboo as an option, there are very few reasons to cut down trees!

Benefits of Bamboo Furnishings

Aside from bamboo furniture’s modern, appealing and organic aesthetic, bamboo materials are an exceptional option for ensuring long-lasting durability and strength. By choosing bamboo furniture for your home or business, you’ll also experience the following valuable benefits:

  • Bamboo furniture is sealed to be resistant to the elements and maximize lifespan.
  • Bamboo materials are among the hardest woods available for crafting furniture — it’s even 30 percent harder than oak alternatives.
  • With bamboo furniture, you’ll never have to worry about the structure becoming damaged with use — bamboo is naturally scratch- and swell-resistant.
  • Furniture made from bamboo is naturally lighter than other materials and can be moved and repositioned as your decor needs change.
  • Keeping your bamboo furniture looking pristine is straightforward — wipe down the surface with a clean cloth and mild soapy water, then apply a fresh coat of oil to maintain your furniture’s stunning finish.

Find a Variety of Bamboo Furniture Only at Forever Bamboo

Bamboo furniture is a chic, exotic and airy accent to any interior design scheme — the perfect accessory for tropical-inspired getaways, modern tastes, cozy cottages and even rustic styles. With new bamboo furniture for your home or business, you can breathe fresh life into your furnishings and create a relaxing, appealing setting for a quick getaway anytime.

Our bamboo furniture is fun, practical, and will help you to create an authentic tropical atmosphere in your home, backyard or business. We have a wide selection of recyclable, renewable, sustainable, earth-friendly bamboo furniture including bamboo chairs, bamboo tables, bamboo stools with storage, folding bamboo shoe racks, bamboo room dividers, bamboo cd racks, bamboo shelves, natural bamboo curtains, bamboo benches, bamboo 3-tier nightstands, bamboo director chair, bamboo recliner, bamboo wine rack tower, bamboo display rack, bamboo bar stools, bamboo wine tray racks, bamboo coffee tables, bamboo nightstands, bamboo dressers, bamboo entertainment centers, bamboo café table with chairs, bamboo palapa shelves, bamboo bars and more in a variety of attractive colors and finishes.

How to Care for Your Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo furniture is a lovely addition to any home or business. While these materials are naturally strong and resilient, you can ensure its integrity and long-lasting appearance by keeping your furnishing adequately maintained.

Caring for your new bamboo is simple. By following these steps, you can keep your furniture looking like new for years to come:

  • Dust your furniture at least once every month to prevent debris from settling in the bamboo joints.
  • Wash the surface of your furniture with mild soap and water and a clean cloth.
  • Use linseed oil or bamboo-specific products to maintain the luster and finish of your furniture.
  • For outdoor furniture, regularly check the surface for cracks and other damages. To repair cracks, use a fine grit sandpaper to remove rough edges then rub the area with paste wax to restore the quality.
  • Keep your outdoor bamboo furniture pristine using an outdoor sealer to help protect the materials from excess moisture and debris buildup.

Flexibility to Craft Your Own Furniture

If you don't see the exact shape, size, or style furniture you want, you can always buy bamboo and build it yourself or hire someone to build it for you. This way you can create all sorts of one-of-a-kind pieces that will fit perfectly into your plan.

At Forever Bamboo, we offer a wide variety of different bamboo full round poles in several colors, sizes and finishes that can be used to craft any type of furniture you’re looking for, including small coffee and side tables, dining chairs and small decor like mirror frames or backsplash.

Our products are used by some of the best in their field party planners, interior decorators, film studios, golf courses, restaurants, construction workers, designers, architects, hotels, resorts, theme parks, homeowners, and more. Bamboo really is for everyone!

Forever Bamboo: Your Number One Source for Bamboo and Tropical-Themed Furniture and Decor

When it comes to home and business improvement, you can count on us to have everything you need like bamboo furniture, bamboo fencing, bamboo poles, bamboo paneling, bamboo slats, bamboo borders, thatch, bamboo rugs & chair mats, reed & willow products, and stains.

To learn more about our selection of bamboo materials, call us today at 877-912-2244 or complete our online contact form. Our helpful team members can also help commercial properties with any bulk ordering needs. Thanks to our conveniently located, large-scale warehouses, we can fulfill orders of any size without any shipping delays or back-ordering inconveniences.

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