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Bamboo Products

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Bamboo Products are a great, eco-friendly alternative for traditional wood products and provides an attractive aesthetic look to any indoor or outdoor project. Our bamboo products are incredibly durable and highly versatile. Bamboo is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions and has a higher tensile strength than steel. This functional, everlasting natural material is suitable for any business or home improvement project. We provide free shipping and handling for most of our bamboo products. 

Forever Bamboo offers the highest quality and largest selection of Bamboo Products. We carry bamboo poles, fencing, paneling, slats, borders, rugs, reed/willow products, and blinds. All of our bamboo is sourced straight from China’s renowned Anji district. The favorable environment produces top quality, commercial grade bamboo that we specially handpick for our widely diverse inventory. Our Tonkin and Moso bamboo poles come from the most reputable growers in China to ensure the highest standards of quality are met. Forever Bamboo also makes certain our bamboo supply is grown organically and is free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Our most popular product is bamboo fencing, with various options for color and sizing. Bamboo fences are ideal for creating any tropical setting both indoors and outdoors. Each fence is made of the finest quality Tonkin bamboo that has endured many different quality controlled testing methods. Each fence panel is connected by a series of galvanized steel wires and capped on the top to prevent moisture damage. Our fencing is an eye-catching, elegant addition to any living space.

Bamboo Poles

Bamboo poles have a wide range of applications and are extremely flexible and durable. Our bamboo poles are specially selected and inspected to provide the highest quality product to our customers. We sell commercial grade Tonkin and Moso poles in all different sizes, perfect for any home or business project. Choose from any of our natural, black, or speckled colored poles to make furniture, tropical handicrafts, and more. Bamboo poles are unbelievably versatile with endless possibilities for improving or simply adding beauty to your home.

Bamboo Borders

Bamboo borders are a great option to enhance any landscaping project. Borders are flexible and can easily be shaped to fit walkways, gardens, or other custom designs. Each pole has been carefully capped and connected with heavy, galvanized wires for lasting durability and longevity. Our bamboo borders are available in different colors and sizes to accommodate any individual project you have in mind.

Bamboo Paneling & Bamboo Slats

Bamboo paneling and slats provide a great décor for both ceiling and wall projects. Our paneling is easy to cut and install, suitable for your project’s needs. The paneling and slats are available in a variety of different colors and sizes. All items are eco-friendly and cost effective, making for a smart alternative to traditional wood and timber products.

Bamboo Rugs

Bamboo rugs compliment any tropical setting and make great additions to your interior or external living spaces. Forever Bamboo rugs are constructed from the finest quality bamboo and will instantly enhance any room in your home. Each style is stained and finished for a contemporary indoor accent. Extremely durable, our rugs will last for years to come.

Reed Products

Our reed blinds and fences are another attractive alternative to bamboo. Using reed in any indoor or outdoor setting is a cost effective way to add privacy to your home. Although not as strong as bamboo, reed will last for a significant amount of years if treated properly. Reed fencing gives texture to any room and provides a unique look to your home.

Bamboo Blinds

At Forever Bamboo, we offer the largest selection of bamboo blinds in a variety of colors and sizes. Bamboo blinds are ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces and help keep bright sunlight from overheating any room. Our blinds are made from 100% eco-friendly harvested bamboo, which is durable and long lasting. Use bamboo blinds to accent or decorate your home for the perfect tropical finish.

Willow Fencing

Our new willow fencing is available in 6x16 and can be cut to any desired length. The willow branches in our fencing are connected securely by galvanized wires to ensure maximum durability. Not only cost effective, willow is a sturdy, flexible wood that can last up to ten years if properly cared for. This attractive and traditional wood contains a combination of soft and light brown color tones that adds a European touch to any outdoor atmosphere. Forever Bamboo’s willow branch fencing is easy to install and perfect for enhancing a casual garden or patio.

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