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Bamboo slats from Forever Bamboo, by Excel Distribution, are crafted from the highest quality Moso bamboo available. Use bamboo slats as wall coverings, wainscoting, and more. Our bamboo slats come in four different color options to match décor schemes of every type. We offer 6 and 8 foot length slats with 1.75 or 2 inch widths. The slats are 0.25 inches in diameter and have been cut and smoothed into a straight shape ideal for dividers and panels.

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Moso bamboo is the most sturdy and durable bamboo on the market. Use it to cover walls, replace flooring, or repurpose outdoor fencing with bamboo slats for a tropical look. You can also apply a sealer to help preserve the color and finish of the slats if used outdoors.

About Our Bamboo

Our bamboo products are incredibly durable and highly versatile. Bamboo is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions and has a higher tensile strength than steel. Bamboo slats are unbelievably versatile with endless possibilities for improving or simply adding beauty to your home. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and some varieties grow up to 24 inches in just one day. Environmental benefits include a release of 35% more oxygen than many plants and soil erosion prevention. Bamboo is 100% renewable and is grown organically; free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Bamboo slats are available in Natural, Natural Burnt, Carbonized, Mahogany, and Black stained finishes. The assorted color combinations can be used for everything from traditional tropical looks to contemporary settings. You can build a luxurious tropical escape by using slats to make outdoor dividers, bar fronts, wainscoting, and more.


Bamboo slat installation and application can be done in just a few easy steps. First, decided where you would like to apply the slats. Slats are a great building material for covering bland ceilings or tiki bars. Each slat can be joined side by side for a professional and finished look. You can also attach slats diagonally or horizontally to create any pattern of your choice. Next, nail the slats on both ends and in the center for additional reinforcement. Once the application is completed, you can coat the slats with a finishing stain for noticeable color enhancement.

Slats can also be used to make edging for tables, custom made picture frames, counter tops, and homemade art. Glue, nail, or staple slats into place for easy installation and application.

Production Process

Our bamboo slats are manufactured from Phyllostachys Edulis, also known as Moso bamboo, which is incredibly sturdy and strong. In order to ensure only the highest quality bamboo products are sold, we hand select and inspect every piece. The bamboo is submerged in a light Sodium Borate solution that helps preserve the bamboo and protect it against fungus and insect damage. Depending on the season, the bamboo poles can be bleached in the sun to fade the green hues to a natural yellow-tan color. Once the desired color is obtained, the poles are kiln dried and stored to minimize moisture content. The bamboo is cut into equal strips to attain a smooth and straight shape that forms each slat.

Black and Mahogany slats are specially stained after they are dried to add variety to the color selection. Natural slats can also be stained, but must be sanded beforehand to achieve a lasting finish.

Environmentally Friendly

Bamboo is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood building materials. Trees can take many years to grow to a mature size. Unlike trees used for traditional wood materials, bamboo doesn’t have to be killed in order to be harvested. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and can grow up to 24 inches in just one day. Each pole is cut at the root base allowing for regrowth over time. Because the roots remain in place, bamboo aids in soil erosion prevention. Bamboo is 100% renewable and is grown organically–free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

With the increase in environmental awareness, bamboo is by far the most eco-friendly alternative to wood. With its high rate of oxygen conversion, bamboo even plays a crucial role in helping to stop the global warming epidemic. Plants everywhere purify and remove toxins from the atmosphere, but bamboo in particular has a much higher environmental impact. Compared to other plants and trees, bamboo absorbs twice as much carbon dioxide and releases 35% more oxygen. At Forever Bamboo, we are constantly traveling the world to find the best quality bamboo and ensuring that working conditions are comparable to American standards.

Commercial Use

For commercial applications and re-sale of any Xcel Distributions products, please contact us at sales@foreverbamboo.com, call us M-F 7:00A.M.-4:00 P.M. PST at 877-912-2244, or submit your companies information on the application found on our website’s homepage.

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