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  • Thatch for Tiki Hut

    Building a palapa is a sure-fire way to bring a taste of the tropics to your yard, no matter what part of the world you live in. Of course, to ensure your island structure is authentic, you'll need the proper building materials such as bamboo poles and paneling, tropical matting, and thatch for tiki hut roofing. Internet merchants have made it easy to get the supplies you need, so you won't have to skimp or make do with less tropical-looking materials. Just plan out the size of hut you want, estimate how much of each item you'll need, then place your order and start building once it has all been delivered right to your front door.

    Thatch for a Tiki Hut

    It's OK if you aren't confident in your architectural skills--there are other, easier ways to build a tiki hut without having to draw up detailed plans. Palapas or tiki huts are very similar to gazebos, so you can always start with a simple gazebo structure and affix bamboo and thatch to it to turn a run-of-the-mill pergola into an island-inspired shelter. Half-round bamboo poles are perfect for attaching to the posts that make up the supporting structure of a gazebo, and bamboo paneling can be installed on the exterior panels. Install thatch on the roof, then roll out tropical matting on the floor and you've got an almost-instant tiki hut that will be the envy of the neighborhood. One final tip to keep your palapa looking great and weathering well: treat the bamboo and thatch with the appropriate sealant products when you first build your tiki hut, as well as annually for maintenance.

    If you are looking for bamboo or thatch for tiki hut construction, come to Forever Bamboo. We carry a large selection of tropical building materials at terrific prices, and are happy to help figure how much of each material you'll need. Whatever you require to remodel a gazebo or build a tiki hut from the ground up, come to Forever Bamboo.

  • Bamboo Privacy Fencing

    Bamboo privacy fencing not only serves to shield your yard from view of the neighbors or passersby, but it is attractive enough to enhance the atmosphere of your yard, adding a decorative element. The features that provide the privacy factor are the height of the fence, between 58 and 60 inches according to  DIY Network, and the fact that the fence is non-transparent. A privacy fence can be made from almost any material from concrete, brick, and stone to vinyl and even hedges can be used to create a privacy barrier. Bamboo is an ideal choice for constructing a privacy fence because it is inexpensive, simple to install, eco-friendly, and easy to maintain. Additionally, even though bamboo is technically a type of grass, it has a natural beauty much like wood to enhance any outdoor space.

    Bamboo Privacy Fence

    If you are starting from scratch, building a privacy fence where there previously wasn't one, it's wise to have your property surveyed first to ensure that your new fence is entirely on your property and doesn't encroach on neighboring land. If you're not starting from square-one, attaching bamboo privacy fencing to an existing fence is convenient because the existing fence should already be located properly, plus there will already be a framework in place to which you can attach the fencing panels. Be sure to treat your bamboo fencing with a quality product formulated for use on hardwoods to extend the life of your privacy fence.

    When shopping for bamboo fencing to create a privacy fence, be sure to look for quality products. At Forever Bamboo, we carry a wide range of fencing including bamboo, willow, and reed, that's a snap to install and will beautifully transform your yard. Not only do we have fencing in a selection of stunning natural colors, but we also have the Australian timber oil products to keep your fence looking wonderful year after year. For the best tropical building materials, come to the bamboo experts at Forever Bamboo.

  • Bamboo Wall Covering Panels - Easy to install

    If you have been looking at the walls in your home or business, thinking they could use some reviving, don't slap on a fresh coat of paint. Opt for bamboo wall covering panels instead. They are easy to install and will not only give the room a renewed look, but will positively transform it. Bamboo panels are not your grandpa's old wood paneling. It's true that they warm any space you use them in with the rich, tranquil feel of wood, but bamboo offers a stylish look all its own that is endlessly useful in many types of decor.

    Bamboo Wall Coverings

    Of course bamboo wall covering panels is a staple for tropical themed interior and exterior decorating, but many people don't realize the range of colors bamboo paneling comes in. The best bamboo suppliers offer a selection of finishes that start on the light end with natural raw and raw green colors to carbonized shades, and graduate to tortoise and burnt finishes, extending to the darker end of the spectrum with deep brown hues such as mocha and chocolate. Whatever your taste and decorating desire, there are shades of bamboo wall covering panels to enhance a remodel or room makeover.

    One of the best features of bamboo paneling is that it doesn't come in sheets of hard, rigid panels like old-school wood paneling. Instead, bamboo wall panels are backed with fabric, so they are flexible and can be used to cover more than walls. Wrap a kitchen island in bamboo, or cover the front of the bar in your family room--bamboo panels install quickly and easily with staples or contact cement and can go wherever you need them to.

    Shop Forever Bamboo for the best selection of quality wall panels made from beautiful, eco-friendly bamboo. We have the colors you're looking for at inexpensive prices, plus you will find the bamboo paneling we carry is made even more affordable because much of it ships for free from Forever Bamboo.

  • Synthetic Thatch Roll - Used for roofing any structure

    Thatch is a great option for roofing almost any structure, and it can even be used in a decorative manner such as covering the front of a bar or kitchen island. Technology and ingenuity has made synthetic thatch roll available, and it rivals real thatch in all areas as well as outperforming its natural counterpart in some ways.

    Synthetic Thatch Roll

    The first reason you might choose artificial over natural thatch is that it will last much longer. Of course, if you regularly maintain real thatch, you will extend its lifespan. However, synthetic thatch can last as long as properly maintained natural thatch, but without all the maintenance. Obviously, you will want to look after any type of thatch you install, so routine maintenance on synthetic thatch will increase the longevity all the more. It won't require annual applications of protective treatments, as natural thatch does, but you should perform yearly inspections of any thatch that's been installed outdoors so you can repair or replace any areas that may have sustained damage from extreme weather. Unless you live in an area that sees frequent severe storms, it's unlikely that you'll have many, if any, sections to replace from one year to the next.

    Synthetic Thatch Roll - Used for roofing any structure

    Pests are another problem that real thatch can have. Rodents, insects, and sometimes even birds are attracted to natural thatch, and an infestation of any of them can result in serious damage. Vermin aren't interested in artificial materials, though, so you won't have to worry about those unwanted guests when you install synthetic thatch.

    When you opt for natural thatch, you can always treat it with a fire retardant product to reduce the chances of it catching fire, but faux thatch is already made from fire resistant materials, crossing that concern off the list from the start. Plus, even though it's made from synthetic materials, artificial thatch is just as eco-friendly as natural thatch.

    Interested in going artificial? Get top-quality synthetic thatch rolls at the best prices from Forever Bamboo.

  • Outdoor Matting - Turn Any Space Into an Island Oasis

    Natural fiber outdoor matting such as bamboo, lauhala, bac bac, and lampac matting is an ideal choice for adding a tropical feel to your patio, deck, or any outdoor living space. The warmth of the natural color of the woven fibers is as effective as wood for instilling an area with a tranquil quality. What's more, matting is very versatile, making it useful as a floor covering, on walls, and for awnings, too. The craft of weaving matting is a skill that has been passed down for generations, prompting DIY-ers with a penchant for crafts to attempt to rise to the challenge of weaving their own lauhala matting.

    Tropical Outdoor Matting

    The leaves of a variety of tropical tress can be used to weave matting but, as the ancient techniques website Primitive Ways points out, some hala leaves sport nasty thorns that need to be removed before you can begin preparing the leaves for weaving. The process of making your own matting from scratch is involved and time-consuming, taking days to complete. The leaves have to be dried, but not to the point of being brittle, so an optimal level of moisture has to be maintained to keep the leaves pliable while working with them. They have to be cleaned and cut into uniform strips--and that is all prep work that has to happen prior to the actual weaving.

    Shopping Forever Bamboo is the better choice for obtaining tropical matting. It is uncomplicated and guaranteed to result in perfect matting time after time. We specialize in tropical supplies from bamboo to thatch and including outdoor matting. We have done the shopping around for you and insist on only the best quality matting made from sturdy palm leaves, hala, and banana bark. At Forever Bamboo, we offer matting in a variety of weaves to deliver the perfect look you want, and our prices rival those of wholesalers.

    Get everything you need to turn any space into an island oasis at Forever Bamboo.



  • Bamboo Fencing Panels - Simple way to dress up your yard

    Bamboo fencing panels are a cost-effective, simple way to dress up your yard. Quality fencing made from eco-friendly bamboo is as beautiful as it is durable and is strong enough to withstand most weathering well. If you want your bamboo fence to last as long as possible--up to 20 years in some cases--it's always recommended that you treat the panels when you first install them and then perform annual maintenance to ensure your bamboo fence continues to look great and perform optimally in all types of climates.

    Bamboo Fencing Panels

    Bamboo is a striking building material on its own, available in a selection of attractive shades from honey to mahogany to black. Treating it with a quality timber oil formulated for hardwoods enhances the natural beauty and also gives the bamboo extra durability to stand up to whatever the elements dish out. You should treat both sides of your bamboo panels with the oil before initially installing them. Depending on the climate you live in, the wood treatment may last longer than a year, but you'll be doing yourself and your fence a favor to perform annual maintenance that includes more than reapplying timber oil.

    It's Easy to Enhance with Bamboo Fence Panels

    The Do-It-Yourself website recommends performing an inspection of your bamboo fence as a first step in maintaining it yearly. You want to be aware of any issues such as sagging sections and rusted wires or staples if that's what was used to secure the panels in place. Next, refasten the sections that sag and replace rusted installation wires. If the rust is minimal, you can always sand it away as part of the next step: smoothing rough areas with sandpaper. Finally, apply a fresh coat of timber oil for added protection and to restore the beauty of your fence to a like-new look.

    Of course, not all fencing is created equal, but you'll find the best bamboo fencing panels for the job at Forever Bamboo, where we specialize in quality bamboo and other tropical building materials.

  • Tropical Interiors - Never Go Out of Style

    In the world of design, the popularity of tropical interiors may ebb and flow, but they never go out of style. Plus, tropical themes are so versatile you can choose to use island inspiration in one room of your home or business or throughout the entire place. Additionally, you can control how much or how little tropical decor to use, scattering a few pieces around a room or outfitting it entirely from floor to ceiling in island furnishings. However far you intend to go, you'll want quality pieces and supplies to ensure you get a quality look in the results.

    Tropical Interiors

    According to Realtor.com1, tropical decor is trending, making this the perfect time to incorporate an island-feel wherever you want. Although the professional advice is to embrace bold prints, tropical design goes beyond palm fronds and banana leaves. Materials such as bamboo, reed panels, and tropical matting offer a subdued foundation for floors and walls upon which you can build your tropical theme. Then, naturally, you can dress it up from there using the right island accessories such as tiki masks, tropical signs, colorful hanging birds, and soothing bamboo chimes. Want to try the idea out in just a corner of a room to see how much island decor can transform the space?

    Start here: create a wainscot by attaching reed fencing panels to two abutting walls place a few lengths of bamboo in a pot filled with pebbles for decoration and to use as a room divider nail a tropical sign or two to the walls hang a set of bamboo chimes near a window where they can catch the breeze place a colorful bistro table in the corner suspend a hanging bird or two nearby.

    Bring a taste of the tropics home with help from Forever Bamboo

    With the supplies on hand, your island oasis can be finished in a matter of hours. We have everything you're looking for in tropical interiors, and at terrific prices.

  • Buy Bamboo Poles Wholesale or Retail

    The advantages of buying bamboo poles wholesale from a trusted online source are numerous. Buying online makes it easy to find the materials you need, compare pricing, and arrange for direct delivery all from the comfort of your home or office. It used to be that wholesale pricing was available only to contractors or professionals in related businesses such as landscaping, interior and exterior design, or manufacturing. However, bamboo suppliers can offer wholesale pricing to anyone these days because their online presence allows them to sell to a wider client base, so they can still order in bulk at rock-bottom prices and pass the savings on to customers, no matter how much or little bamboo each customer needs.

    As a sustainable building material, more and more uses for bamboo are being found all the time. Fortunately, it grows quickly so distributors are able to keep a supply on hand to meet the growing demand. It is easy enough to find an online source for bamboo, but you should look for the ones with higher quality product. Not all bamboo is processed the same way, meaning you can find cheap bamboo poles, but they might not have been treated in the proper preserving solution or may not have been kiln dried to reduce the moisture content and harden the poles for added durability. Do a little research to find out if a supplier insists on steps like these so you can be sure you're not only saving money by buying wholesale but are also getting a top-quality product.

    When you want the best tropical building materials and don't want to pay retail, buy your bamboo poles wholesale from Forever Bamboo. We're committed to providing commercial quality products at the best prices, and offer round and half-round bamboo poles in a variety of lengths and colors at prices you'll usually only see from deep-discount wholesalers. Plus, many of our bamboo poles ship for free from Forever Bamboo.


  • Bamboo Border Fence - Add an extra element of flavor

    If your yard needs a little extra something, maybe all it's missing is a bamboo border fence. Lengths of the pre-assembled border give an orderly, manicured look to yards and gardens, but they can also add an extra element of flavor when used in unique ways. Fortunately, the best border fencing is tailor made for functioning in distinctive ways. With a roll of the right bamboo border, all you have to supply is your imagination and the tin snips for cutting the necessary lengths.

    A bamboo border fence is the logical choice for separating the grassy area of a yard from the tilled soil of a flower or vegetable garden, but you don't have to be limited to a run-of-the-mill square or rectangular gardening plot. Instead of fencing off a corner of your yard, why not create a few different circular sections throughout the area? Because border fencing is assembled using wire made from galvanized steel, it is flexible and can encircle garden spots of practically any shape. Plant red and pink flora in a heart-shaped plot, and put lush, green foliage inside a four-leafed clover, both edged with an attractive bamboo border. Make diamonds, stars, or abstract shapes--whatever you desire to liven up an otherwise common yard.

    Bamboo Border Fences for Indoor or Outdoor

    A terrBamboo Border Fenceific feature of bamboo borders is that they can be used indoors, too. Attach a piece of border fencing along the bottom of a wall instead of baseboard for an especially nice touch in any room with a tropical theme. You can also use border fence around planters of all shapes, just cut a length of fencing to the proper size, wrap it around the planter, and secure it in place with wire or zip ties. You can even affix the border to a container that already has plant in it.

    Come to the bamboo experts for all the bamboo and tropical building materials you're looking for, including border fencing. We have it all at Forever Bamboo.

  • Reed Fencing Ideas - Makeover Your Home

    For those who love to makeover their home with Do-It-Yourself projects, reed fencing and bamboo fencing are very useful materials. Naturally, they're indispensable in the yard for breathing new life into an old fence, but reed fencing ideas extend beyond the basic. It's great for creating privacy screens or attaching to existing structures to completely change the look. Fencing is also handy for use indoors for the same reasons, and you are certain to get hooked on utilizing it throughout your home for an almost instant change to the atmosphere and decor.

    Reed Fencing Ideas

    Reed Fencing Ideas - Makeover Your Home

    While bamboo creates an obvious tropical mood, fencing made of reed lends the warm feel of wood without imposing any specific theme to an outdoor area or indoor room. A charming example of reed fencing ideas is to use it in a home office to soften the atmosphere and make it a comfortable place to work. Cover mismatched furnishings--everything from the desk to the credenza and the filing cabinet--with reed fencing for an instant executive set. Attach the fencing to the lower part of the walls in the office to create a wainscot. Alternatively, you could cover one entire wall, floor to ceiling, with reed fence. Let your creativity and your taste take over. They're the only limits when using reed fencing to enhance your home or workplace.

    Of course, you'll want an affordable, quality product when you choose to use fencing for any project. Forever Bamboo has the best reed and willow fencing at the best prices. The reeds are from fresh water sources in Beijing China and are selected for durability and the naturally beautiful colors such as rich coffee browns and warm honey tans. The fencing is assembled with long-lasting vinyl coated wire, making it easy to cut custom lengths for whatever project you're working on. What's more, many of the reed and willow fencing ships for free, making them all the more affordable when you order from Forever Bamboo.       


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