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Bamboo Fencing Panels - Simple way to dress up your yard

Bamboo fencing panels are a cost-effective, simple way to dress up your yard. Quality fencing made from eco-friendly bamboo is as beautiful as it is durable and is strong enough to withstand most weathering well. If you want your bamboo fence to last as long as possible--up to 20 years in some cases--it's always recommended that you treat the panels when you first install them and then perform annual maintenance to ensure your bamboo fence continues to look great and perform optimally in all types of climates.

Bamboo Fencing Panels

Bamboo is a striking building material on its own, available in a selection of attractive shades from honey to mahogany to black. Treating it with a quality timber oil formulated for hardwoods enhances the natural beauty and also gives the bamboo extra durability to stand up to whatever the elements dish out. You should treat both sides of your bamboo panels with the oil before initially installing them. Depending on the climate you live in, the wood treatment may last longer than a year, but you'll be doing yourself and your fence a favor to perform annual maintenance that includes more than reapplying timber oil.

It's Easy to Enhance with Bamboo Fence Panels

The Do-It-Yourself website recommends performing an inspection of your bamboo fence as a first step in maintaining it yearly. You want to be aware of any issues such as sagging sections and rusted wires or staples if that's what was used to secure the panels in place. Next, refasten the sections that sag and replace rusted installation wires. If the rust is minimal, you can always sand it away as part of the next step: smoothing rough areas with sandpaper. Finally, apply a fresh coat of timber oil for added protection and to restore the beauty of your fence to a like-new look.

Of course, not all fencing is created equal, but you'll find the best bamboo fencing panels for the job at Forever Bamboo, where we specialize in quality bamboo and other tropical building materials.

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