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Bamboo Fencing Rolls - Backyard Enhancements

When buying bamboo fencing rolls, some people prefer to purchase in large bulk to make a statement with island decor. Fencing is most commonly used in outdoor settings to build and cover fences, or to create privacy screens around patios and decks. However, fencing rolls are functional for a variety of uses and can be utilized indoors, as well, to warm the atmosphere of any home or business with the cozy and welcoming feel of wood. Though bamboo is not literally a type of wood, it is still a natural material that expertly delivers the calming, peaceful element that wood is often used for.


One way to employ bamboo indoors is to cover bland, boring walls with bamboo fencing rolls. This DIY project is simple to complete. Depending on the size and number of walls you want to cover, you could easily transform a room or rooms in an afternoon. It does not matter whether the walls are drywall or concrete, either. Bamboo fencing is so versatile; it will work well on both types. When attaching bamboo to drywall, you'll want to use a stud finder to locate the studs behind the drywall and attach thin strips of wood or furring in those spots. Then unroll the fencing and secure it to the furring using a staple gun.

Concrete walls require a bit more work, as you will need to use drop anchors to attach the furring to the wall, and that involves drilling holes into the concrete. However, you won't have to locate studs, so some of the labor is eliminated. Once the furring is secured with the anchors, installation on a concrete wall is pretty much the same, though you might need to use longer, U-shaped staples to ensure an effective hold.

Whether you need bamboo fencing rolls for an indoor or outdoor project, come to Forever Bamboo. We carry a selection of high-quality fencing and many other island-inspired materials for home or commercial use.

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