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Thatch Products

The largest supplier of commercial grade Natural & Synthetic Thatch roofing material.

Bamboo Fencing

Our commercial grade Bamboo Fencing Rolls comes in a variety of sizes and styles.

Bamboo Poles

We carry the largest selection of Commercial Grade Bamboo Poles.

Tropical Wall Coverings, Fencing, and Decor.

We are the leading supplier of elegant and eco-friendly products

Bamboo Products, Umbrellas, and Specials

We are the leading supplier of elegant and eco-friendly products.

Forever Bamboo is a wholesale business that specializes in importing eco-friendly building products. Our employees are committed to providing each customer with personalized information regarding products that will work best with home or commercial based projects. The green building materials that we offer includes bamboo fencing, paneling, borders, poles, slats, rugs, thatching materials, matting and tropical décor. It is our goal to assist and provide durable, high quality products that make a lasting impression on our customers while providing an eco-friendly alternative to help the environment.

As the world has become more eco-friendly aware, green building materials are now the popular choice when it comes to construction and building. Eco-friendly building is the way of the future and offers a multitude of economic benefits to communities everywhere. At Forever Bamboo we are always looking for ways to give back to the earth by remaining innovative and developing new products that are 100% eco-friendly. Our warehouse is uniquely stocked with a large selection of green building materials compared to other companies in the industry. Green building materials are a cost effective way to repurpose any home or business setting. If you are looking to build a green home, Forever Bamboo is the place to purchase from.

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