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On this page, you’ll find an extensive selection of Tiki masks and other tropical decorations. Though our customers know Forever Bamboo primarily for our thatch and bamboo products, we understand that the right accessories are essential to setting a tropical mood in your property or business. Our tropical decor products are fun and decorative additions to a home, bar, Palapa, resort or any other space where people gather to relax and enjoy life.

Forever Bamboo is the leading supplier of handcrafted, tropical décor products. We offer masks, signs and paddles, hanging birds, and bamboo wind chimes in our diverse inventory. All of our tropical décor products are hand-carved and painted by skilled craftsmen who only use the highest quality Albesia wood. Add an authentic tropical accent to your home or business and get free shipping and handling on any of our tropical décor products today.

Enhance your tiki bar, palapa, cabana hut, home, and business with our beautifully designed tropical décor pieces. We offer wholesale pricing to retailers, drop shippers, and contractors.

About Tropical Décor

Our tropical signs and tiki masks are hand-carved from Albesia wood. Albesia wood is naturally light in color and ideal for painting detailed designs. This rapid-growing tree is termite and drought resistant, making it a smart alternative to traditional wood that takes years to regrow. The artists who carve and paint our tropical décor products do everything by hand and pay close attention to detail. Each mask and sign is authentically designed to give your indoor or outdoor living space an eye-catching, tropical look

Our Products

We source our tropical decor and decorative products from an international network of suppliers. Tiki masks, signs and other items are hand-carved and hand-painted, offering a personalized touch that makes every item in our online store unique. Individual product pages contain more information about materials, dimensions and potential applications — keep reading or follow the links below for details.

Though our products come to us from around the world, we ship everything direct from our Southern California warehouse. Place your order through our secure online store for fast delivery to anywhere around the globe.

Tiki Masks

At Forever Bamboo, we offer a variety of color, design, and size options in our tiki masks so that they will instantly enhance your home or business setting. Our 20, 40, and 60-inch tiki masks are unique in color, appearance, and style.

Tiki masks have been used in the South Pacific region for centuries, each representing a specific deity. Most masks are designed to resemble four main gods that have significant meaning in the Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures: Kane, Ku, Lono, and Kanaloa, are the four gods that represent creation, war, peace, and the ocean. These masks were placed in front of sacred temples and used to protect against evil spirits.

Each mask we sell is designed to have a different meaning for every occasion. We offer the Dot Art, Classic Hawaiian, Palm, Tahitian, Tongue, Crazy Tongue, Happy, Love, Turtle, and Pineapple styled masks.

Bamboo and Tropical Signs

Further enhance your outdoor setting with our bamboo signs and tropical surfboards, flower signs, and paddles. Our flower, surf, and paddle signs come in a variety of colors, sayings, and styles that can be used with any interior or exterior design scheme. This tropical enhancement makes a great addition when decorating for a Hawaiian themed birthday party or wedding. Choose from Aloha, Paradise, Tiki Bar, Love Shack, Happy Hour, Welcome, Take a Leaky, and Mahalo wooden signs to use in your home or business. We also offer blank wooden flower signs that you can custom paint yourself. Our beach-themed paddles also make a great enhancement piece that looks fantastic on any tiki bar.

Hanging Birds and Wind Chimes

We have two different styles of hanging bird options that will complement and add a tropical flair to your tiki bar or palapa structure. Our larger styled hanging Macaw statues come in Red Scarlet, Blue and Gold, and Orange multicolor. These Macaw statues are made from non-toxic polyethylene plastic material that is molded in the USA. We also sell hand-carved wooden parrots that are smaller in size and more vibrant in color. The hanging parrot and toucan wooden statues also match nicely with our handcrafted bamboo wind chimes.

If you are looking to complete your tiki bar, palapa structure, or cabana hut, use our dual functioning bamboo wind chimes for an elegant finishing touch. Bamboo wind chimes help to create a tranquil environment and make a soothing sound if used outdoors. We offer small, medium, and large wind chimes that come in classic, bird, and tiki hut styles. All of the materials used to make our tropical wind chimes are eco-friendly. Before shipment, we carefully inspect each wind chime to make sure it is in working condition.

Why Choose Tropical Decor?

Forever Bamboo’s tropical decor adds a unique, exotic touch to any space. Even if you’re miles from the ocean, our products will instantly transport you to a faraway place. Whether you have a personal connection to the South Pacific region or simply appreciate the style of our Tiki masks and tropical signs, you’ll love the flair our products bring to your property.

Applications for our products include both home and commercial use. At home, they complement our bamboo fencing, tatami mats and other natural items. For businesses, they help create a fun tropical theme that will set your organization apart from the competition.

Some of the many businesses that use our tropical decor products include Hawaiian-themed restaurants, Tiki bars and lounges, amusement parks and more. Purchasing even a few small pieces will transform any establishment into a must-see destination.

If you’d like some inspiration for a tropical or Tiki-inspired renovation for your home or business, be sure to check out our Gallery and Blog. There, you’ll find photos and case studies outlining some of the many ways customers have incorporated our fun products into larger commercial projects. You can also contact our office to speak with a representative directly.

Commercial Use

If you want to purchase a bulk order of tropical decor products for your business, we can help. Forever Bamboo is a dedicated partner to bars, restaurants, resorts and many other businesses around the country. We supply some of the largest big-box stores in the world and can provide wholesale service to anyone who needs it. Our wholesale sales representatives will get to know your businesses and provide personalized recommendations based on your needs. We can put together a package of products that are unique to your business. Try before you buy with a sample box! Place your order within 45 days of purchasing your samples and get $25 off. This makes your sample box FREE!

For commercial applications and resale of any Xcel Distributions product offerings, please contact us or call us M-F 7:30A.M.-4:00 P.M. PST at 877-912-2244 or submit your company’s information to the application found on our wholesale and commercial pages.

Working With Forever Bamboo

The team at Forever Bamboo is available Monday through Friday to process orders and respond to customer requests. Find out why we’re the number-one supplier of tropical decor to homes and businesses across the country. Call us at 877-912-2244 or contact our office using the form on our Contact Us page.

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