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Tiki Masks

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Forever Bamboo’s handcrafted Tiki Masks make a wonderful addition to your home, business, tropical themed party, or tiki bar. Our high quality and intricately detailed tiki masks have a rich history with different meanings for every occasion. Create an authentic Polynesian look with our one of a kind Albesia wood tiki masks.

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About Our Tiki Masks

All of our tiki masks are made from eco-friendly Albesia wood that is naturally light in weight and easy to hang. Each mask is painted and designed differently to capture the traditional look and feel of Polynesian tiki masks. The bright orange, red, green, and blue color combinations will compliment any tropical décor style. We also offer naturally colored masks that are available in muted brown and tan shades.

How Masks are Made

Our tiki masks are hand-carved from the highest quality Albesia wood. This sturdy, yet strong wood material is ideal for painting due to its light colored surface. The wood is first cut into blocks and then carved into a tiki mask shape with unique patterns and designs. Depending on the design, the mask is then stained and painted with different colors to create a stunning tropical décor piece. Modern styles of masks are painted with vibrant color combinations while our more traditional masks are painted with earth tone brown and tan colors. We also offer surfboard shaped décor pieces that can be used with any of our tiki mask products. Choose from our Smiley Pineapple, Hibiscus, and Palm Albesia wood surfboard masks to best complete your project.


We offer many sizing, color, and design styles that will work to enhance your home or business. Our masks come in a 20 inch length and a 40 inch length, ideal for hanging in tiki bar or cabana huts. Tiki masks can be set on top of tables or hung from walls and bamboo fences. Place our 40 inch masks in gardens to replace traditional garden gnomes and give a tropical touch to your backyard setting. Tropical masks can even be used as decoration for Hawaiian themed birthday parties or weddings. Display masks on bamboo wedding arches for the ultimate tropical décor piece.

Tiki Mask History

Tiki masks have a long rooted history that goes back for centuries. Hawaiian natives built tiki masks as a form of protection from evil and as a religious symbol to be placed in front of sacred temples. The tiki masks represented four deities that held high importance to the local Polynesian culture. Ku, Lono, Kane, and Kanaloa were the gods that masks were made to represent. Today, tiki masks are most commonly used as decorative pieces to enhance tiki bars and palapa structures. Each tiki mask has a different meaning that serves as a great décor piece in your home or business setting.


We offer free shipping and handling on all of our tiki mask products. Before shipment, we hand check each mask to ensure our customers are receiving only the highest quality products, damage free.

Commercial Use

For commercial applications and resale of any Xcel Distribution product offerings, please contact us or call us M-F 7:30A.M.-4:00 P.M. PST at 877-912-2244 or submit your company’s information to the application found on our website homepage.

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