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Tropical Matting

Forever Bamboo’s natural Matting is constructed from durable Banana Bark, Hala, and Palm leaves. Because they are made of natural fibers, each is unique in pattern and texture. With the rising concern for environmental safety, we have made sure to provide our customers with the highest quality eco-friendly products. Our Lauhala, Bac Bac, Lampac, Bamboo, and Virosurface™ synthetic matting are 100% eco-friendly and will not cause damage to the environment when disposed of. Choose from an assortment of our matting products available in distinctive patterns, textures, colors, and sizes. We also offer braids and ropes that can be used as a décor piece to enhance your tropical themed living space.

Commercial Project?

About Our Matting

The plant materials used in our matting products are harvested from palm leaves and tree barks that are sun-dried and plaited. Since these resources are naturally flexible, they are easily hand-woven into intricate patterns to create different sized matting panels. Each matting product has a distinct pattern and texture ideal for creating a luxurious tropical resort look in your very own living space. At Forever Bamboo, we offer the largest inventory of matting products and can accommodate any size order for your project.

Keep reading for details about some of our most popular products and their potential applications in your home or business. You can also visit individual product pages for detailed specifications and installation instructions or check out our Gallery to see how previous customers have used our tropical matting in their properties.

Lauhala Matting

Lauhala matting is woven into a 1/2 and 1-inch checkered pattern matting piece that complements any indoor tropical décor scheme. Line tiki bars, walls, ceilings, or table tops with our high-quality Lauhala matting available in both large and small sizes. The warm tan color tones immediately give your living space a calming and welcoming feel. Our matting is made from sturdy palm leaf strips that can be cut with any sharp scissor or blade to fit any desired area of use.

Bac Bac Matting

Bac Bac matting is commonly referred to as Cabana matting and is used as a decorative surfacing material. The mix of coffee and light tan color tones in this matting gives an earthy and organic feel to any room. This matting is made from sturdy banana tree bark and is great for covering valances, tiki huts, walls, and more. We also offer a matching Bac Bac braid that can be used as trimming on any solid building surface.

Lampac Matting

Our Lampac matting is made from high-quality reed grass that is woven together in a rich, multi-toned brown burlap-like sheet. This matting is flexible and sturdy enough to be used as both a floor covering and décor styling piece. The exotic texture and look of Lampac matting works best with a contemporary or Asian inspired theme. Use Lampac matting to wrap around rusting posts, as wainscoting, or as an aisle runner at a beach inspired wedding.

Viro Synthetic Matting

At Forever Bamboo, we also offer Virosurface Synthetic matting options that are a smart alternative to natural matting products. Unlike natural matting products, synthetic matting is maintenance free and weather resistant. Each mat is made from ViroFiber, a non-toxic material that is eco-friendly and recyclable. We offer natural tones of green, brown, yellow, mahogany, and tan in a bandeau or basket weave pattern. Use synthetic matting in any indoor or outdoor setting and achieve long-lasting results for any project.

Braids, Cloth, and Rope

Add the perfect finishing touch to any tropical space with our versatile braid, cloth, and rope options. Our island styled Abaca cloth is carefully handcrafted from banana tree fibers and sold by the roll in a loose burlap weave. This versatile cloth can be used for both decorative purposes and design applications. In addition, we also sell Sea Grass, Zulu, Bac Bac, and Rumba braids that can be used to tie down thatch, wrap bamboo, or line solid surfaces. Our Manila and Sennit ropes are made from durable fibers that are ideal for decorating and accenting business and home projects.

Why Choose Forever Bamboo Tropical Matting?

Our extensive inventory of products offers options for virtually any customer. If you’re considering adding tropical matting to your property, here are some reasons to make Forever Bamboo your exclusive source. Our products offer:

  • Warm Tropical Style: We carefully select all items in our inventory, working with suppliers we trust who have implemented rigorous quality control processes. This ensures that everything we sell will have the high-quality appearance you're looking for. By offering a large selection of products, we also have options to suit every taste, from more rustic Lauhala matting to sleek tatami mats, which look great against minimalist contemporary decor.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Both natural and artificial tropical matting products are good for the environment. Our suppliers harvest the materials for our natural products from renewable, fast-growing sources. Viro synthetics, on the other hand, have a long lifespan and are fully recyclable, which keeps waste out of landfills. Both are great alternatives to lower-quality materials, which can excrete harmful chemicals and don’t break down over time.
  • Easy Application: Our matting products can easily be applied to any solid surface with glue, staples, or nails. Matting is a flexible material that can be cut to any desired length without unraveling or damaging the product. If you plan on using your matting outdoors, we recommend using a clear polyurethane varnish for additional sheen and durability.

Keep browsing our website to explore the benefits of tropical matting and other reed, thatch and bamboo products.

Tropical Matting Applications

There are many ways to use our tropical matting. Lauhala matting, made from the leaves of the hala tree, is durable enough for use as a wall lining, or even as an underlayment on a Palapa or cabana roof. Bac bac matting, made from banana leaves, is similar in strength and has similar applications, though somewhat more rustic in appearance.

Lampac is made from a reed and used for decorative purposes. It’s often used as a bridal path in outdoor weddings. Abaca is more flexible — it is comparable in touch and texture to burlap, making it ideal for crafting table runners, wall coverings and other home items.

Synthetic matting products make great wall and ceiling coverings. Because they are man-made, they are available in colors not typically found in nature, further expanding their design potential.

Commercial Use

Forever Bamboo is a partner to theme parks, zoos, restaurants, spas, resorts and any other business where thatch, bamboo and reed products add a touch of nature. We sell all tropical matting in bulk quantities for these and other commercial applications. Our team can provide dedicated service whether you are placing an order for one item or 100.

For commercial applications and resale of any Xcel Distribution product offerings, please contact us at or call us M-F M-F 7:30A.M.-4:00 P.M. PST at 877-912-2244 or submit your company’s information to the application found on our wholesale and commercial pages.

Your Source for High-Quality Tropical Matting

Forever Bamboo is the country’s largest supplier of bamboo and thatch products, including a wide range of tropical matting. We serve everyone from individual homeowners to some of the leading big-box stores, all of whom count on us for our excellent selection, great prices and superior understanding of all things tropical thatch and bamboo.

We are U.S.-based with a global network of suppliers we know and trust. We work with these partners to develop and enforce high-quality control standards as well as ethical and sustainability guidelines. All products ship from our San Diego, CA warehouse, which allows for fast delivery to customers around the world.

Try before you buy with a sample box! Place your order within 45 days of purchasing your samples and get $25 off. This makes your sample box FREE! Browse our inventory of tropical matting products online or contact us directly for assistance Monday through Friday. Call 877-912-2244 to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives today!

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