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Bamboo Mat

A bamboo mat can be used like an area rug to accessorize the decor in any room. Typical area rugs are colorful and sport a variety of patterns, so they can limit what you can do with the rest of your room. However, a bamboo floor mat offers flexibility and versatility for decorating because everything about it from the color to the appearance is understated. As a natural wood, rugs and mats made from bamboo not only bring the warmth of wood to any area they're placed in, but they also come in a selection of natural dark bamboo rugs and stained colors to perfectly harmonize with the rest of your decor. That means not having to decorate around your bamboo rug.

Bamboo Area Rug

HGTV points out how rough kids and pets can be on area rugs, but bamboo rugs are durable and can stand up to the wear and tear families usually put them through. Bamboo is a sturdy material and quality mats made from it are kiln dried to make them resistant to cracking and warping. That means you can place heavy furniture such as a dining set on a large bamboo rug with no worries. Also, bamboo rugs are easier to clean than area rugs made from carpet fibers. Dust and crumbs area easily wiped away with a cloth or dust mop, and spills quickly soak up without leaving a stain.

Another benefit to decorating with bamboo area rugs is that their simple look and design don't limit you to using only one bamboo mat per room. Very large spaces can benefit from more than one area rug, but it can be difficult to find ones that don't clash or make the room too busy. Bamboo rugs offer a modest look that is ideal for complementing the overall decor in any area.

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