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Bamboo Slats on The Ceiling!

Bamboo Slats can give your room that tropical feel you’ve been looking for.

The following instructions are for applying bamboo slats to your ceiling. First and foremost, you must make accurate measurements.

Once you are certain about the measurements for your ceiling (depending on the direction you wish the slats to lay), you need to calculate to see how many slats will cover the area.

As you lay a single slat down, the next one will start where the last one finished.

You can also have the slats perpendicular to the lines of the ceiling to give you the same look but it will require more customs cuts to fill the entire space.
Once you know how many slats are required, think about how you want to adhere them to your ceiling. Epoxy and finishing nails are one of your best options. You run a small bead of epoxy on the backside of the slat and place it against the ceiling. Once in place, drive a finishing nail in center of slat and one nail on each of the trailing ends of the slat (nail every two feet). Continue the process for each slat. It’s easier if you’ve pre-cut the slats to fit the ceiling space.

You might also consider adding a custom stain to match room colors or even adding some larger bamboo accents to the molding.

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