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Bamboo Wall Covering Panels - Easy to install

If you have been looking at the walls in your home or business, thinking they could use some reviving, don't slap on a fresh coat of paint. Opt for bamboo wall covering panels instead. They are easy to install and will not only give the room a renewed look, but will positively transform it. Bamboo panels are not your grandpa's old wood paneling. It's true that they warm any space you use them in with the rich, tranquil feel of wood, but bamboo offers a stylish look all its own that is endlessly useful in many types of decor.

Bamboo Wall Coverings

Of course bamboo wall covering panels is a staple for tropical themed interior and exterior decorating, but many people don't realize the range of colors bamboo paneling comes in. The best bamboo suppliers offer a selection of finishes that start on the light end with natural raw and raw green colors to carbonized shades, and graduate to tortoise and burnt finishes, extending to the darker end of the spectrum with deep brown hues such as mocha and chocolate. Whatever your taste and decorating desire, there are shades of bamboo wall covering panels to enhance a remodel or room makeover.

One of the best features of bamboo paneling is that it doesn't come in sheets of hard, rigid panels like old-school wood paneling. Instead, bamboo wall panels are backed with fabric, so they are flexible and can be used to cover more than walls. Wrap a kitchen island in bamboo, or cover the front of the bar in your family room--bamboo panels install quickly and easily with staples or contact cement and can go wherever you need them to.

Shop Forever Bamboo for the best selection of quality wall panels made from beautiful, eco-friendly bamboo. We have the colors you're looking for at inexpensive prices, plus you will find the bamboo paneling we carry is made even more affordable because much of it ships for free from Forever Bamboo.

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