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Bamboo Walls Enhance Any Home or Outdoor Party Area

A quick and easy way to create bamboo walls is to apply a bamboo wall decal, such as a sticker or wallpaper-type mural. When the goal is to shift the decor of any room to a tropical theme, these wall coverings eliminate the need for major construction or remodeling to achieve the desired look. Bamboo wall covering can be used in any setting including both homes and businesses, and in a variety of ways. Plus, because bamboo paneling is available in a selection of colors, from raw green to a natural honey tone to darker chocolate stain, it is easy to work into any color scheme.

Bamboo Walls

REAL Bamboo for Your Bamboo Walls

One of the unique features of paneling for bamboo walls is that, unlike wallpaper murals, the paneling isn't a painted rendition but is made from real bamboo. It is made with extremely thin bamboo strips that are joined together to create flexible panels that can be attached to any surface, even if it isn't perfectly straight. The malleable feature of the panels allows you to apply bamboo panels to the front of a curved bar or island or wrap it around a post or pole. Additionally, you don't even need to invest in special tools to get the job done. Just cut the panel with a utility knife to the length you need and glue it to the surface of your choice for a touch of the islands indoors or out.

Bamboo is known for its durability, but you can extend the life of your bamboo walls by applying a clear protective stain to the panels. This step is optional if you will be using the panels inside, but it is recommended if you are installing them outdoors. The added protection will help the bamboo stand up to weathering from harsh summer sun and brutal winter conditions.

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