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How to Build a Mexican Thatch Umbrella

Mexican Thatch UmbrellaIf you want to implement a tropical theme in your backyard or exterior living area, you may already know the many wonderful uses for thatch material. Thatch features dried vegetation sewn or woven together tightly. It can be made of cane reed, palm leaves or other items. While it may be used as a roof of a Palapa bar or hut-style structure, many people use it to build an umbrella. Mexican thatch is the ideal material to use for a thatch umbrella.

Step 1: Make a Plan

Consider the different ways thatch umbrellas can be created. There are various instructions found online, and the easiest style to make is one that is permanently installed. It may feature a single pole that is placed permanently in the ground. Either way, make sure you take measurements and space into account so everything fits!

Step 2: Pick/Order Your Thatch

There are several types of thatch that you can purchase. Synthetic thatch is a larger investment, but it offers heavy-duty wear and tear. Palm thatch is a popular choice for décor. There are different varieties of palm leaves to choose from too. 

Mexican thatch, our top recommendation, is thick, full, and bushy. This type of thatch’s thickness and fullness can provide ample shade, and the length of the thatch panels can be customized to meet your needs.

The other step you should take before placing your order for this material is to determine what size of thatch is desirable for your needs.

You have a variety of sizes to consider including, palm thatch in square sections: either, 3' x 4' or 4' x 4'; rolls of palm thatch: 30" x 22' or 30" x 57'. So first, calculate the square footage of your roof, so you know how much thatching is required. Buy an additional 5%-10%, just in case.

Step 3: Install the Support Post

It is easier to install the Mexican thatch to the frame once it has been placed in the ground. Since thatch material is heavy, thatched umbrellas need a strong support. With a post-hole digger or shovel, dig a hole about 12 inches deep. Then, install the post, making sure it’s secure. You can hammer wooden supports onto it or use concrete to keep it in place.thatch umbrella

Step 4: Prep the Umbrella Frame

You will need to build the frame for the umbrella before installing the frame in place. Measure and cut the pieces of bamboo for your umbrella framework. Lay them out flat and screw them together to make four pie-shaped sections with a lattice of crosspieces. Next, attach the sections together to form a cone shape. Attach this structure to the top of the pole using screws.

Step 5: Attach to Framework

Using a stepladder, lay a bundle of the thatch on the frame so the top hits the top of the frame and runs all the way down to the bottom or beyond. Tie with twine or wire. Repeat until the entire umbrella is covered in thatch. Place and weave one or more bundles over the top of the umbrella with wire to secure it. This will provide added protection from the elements. Then you can trim the thatch as necessary.

An umbrella made from Mexican thatch is the ideal addition to a tropical-themed patio or pool area. Our material is commercial grade, with panels designed to be easily customized with a pair of scissors. Spend a few minutes reviewing these details, and place your order with us as a first step to making your own umbrella!

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