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Reed Fencing Ideas - Affordable Fencing Rolls from Forever Bamboo

Reed fencing rolls are fairly inexpensive, making them economical to use for a variety of reed fencing ideas. Sure, they are a terrific way to give your old chain link or wooden fence a makeover to bring the quaint, peaceful look of an English garden to your yard. Any leftover fencing you have, though, can be put to good use in other areas outside your home or even indoors. Use it to build a semi-private barrier around your deck or patio. Cover the exterior of a playhouse or dog house to create a charming cottage either for practical use or just for the aesthetic benefits. You can even cut fencing down to use as a border around flower beds or vegetable gardens.

Reed fencing ideas for inside the house are just as endless as for your yard. Cover the front and sides of a kitchen island to bring a rustic look to the kitchen. You can even "skin" the cupboards or just face the cupboard doors with reed fencing to take that concept further. The fencing can be used in a similar way in the bathroom, too, as well as to create a semi-privacy screen to separate the bathing area from the rest of the room. Extra fencing is useful in the bedroom, too, for covering a headboard or making one for a bed that only has a frame. Just cut an appropriate-sized piece of fencing and attach it to the wall using a staple gun. Build a frame around it with bamboo edging or other type of wood, then push the bed up to the wall and you have a unique and delightful headboard.

Reed Fencing Ideas - Affordable Fencing Rolls from Forever Bamboo


reed fencing ideas

Whatever ideas you want to use reed or willow fencing for, we have the quality fencing products you need at Forever Bamboo. Eco-friendly and long-lasting, many reed and bamboo materials ship for free in the contiguous United States from Forever Bamboo.

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