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Lauhala matting has multiple applications that enhance interior and exterior settings. Use our lauhala mats to decorate bare walls, ceilings, tiki bars, and more. Its tan and brown tones give an authentic island look to any tropical-themed area. We sell our matting in conveniently sized rolls.

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About Lauhala Matting

All of our highly durable and finely woven lauhala mats for sale are imported straight from the Philippines. Lauhala matting is made from sturdy hala palm leaves that have been dried in the sun. The leaves are then woven together in 1-inch and 1/2-inch wide checkered patterns to complete the signature look of lauhala matting. The hala palm leaves used in our matting are eco-friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable. Compared to other natural fibers such as sisal, hala is twice as strong and will last for years to come.

Origins of Lauhala Matting

Lauhala matting is a popular product that originated in the South Pacific islands and is also known as banig matting. In the Philippines, this banig was used as a sleeping mat because of its exceptionally soft, but flexible texture. Traditional banig mats are still sold today and come in various sizes, patterns, colors, and designs. The dried hala leaves are not only a renewable resource, but they are also abundant in number. Lauhala weaving is an ancient tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation and continues to be recognized as a work of art.

Sizing Options

Purchase our matting rolls in lengths of 6', 8' or 50' and widths of 3' or 4'. Our 3' x 6' and 4' x 8' sizes come in convenient bundle quantities of 10 at a reduced price per unit. Please keep in mind that we only sell our fine weave lauhala mats in 4' x 8'. When planning your project, remember that you can cut and attach separate mats to achieve the dimensions you want.

Applications and Uses

Our eco-friendly lauhala mats are a multifunctional product that can be used to decorate or remodel any interior or covered exterior space. This natural product is comprised of warm shades of tans and browns that capture the tropical ambiance of popular island destinations. Use lauhala matting as wainscoting or lining for walls, tiki bars, ceilings or table tops. This matting will accent and provide texture to any open space in your home or business. We also recommend using our bamboo slats as a finishing trim when applying multiple layers of matting on solid surfaces. They will make your lauhala decoration look more dynamic and secure it to the flat surface more effectively.

Since our lauhala matting comes in convenient rolls, you can cut and arrange it in numerous creative ways. Consider using lauhala mats for:

  • Accessories: Lauhala has the sturdiness to act as a suitable hat, purse or belt material. Sew or glue cut lauhala into the shape you desire, then seal off any fraying edges. This material also serves as a base for traditional hula headdresses.
  • Place settings: Cut lauhala into the size of a coaster or placemat and finish the edges. Homeowners can use lauhala place settings year-round or for their next luau party, while businesses can create an unforgettable dining experience for customers and guests.
  • Refurbishing old furniture: Cover a damaged dresser or side table surface with a lauhala mat to give it new life and a tropical aesthetic.
  • Crafts: Fold, wrap and cut lauhala mats into ribbon, flowers, stars or jewelry.
  • Art: Add texture to a mixed media piece, frame lauhala cut into a special shape or paint directly onto the mat.

Easy Installation

Lauhala mats can be easily installed on any flat surface with nails, staples or construction adhesives. The hala material that is used in our matting is flexible and can be cut with a sharp blade. Before resizing, we recommend applying tape to the back of the matting so that it will not fray or unravel when cut. For your convenience, we sell Thatch Safe sealant, a protectant that adds fire resistance to natural materials like lauhala. The chemical will also provide additional sheen and durability, making it ideal for long-term use.

Lauhala in Homes and Businesses

Homeowners and renters alike can take advantage of lauhala's versatility. It can hang on a wall or lie on a floor like a rug. Lauhala matting can also be used in crafts and attached it to furniture.

Businesses can also enjoy lauhala's benefits. The Forever Bamboo team has plenty of experience working with companies like parks, zoos, restaurants and resorts to create a space that raises profit or morale. We understand that commercial customers often need to buy in large quantities to achieve their goals, so we have a wholesale inquiry form for interested business customers to complete.

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