Mexican Palm Thatch

Mexican palm thatch is a sustainable, commercial-grade product available from Forever Bamboo. Use it as roofing material for interior or exterior projects. In any residential or commercial application, it will provide durability, versatile performance and a unique tropical look your guests or customers will love. Potential uses include outdoor patios, Palapas, cabanas, Tiki bars and more. We sell multiple sizes and styles — browse our inventory below, or get in touch with a representative to request a quote.

Commercial Project?

We sell several Mexican palm thatch products for a variety of applications. Palm thatch runners are long rolls that are ideal for roofing material. We also sell individual panels in various sizes, as well as ridge caps and round umbrella covers. We also sell a variety of free-standing umbrellas, Tiki huts and Palapas made with Mexican palm thatch. All products are subject to a rigorous inspection process, ensuring that any order we send to you meets our quality control standards. You can count on us as your Mexican palm thatch supplier.

What Is Mexican Palm Thatch?

Our palm thatch panels are handcrafted in Mexico using traditional weaving techniques that artisans in the country have trusted for centuries. Our artisan partners make them entirely from sustainably sourced palm fronds and leaves.

Historically, Mexican thatch panels were called rain capes, a waterproof garment that was worn during the rainy season. The multiple layers of palm leaves allowed for rain to roll off immediately upon impact. Today, rain capes are seldom used in Mexican culture; however, thatch is still used on building structures for the same purpose. Multiple layers of Mexican palm thatch roofing materials provide water resistance for roofing structures by helping direct the flow outward from the roof’s edge.

Why Use Palm Thatch?

Palm thatch is affordable, attractive and environmentally friendly. Palm trees are not damaged during the harvesting process, making our product endlessly renewable. Palms are less resource-intensive to grow than other trees, reducing the overall carbon footprint of our supply chain.

Beyond sustainability, one of the leading benefits of Mexican palm thatch is its unique look. With it, you can instantly transform an indoor or outdoor space into a tropical hideaway. Use it for both residential and commercial applications.

Palm thatch is not only attractive but also affordable and environmentally friendly. The palm trees are not damaged during the harvesting process, providing long-term renewability. In addition, palms are less resource-intensive to grow than other trees, reducing the overall carbon footprint of our supply chain. These benefits add up to a lower impact on the environment and a lower price for the customer.

Popular Mexican Palm Thatch Products

At Forever Bamboo, we specialize in providing you with high-quality and beautiful tropical decor and project materials. We offer an array of Mexican palm thatch products for both interior and exterior projects. Take a look at our most popular Mexican palm thatch products:

  • Mexican Palm Thatch Runners: Palm thatch runners, made from 100% authentic Mexican palm thatch, are long roles of woven palm thatch designed to cover roofs. Palm thatch runners are typically used as exterior roofing material on Tiki bars and cabanas. The tropical look will help transport you to your own island oasis.
  • Mexican Palm Thatch Panels: Palm thatch panels are similar to palm thatch runners but are much shorter. They are great for use on roofs, Tiki huts and cabanas, especially if the structures are relatively small. You can even cut panels into smaller pieces without the thatch fraying.
  • Mexican Palm Thatch Roof Ridge Caps: Roof ridge caps are long strands of expertly woven thatch that run along roof ridge lines to prevent leaks and add aesthetic appeal. Our natural thatch roof ridge caps look beautiful on Tiki bars and gazebos.
  • Mexican Palm Thatch Umbrella Covers: What better way to enjoy a breezy summer day than under a thatch umbrella? Our round umbrella covers provide shade and add tropical flair to any space. Our umbrella covers are ideal for Tiki huts, gazebos and other structures.
  • Tiki Huts and Palapas With Mexican Palm Thatch: One of the most popular uses of our Mexican palm thatch is roofing for Tiki huts and palapas. At Forever Bamboo, you can find Mexican palm thatch Tiki huts of various sizes to suit your vision. Our Tiki huts and palapas are commercial grade, so they're perfect for both residential and commercial use.

In addition to our popular Mexican palm thatch, our inventory includes African Cape Reed thatch, Tahitian palm thatch and synthetic thatch.

How to Install Mexican Palm Thatch

Palm thatch rolls are moderately easy to install on a roof. When used for exterior projects, it typically has a lifespan of up to five years, depending on your individual climate conditions. Most installations don't require any additional treatment, though we do offer a chemical coating that provides a level of fire retardancy for both interior and exterior applications. Mexican palm leaf thatch and other types of thatch roofing take the following steps to install:

  1. Use a measuring tape and marker to indicate where you want to attach your panels. This step saves you a lot of guesswork during installation.
  2. Cut your thatch runner roll into separate sections using a heavy-duty blade or scissors. Any sharp cutter should do the job.
  3. Apply a row of thatch panels to the bottom of your roof. Remember to keep the woven side down and the shaggy side up.
  4. Add each consecutive row above the previous, leaving an overhang of about 12-16 inches. This wide overlap ensures even coverage all over your roof.
  5. Measure any leftover gaps in the roof hips and cover them with smaller sections cut to size. You can use as small a size as you need to get the right look.
  6. Trim your thatch roofing to make it even in size and shape. Sometimes thatch naturally varies in length, or you need to adjust the roof's overhang.

Important Tip: Not all of our thatch is fire rated. Make sure to add our Thatch Safe Fire Retardant & Sealant to your purchase!

Remember that you don't have to figure it all out by yourself. Our customer support team has the expertise to guide your product choice and installation. They understand how to recommend measurements and materials that fit your project. Contact Forever Bamboo today to get in touch with our highly trained representatives for more information.

Why Shop Forever Bamboo?

Our palm thatch rolls are just one of the many natural palm thatch roofing and fencing products offered at Forever Bamboo. We are a longstanding supplier of high-quality, carefully sourced items made from palm, bamboo and other materials. No need to worry where to buy thatch and other materials for your project — we have you covered. We are highly selective in the products we sell and maintain an extensive inventory of some of our most popular items, which are ready to ship from our San Diego headquarters.

Count on Forever Bamboo for industry-leading expertise in all things related to palm thatch and bamboo roofing. Try before you buy with a sample box! Place your order within 45 days of purchasing your samples and get $25 off. This makes your sample box FREE! Our team is available five days a week to process your order and answer any questions you have about our products. Shop online or get in touch by phone at 877-912-2244 or via online message to get started today.

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