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Reed & Willow Fencing

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Reed Fencing is an affordable alternative to our bamboo fencing and provides privacy and beauty to your living space. Our fences are made from fresh water reed, a flexible material that can fit into any space. The reed used in our fences and blinds are sourced from Beijing China where the highest quality fresh water reed is harvested. Install reed fencing quickly and easily for an instant island feel in both your home and backyard.

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We offer two color options for our reed fencing: Natural and Coffee. Both fences come in one standard size of 6 feet in height by 16 feet in length. All fencing can be cut and altered to any height, length, or size with a sharp cutting tool such as a razor. Cover decaying wooden fences and rusted chain-link fences by stapling, zip tying, or wiring reed fencing over existing fencing. For smaller spaces, cut horizontally or diagonally to achieve the desired size for your project’s needs. This fencing works great as a room divider, privacy fence, wall covering, or garden border. If properly taken care of, reed fencing can last up to 4 years. Fences will naturally weather over time if kept outdoors.

Reed Blinds

This limited edition product is currently available in two colors and sizes. Our Natural colored blinds have a warm blend of light browns and tans while our Coffee colored blinds contain a mixture of dark and light brown shades. Reed blinds can be used both indoors and outdoors to create a tropical décor theme. Keep your office or room cool by placing reed blinds over windows to block out strong rays of sun.

Commercial Use

For commercial applications and re-sale of any Xcel Distributions product offerings, please contact us or call us M-F 8:00A.M.-4:30 P.M. PST at 877-912-2244 or submit your company’s information on the application found on our website homepage.

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