Reed & Willow Fencing

Need an affordable alternative to bamboo fencing? Reed and willow fencing products can add the same kind of tropical beauty to your space. The material used to create our reed fences comes from Beijing, China, the source of the highest-quality freshwater reed you can find. Read on to learn more about our reed and willow fencing products or browse the selection below.

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Why Choose Reed and Willow Fencing?

Our customers use reed and willow fencing for the landscape outside their businesses because it's:

  • Versatile: Use reed and willow fences indoors or outdoors to divide spaces and add an island feel.
  • Adjustable: With a razor blade, some know-how and a little elbow grease, you can cut reed fencing to your desired size and attach it with zip ties or staples. Change your willow fence's size by clipping the wire and twisting it closed.
  • Attractive: Use reed and willow fence panels alongside bamboo and thatch materials to make your decor a little more complex and add variety to your tropical atmosphere.

Types of Reed and Willow Fencing at Forever Bamboo

As the category title suggests, this part of our selection includes:

  • Reed Fencing: We sell reed fencing made out of peeled freshwater reed, a flexible material that can fit into any space. Our peeled reed fence panels come in natural and coffee shades.
  • Willow Fencing: Willow branches connected with galvanized wire create an effortlessly natural look. You can purchase willow fencing in its natural brown color.

Reed and Willow Fencing Applications

Thanks to their affordability and versatility, you can use reed and willow fences for:

  • Room and office dividers
  • Outdoor fencing
  • Wall decor
  • Garden borders

To get the most out of your fencing, consider coating it with a stain or sealant to increase its lifespan and preserve or alter its original color.

Installing Reed and Willow Fencing in Your Business Space

Our willow and reed fencing add natural beauty to your indoor and outdoor commercial spaces such as restaurants, resorts, zoos and offices. Consider these examples of enhancing your business:

  • Cover existing chain link and wooden fences to completely change their look
  • Use a willow or reed panel to separate desks instead of cubicle walls
  • Divide restaurant booths or tables with peeled reed or willow panels
  • Craft headboards out of willow fencing for your guests' rooms
  • Cut different colored reed panels into various sized squares and attach them to your wall as decoration
  • Install a willow or reed panel in front of a floor lamp for dramatic decor

Your Source for Quality Reed and Willow Fencing

Forever Bamboo has one of the largest selections in the tropical decor industry, so keep shopping to find other natural materials for your custom paradise. If you have any questions or want to learn about our commercial services, our enthusiastic customer service staff can help.

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