Rock Accessories

Commercial Project?

We, at Forever Bamboo, have a great selection of synthetic, fiberglass rock accessories to insulate piping for your pool and to provide ventilation for your backflow enclosures. Our utility insulation sleeves provide a simple, practical, everyday solution to beautifying your property while protecting your utility devices.

Are you worried about how your pool pumps, water pumps, piping, and plumbing will fare during the harsh winter months? Are you looking for a simple solution for camouflaging those unattractive utility devices around your property? Well, no worries! We have the perfect solution - our insulation pouches.

Our insulation pouches will protect your outdoor pumps, pipes, and other utilities from the cold. Our versatile utility jackets are designed for use under your artificial rock or backflow enclosures. All of our insulated utility pouches are easy to install. They are designed with built-in grommets that make installation quick and effortless.

Our insulated utility pouches are available in a variety of sizes, and two colors that will seamlessly blend into your natural, outdoor surroundings: desert tan, or green.

Our insulated piping and plumbing sleeves are durable and designed to handle harsh weather, with, or without an enclosure. And, our insulated piping pouches come with a 2-year, UV protection guarantee.

We also have three, and four inch, round vents. Our vents are the perfect solution for providing ventilation for your rock, or backflow enclosures. Your mock rocks, synthetic and artificial rocks, will often require, or benefit from, some of our artificial rock utility accessories.

Our durable, effective utility insulation pouches are popular with: contractors, vacation rental owners, property owners, real estate agents, designers, architects, interior decorators, theme parks, restaurants, resorts, water parks, and more!

You’ve spent a lot of time and money designing and maintaining your tropical destination. Protect your piping, plumbing, and utility investments today with our insulation pouches. It has never been easier to protect and hide your piping, plumbing, and other unsightly utility devices.

Rest assured that you can trust all your tropical, and generally decorative, home-improvement project needs, with us, at Forever Bamboo – your #1 tropical theme supplier! Browse our website now…we have everything you want. If you have any questions or require any custom orders don’t hesitate to call, or email us. We’ll do our best to get you exactly what you need, when you need it.

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