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Tiki Huts & Umbrellas

Forever Bamboo by Xcel Distribution is the largest importer of Tiki Huts and Umbrellas in the USA. Our tiki huts and umbrellas are great for using in your backyard, restaurant, hotel, or commercial business. Create a tropical oasis in your living space and choose from our diverse selections of high quality products. We offer Sea Grass, African Reed, and Mexican Palm thatch styles that will compliment your backyard perfectly. Create the perfect shaded area with our thatch structures.

Environmentally Friendly

The thatch used to make our umbrella and tiki hut structures is 100% eco-friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable. Our thatch comes from renewable resources that are not killed during the harvesting process. Thatch is cut, dried, and hand woven into a roofing material that is ideal for creating a tropical looking umbrella or tiki hut. Affordable and easy to install, thatch is a great, green-friendly solution compared to tar roof structures.

Tiki Umbrella

Enhance your backyard or commercial business with our collapsible and portable tiki umbrellas. We offer 7 and 9 foot sized umbrellas that are durable, versatile, and aesthetically appealing. The umbrella covering is made from imported sea grass that is specially hand-picked and inspected for quality. Each umbrella also has a 1 ¾ inch diameter bamboo pole that is easily disassembled into 2 pieces for convenience. Both sea grass and bamboo are renewable and eco-friendly resources that will look great in your home or business setting.

African Reed Thatch Umbrellas

We also offer African cape reed thatch umbrellas that are another way to accent and enhance your outdoor living space. This special tiki umbrella is available in a 7 and a 9 foot umbrella shape to best accommodate your outdoor space. Our African reed umbrellas are made from the highest quality thatch panels that will help give your backyard an authentic island look. The rustic gold, brown, and green colors beautifully match any décor scheme and will last for years. This African reed umbrella can be disassembled and stored easily.

Mexican Palm Thatch Umbrellas

Create a tropical paradise in your backyard with our popular Mexican palm thatch umbrellas. Choose from our 9 and 12 foot umbrellas to use in your pool area, restaurant, hotel, or commercial business. Mexican thatch is our most preferred and economically priced thatch that is often used by commercial builders for beach resort settings. The dried palm leaves are expertly hand-woven into a sturdy thatching material that is used to make each panel. Panels are attached to the umbrellas and form a waterproof covering that also provides excellent shade for hot summer days. This umbrella can be disassembled into two smaller pieces for storage purposes.  

Tiki Huts

Tiki huts make a great outdoor centerpiece that can be used for parties or a place to sit under during the hot summer season. Our tiki huts are sturdier than our umbrellas and provide a place for entertainment in any outdoor space around your home, restaurant, hotel, or commercial business. These huts have four sturdy 6 inch lodge pine wood poles that hold up the Mexican thatch covered hut. We offer 12 and 14 foot sized tiki huts that take 2 to 4 weeks for production time. The thatch covering is heavily layered for additional texture and quality.

Commercial Use

For commercial applications and re-sale of any Xcel Distributions product offerings, please contact us at www.foreverbamboo.com or call us M-F 8:00A.M.-4:00 P.M. PST at (877) 912-2244 or submit your company’s information to the application found on our website’s homepage.

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